Virgin Mobile South Africa - International Roaming service issues

Posted on Sunday, February 11th, 2007 at 5:48pm CST by f5e2398e

Company: Virgin Mobile South Africa - International Roaming service issues

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Business Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

I activated international roaming (including paying the R1000 ($143) deposit) to use my Virgin Mobile SA (South Africa) service while I'm in the US. This hasn't worked while I've been in California in the United States (The error message "Emerg. Calls Only" when I put the Virgin SIM card in my phone).

The SIM card works when I'm in a different US state, i.e. the phone shows "Virgin Mobile SA" on the screen and I can make/receive calls. As I spend 99% of my time in California, this doesn't help me, as international roaming on the SIM card doesn't work when I'm in California.

After a number of international calls to Virgin Customer Care (as I'm still in the US), 2 Hellopeter complaints as well as e-mails (including a screenshot of my phone screen when the Virgin SIM is in it), the issue is still unresolved. I've been in touch with Carmen, Francois, Samantha, Zelda & countless other Virgin Mobile customer care personnel over the last 1.5 months to get this fixed, to no avail.

I'm not sure what the next step is, as I've paid for a service that doesn't work where I need it to work. My advice to all South Africans who read this, stick to your existing MTN/Vodacom or Cell C cellular providers if you plan to use your SA phone service while out of the country.

I'm interested in hearing if others have had similar issues and how these were resolved, please let me know.

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54e23907, 2010-09-21, 08:28AM CDT

It is not enough that I was furious with Virgin on Friday and consequently cancelled my two cell numbers with Virgin but today I have to once agian experience the incompetence of USELESS VIRGIN. I purchased R120 via Standard Bank Interest which but have not airtime. Virgin did not credit me with R120 but a lousy R50 where is my R70? cant you afford to pay your staff so I have to coff up. I want my airtime or

this time I will go straight to John

robbie and then the whole SA can see how a useless Virgin is.

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