Tracfone nightmare

Posted on Sunday, February 11th, 2007 at 8:39pm CST by c0f28622

Company: Tracfone nightmare

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In short, if you have a problem with Tracfone, call

their office in Miami, FL at 1-800-626-4883 and asked

the switchboard specifically for the corporate office

customer service department. Write down names, dates,

times and exactly what they promise you. Do not waste

time calling the 1-800 # listed on the Tracfone

website. That # leads to people who do not speak

english as a first language. They are paid to stall,

not help customers. My Tracfone was a gift but the

"units" I purchased cost me $200. The phone quick

working properly last December. I've been trying to

get the phone and the 560 units replaced since

12/18/06. It has been almost 2 months and nearly 13

hours in total spent on the phone with over 12

different Tracfone employees and I still have no

phone. I even UPS'd the phone back to them at my own

cost as they advised. Luckily I used UPS and not USPS

and a tracking number b/c Tracfone tried telling me

things like, we have no record of receiving the phone

and our phones are not guaranteed against defects so

we won't replace it etc... The latest promise is that

I will receive a replacement phone on Tuesday. I was

promised this 2 weeks ago but have heard nothing. If

I don't receive the replacement phone on Tuesday, I

will begin to call and try to reach the following who

may be officers of the company:

FJ Pollack, President/CEO

Paul Kozma, SVP of Operations

Kevin Gulbranson, SVP of Product Management

8390 NW 25th St

Miami, FL 33122-1504

I'm extremely frustrated with this business.


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3279fc60, 2008-04-28, 09:35AM CDT

I haven't had quite the nightmare the you have, but every time I add minutes I have to call India and talk to robots and go through a bunch of codes entries into the phone to get the minutes to take. The Indians won't escalate the problem to a higher authority and have never fixed the non-take problem. I did use your 800-626-4883 and got through to an American, added more codes and we will see if the problem is fixed.

c87cc415, 2008-06-02, 09:53AM CDT

I too have had several problems with tracfone and have called the corporate office to have issues resolved. They told me that they will handle everything from adding air time to customer service issues at their office. There is no need to call the number listed on the tracfone website.

7ec193e5, 2008-06-17, 11:19AM CDT

I am living this nightmare, as well. After three or four years using Tracfone with no problem, all of a sudden my phone number stopped working and I have spent so many hours on the phone with the non-English speaking staff of the 800 number that I feel like I could almost speak their native languages. I've been sent three SIM cards now in the past month. I want my money back.

0c929241, 2008-11-07, 04:37PM CST

When I got this phone 6 months ago the Indian Customer Service sent EIGHT SIM cards before they figured out (in Miami) that I could not have the same exchange as my home number. Then I discovered it does NOT work in Canada. My first question was "Does it work in Canada ?" and of course they said it would. Now I am getting unsolicited text messages and phone calls and I am PAYing for it because they can not BLOCK it !!! Enough is enough - time to find a REAL cell phone service !!

1469ac2d, 2009-01-30, 11:30AM CST

I have had nothing but trouble with trac phone myself and their broken english custoner service reps. <y phone was stolen and Ive been trying for months to get my stolen number back onto a new trac phone I bought. What a mistake that has been! I should have just bought phone from a real service phone provider. Trac phone-worthless idiots!

b599c3b0, 2009-09-08, 11:19AM CDT

I went through essentially the same thing you did. I called the customer service number many times but each time found no solution to my problem. I then hit upon this site. I called 1-800-6264883 and spoke with "Maria". I, once again, explained my problem. Maria promised a new phone within a week. She sent a phone, but it was the exact same phone as I had. I called again and spoke with Armando, he was great! He listened and seemed genuinely sorry for the run-around I had been given. He sent a phone that actually worked in other area codes besides mine. I received the new phone within 3 days. I then called him again to switch my minutes to my new phone. He switched the minutes quickly and politely. He also gave me free additional minutes to help make the run-around I had been given right. Thank You Armando. I appreciate your extra effort. Anyone calling the above mentioned 800 #, ask for Armando!

PS: I read parts of this posting to both Maria and Armando.

360bb191, 2009-10-19, 01:42PM CDT

This was my first cell phone. I'm 60 yrs. old and out of work and out of shelter so I got this piece of crap.

I got a Tracfone. Their customer service is the worst I have ever used for any product.

The booklet gave me absolutely no instructions except pointing to the buttons and telling me what they are for.

I call customer service and constatly hear, "please wait while my computer updates". One phone call: 12 times.

They don't understand English and all read the same catch phrases.

Missed a job offer because I couldn't get the message.

I keep getting calls from people wanting to buy drugs.

I trying to find an affordable one. Now I find out Net 10 and Let's Talk at Walmart are really Tracfone.


These guys must be waiting for a buyout.

b808ad93, 2010-03-09, 05:47PM CST

I know your frustration, they stole 2309.7 minutes, plus 1728 days from me and no comment. They put wrong serial number in and phone I have now put minutes on the other phone which they claim does not exist. Guess I will a Blog and see how many other people have been ripped off and maybe we can start a Class Action Suit against the company for theft of services.

d17853b3, 2010-03-10, 10:19AM CST

I have been a loyal Tracfone customer for almost 5 years. I am currently trying to upgrade my old Tracfone to a new one and purchased a refurbished phone from the tracfone webstore. I have been trying for over a week to get it activated and have placed over 10 calls to the toll-free # and today I was with tracfone for over 2 hours. I got disconnected twice, and finally they decided to send me a new SIM card which won't arrive for another 3 to 5 days. I hate Tracfone. I really do hate that company now. What a boondoggle. And what's worse is that before all this started I ordered a refurbished TF phone for my husband and this fiasco is going to happen twice! God I do hate Tracfone!

818f6fa3, 2010-03-24, 11:03AM CDT

I thank you so much for your comments and contact information! I have been experiencing a nightmare with Tracfone for almost a month-it was resolved yesterday when I got a new sim card!

I've been a customer for 5 yrs. and always had a great experience. Got a new phone and tried to transfer my number etc. IT has been a horrid experience starting with them never processing the order!!!

I will be writing to the Co., didn't have this detailed info until I read your comment! I found Tech Support the ony helpful portion of the co. assistance and within that only one tech guy figured out the sim card was the wrong one!!!!!

Thank you for helping others!

I am way beyond frustrated and want minues added to my phone for the frustration. It's probably a pipe dream.

ec21980f, 2010-04-03, 02:22PM CDT

This is what I recently sent them:

I called on March 26, Saturday to pay my bill which was due March 27, Sunday. They could not find my account as being registered even though I had been using the phone for a month. They told me that they would try to fix the error but my phone would still be in usage because it was an error in their records. I still wasn't able to pay the bill. The next day my phone service was cut off. I called the 611 number and they told me that the lady who had previously informed me that lied to me and that my phone will not be on until they fix the error and I pay my bill and that I would have to wait 24-48 hours for them to fix the error and someone will call me. I waited a total of 3 days and called the 611 number again and they informed me to wait another 24 hours without service. I continued to call to verify when my phone would be cut on. It is now 7 days later and I as usual called the 61 number and asked them what was the delay. She gave me the same information that they continued to feed me every time I called, to wait another 24 hours. I asked her if I could just reactivate the account but due to the errors in the system she said that I would nt be able to. She told me that I would have to wait another 7 days which would be a total of 14 days, where they would just deactivate the account. I would personally have to say that I should not have to wait 2 weeks without phone service because of the companies technical errors, even with my constant attempts to pay my bill. I feel that the customer service and run around that I have received from this company is unacceptable. I would just like to pay my bill and have my phone cut back on. If there is anything you can do to help me with this dilemma I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Is there a better business bureau that I could possibly take this information to or something?

f7420d53, 2010-05-06, 10:46AM CDT

OMG! I am beyond pissed at this so called company. They have a newer line of phones and plans out called Straight Talk. Same company different name. All roads lead back to Trac Phone though. I have been on the phone for over 2 hours now! I even tried calling the number you posted above which has led me back to being on hold FOREVER! My problems began when yesterday I added a 3 month plan to my phone online. Although it pulled up a receipt page saying that my service end date was now August 3 it also pulled up a warning box saying my debit card was declined. I checked my bank account online and the charges - $148.50 were pending. So I called the Straight Talk customer service...which I today found out is in COLUMBIA.. and not MO or anywhere stateside columbia either. ST assured me (after being transferred once) that my service update was pending. This morning I have no phone. I have seriously been on my daughter's net10(I never had a problem with them but I was using SO many minutes I was spending $120 a month and I was SO happy with the service and price I got from ST but not anymore!) for THREE freaking hours this morning and have gotten nowhere. There is a pending charge, my bank can't/won't remove it, ST says it never happened because the card was declined and I am out $148.50 plus I have no phone! I am livid! And I am going after this asshole Pollack and his coorporate goons. And I was just now yet again put on hold for 8 minutes and then transferred (for the second time today) to a full voicemail box and then my call was ended! Total insanity! Don't jump on the Straight Talk wagon unless you plan to bend over and grab your ankles!

fa95fe4d, 2010-05-20, 09:30AM CDT

I have a free phone and free 68 minutes per month from Tracfone under a government-sponsored program. The problem is that Tracfone does not send the monthly minutes to an inordinate number of their customers. Tracfone is unsing this marketing tool to force their customers to purchase airtime. I have called their corporate office but they give you the run around. Don't call their 800 number and talk to OVERSEAS Reps. who have no idea what they are doing. Instead, present your email complaint to your US Senator, Federal Communication Comission, Public Service Commission of your state, an investigative reporter in your local TV station and your Attorney General.

c921f85c, 2010-06-22, 01:46PM CDT

I, too, have had nothing but problems with tracfone. I got a straight talk phone and purchased the $45.00 unlimited plan. I am unable to use the web browser. It freezes the phone. After being on with customer service over 2 hours, they created a ticket and escalated the issue. Someone was going to call me the following day. A week later noone called me so I called the number above and asked for CEO Pollacks office. His Administrative Assistant Phyllis tried helping me by sending me to a manager. I am being told that even though I have not been able to use the browser the past week, they do not issue credits for this. So, I am paying the same as everyone else but receiving inferior service to everyone else. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN EXPLORING A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, PLEASE EMAIL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I AM TIRED OF THE DECLINE OF TRACFONE WITH NO SIGNS OF A COMPANY WHO IS WILLING TO OFFER THE SUPPORT AND SERVICE THEY SAY!

80a3b18a, 2010-07-20, 03:42PM CDT

I have also had nightmares w/ this company. I have lost my minutes 3 times, spent over 8 hrs on the phone w/ 11 different representatives, supervisors ect-. They made multiple promises and said they would issue me a new phone. After 3 months I finally recieved the replacement phone and it was a refurbished $30 cheaper phone than the on I purchased. The phone was a piece of junk. I called to complain and was hung up on, disconected, lied to and promises they had no intentions of keeping. After e-mailing corporate some big wig said I would get a new phone equal in value to my original phone. AMEN I recieved that phone in disbelief But w/ in one month I lost service w/ over 380 days left. I had to call AGAIN to get it hooked back up, got it working Again now 1.5 months later lost all my minutes again, over 350 min. Called got the rum around AGAIN. They said that my minutes were being deducted properlly, Same as last year, LIES. I was told that if a customer looses minutes they replace them once and said I was lucky they replaced them 3x w/ me. LUCKY-NO WAY!!

So if you loose your minutes because of a defected phone that they have had alot of problem w/ already,why dont they recall them? But as I was saying if you loose minutes they only replace them once, how many people have been scewed over this way? UNBELIEVABLE. I would like to thank you for the information above. I called them (corporate) and hope we can get this Problem resolved. I also got their FAX# 1-866-809-7134 if anyone needs it. I hope that they get what they deserve. I am also putting in a complaint to The Bureau of Consumer Protection. They have to investigate the matter and make it known to the public and another complaint to the Better Busness Bureau. If anyone knows other Bureau's to call can you please GIVE me and others a heads up because this is not right a busness that takes atvantage of thier customers like that. The poor get poorer and the rich get RICHER! I am so frustrated also and thanks again for the information.

4a3304ff, 2010-07-28, 10:39PM CDT

Just wanted to add to those stories almost identical to mine. New phone, wanted to transfer old # and minutes, t.f. claims old phone # doesn't match serial #, unable to activate, literally hours waiting on the phone line and still no phone service and no mechanism to refund my money. The only way to get these people's attention is to begin organizing for a lawsuit enmasse.

07fa52b0, 2010-08-25, 05:55PM CDT

I have never been so so irriated with TRACFONE since I've been a TF customer. It all started when I ordered a new phone from their WEBSITE. Once I got it activated I tried to use the Browser to transfer some pictures. I kept getting message "roaming restricted". I called the 1-800#, & after 2 weeks of dealing with people who I couldn't understand, having me remove & reinstall my SIM card 20 or 30 times, turning the phone on & off atleast 100 times, it still wouldn't work. So, they sent me a new SIM card. The same results, same non-english speaking people, same stupid questions, over & over again. So, fed up I purchased another TRACFONE (stupid me, right?)with a new #. So when I got my new phone today, I called the 1-800# to get it activated. No problem so far, but the trouble started when I tried to transfer my minutes from my old phone to my new one. After 2 hours on the phone with a non-english speaking person using a lousy headset, neither phone worked. Finally calling back again, my minutes were transferred, phone worked, but guess what.... it still won't allow access to the browser & it still gives me the "roaming is restricted" message. Once I use all of my minutes I will never purchase a TRACFONE again... period.

065d22b6, 2010-10-20, 08:43AM CDT

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this corporate telephone number. I'd spent over 2 1/2 hours on the phone pleading with the 5 inept csrs & 2 supervisors yesterday. The last supervisor "promised" to take care of the issue that was caused by Tracfone & that he'd call me back. I didn't receive a telephone call & the issue wasn't resolved. Tracfone customer service is non-existent. Shame on Tracfone.

c46cfe08, 2010-11-08, 02:43PM CST

tracfone has done exactly the same thing to me with their pretend csrs who do nothing but tell you how long and complicated of a process that it is to look up any information on your account until they have indeed managed to keep you waiting on the telephone for over two and a half hours until you have become so frustrated and irate that you give up....Call this corporate number they will try to tranfser you back to the original 800 number dont let them.....speak to someone there...they can help you...they are just trying not to....there should be a class action lawsuit brought against this company for intentionally trying to mislead and steal from there customers

f65e67c2, 2010-12-01, 02:00PM CST

Everyone put your complaint on ripoff This is the best way to get results from BAD BUSINESS!

a6c3a57c, 2011-01-06, 08:02AM CST

I have so many tracfone 800 numbers I feel like getting an address book for them. I have talked to people twice in Florida who promised my minutes would be added in 4 hrs. to leave the phone, it has been on now for 2 days. The one I talked to yesterday said a few minutes, and when I got home yesterday there was a message the problem was solved, no it isn't. Now I have to call them again, when I get the minutes due me, and use them up I will never get another tracfone.

ff165ae0, 2011-01-05, 08:40AM CST

Thank you so much for posting TRACFONE's ("Corporate") Phone Number. I purchased over $200 in minutes that were supposed to DOUBLE with my Double Minute Tracfone...and they NEVER DID, so I called TRACFONE'S CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER WHICH TOOK ME TO GUYANA, WHERE NO ONE SPOKE ENGLISH, OF COURSE. (And you can't forget about the CONSTANT, NEVER-ENDING, DELAYED ECHO (ECHO) DURING EVERY SINGLE PHONE CALL TO TRACFONE - WHATEVER LOCATION YOU CALL - FLORIDA OR GUYANA.) In the end, I never got my Minutes Doubled, and to add insult to injury...they had the gonads to tell me that my phone wasn't even a Double Minute Phone when I knew damn well it was!!! After calling TRACFONE in FLORIDA....same thing - I couldn't understand GUYANESE....only this time they told me that I had never put minutes on the phone since I bought it!!! Wow. Yep, you're right Tracfone...I bought a Double Minute Phone 6 months ago just so I could look at it, and not use it or put minutes on it. WHAT??????? How could the phone work at all if there were never any minutes on it???? DUH!!!! I have the receipts to prove my purchases!!! Additionally, my BF's phone literally broke apart, and Tracfone said they are sending a replacement phone that AUTO-MAGICALLY comes with DOUBLE MINUTES...simply because it is being sent from TRACFONE are we to assume that if you purchase your phone at a Store, don't expect it to do what it says on the box, UNLESS, it is coming to you directly from TRACFONE, because my phone was supposed to be a Double Minute Phone also, but I bought it in a STORE. (Ooops!! I guess I shouldn't have done that if I wanted all the features that are supposed to come with it...MY BAD!!!!) Count me in if there's a Class Action Lawsuit against them for the WORLD'S WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE and SERVICES NOT RENDERED.

7834556b, 2011-01-14, 09:44PM CST


865b5b43, 2011-01-19, 07:08PM CST

THANK YOU for putting those names up. Tracphone screwed me over and took away a BUSINESS PHONE number because of their error!!! All they could say, in broken English, was "I'm sorry..." yada-yada. You can bet I will get a lawyer and sue them for all the costs this situation is causing me. It was as they claim, "a system error" that took away a phone number that I've been using for a year. INSANE. STAY AWAY FROM TRACPHONE.

fd53569c, 2011-02-11, 12:47PM CST


157fa817, 2011-03-02, 07:27PM CST

Heads up tracfone owners. They have been 'stealing' between 80% and 200% extra on each phone call I make. I knew I couldn't possible be out of minutes. I carry the phone with me when I drive out of town; which is once a month and use the phone for 0 to 2 calls. That makes it VERY easy for me to keep track on paper. Like you said - they play stupid, passed me around, disconnected me but I persisted and they added back 30 minutes. They also, supposedly 'fixed' the problem. They fixed the problem all right. They were stealing at 200% now it's down to stealing at 80%! Aren't they generous thieves. I'm contacting our states attorneys office and I should contact the FL better business bureau. I hate to put in that kind of effort when all I want is to be divorced from this thieving company. It's probably not worth the effort but I will be tossing the phone in the garbage & not spend another dime with this company. Good Luck to the rest of you poor tracfone users. Be sure and make the effort to keep track on paper (length of call vs how many minutes they actually steal from you. You're not going to like it.

bdcb4a1f, 2011-08-10, 11:28AM CDT

Go Straight to the FCC and bombard them with complaints! I was sent a form from the Attorney Generals office to fax a complaint to. Easy! Straight talk phone owned by Tracfone is HORRIBLE! Don't do business with them. If you do, it will cost you hours, days, months off your life! I have been trying to get a simple refund for a phone I purchased back in Jan. it is now August and I still don't have my refund! Thank you very much for posting the phone number. I was so bleeping tired of talking to the folks overseas! Getting the runaround day after day month after month. I have had it and I'm going back to At&T. what the hell, for a few bucks more this is not worth the hassle.

0f95e11b, 2012-06-02, 01:23PM CDT

If you think thats bad just try to get copies of voicemails and your phone records. I have been at this for 7months now . Even went to FCC they are trying to help me but I think they have hit a brick wall. I am now going at them full force, have filed complaints with DOJ, State ATT. GEN. and congress rep. just starting on them. They think they've won the battle but the war has just begun. My case they are at the very least covering up a crime.( my opinion) Keep your fingers crossed maybe its time these low life's will finally get their comeupence and it will cost them an arm and a leg,and then some.

dfb45022, 2012-10-11, 06:57PM CDT

tracfone is the worst cell company there is i bought a 50 phone on internet they guaranteed it would work well it didn't they sent my on to work guaranteed it would work still dont work so after six weeks of trying to give me cheap phone 14.99 and turn of phone changing number they start call every 2day to tell me they wont send me the 80 phone that will work i had it with them call when im sleep i been hung up on sweared at treat like shit put on hold for hours the worst customer service ever

d0d28830, 2013-01-29, 02:21PM CST

Luckily, my experience with Tracfone hasn?t been as bad as some (***knock on wood***). I?ve had a few minor issues in the past and I gave up on calling them. Now I just send an email to their corporate office [[email protected]] and my issues are resolved in no time.

f885b8d1, 2013-12-06, 06:33PM CST

I've been trying to get service for over three weeks. I "hear" my personal complaints documented time and time again in the above messages. Read my blog TracFone Nightmare--Part Three ~~ I'm so discouraged (reading those complaints) I may as well discard my phone (after nine years as a customer).

21d9550b, 2013-12-30, 09:36AM CST

I have a Tracfone from you . I am very upset with this service I am getting from you . My phone is defective and they told me they were sending a replacement phone. Now they are not because it is an android phone. Here is my ticket # 1082606572 . I am hopping some one will call me back and fix this problem . I am on disability and need to have a working cell phone.

Tracfone is very poorly run. They could careless about their customers . I will be calling the better business bureau . This really is a lousy company!!

f885b8d1, 2013-12-30, 11:35AM CST

Bravo!! We need to be persistent and hopefully, eventually, TracFone will improve their Customer Service.

f885b8d1, 2013-12-30, 11:50AM CST

Please see my earlier message (above) dated 2013-12-06. Since then, I finally got a new TracFone and finally have service. Read my recent blog, TracFone service at last: . Someone suggested a Class Action Suit. Has one been started?? How do we join??

Samantha F., 2014-03-23, 10:50PM CDT

I checked with straight talk before purchasing a phone from someone to make sure I could use it on my straight talk account . They told me yes but I had to purchase a card costing $15.65 to use the phone . So I went ahead and purchased the phone called them back and asked all my questions again Can I use this phone , do I need to have it unlocked by Sprint before I can use this phone , how much was the card and how long would it take to switch my service to that phone . They said yes you can use the phone , no the phone is all set just buy the card and just a few minutes to and hour for everything to be switched . Well they were wrong after the hour was up I tried to activate the phone with the number they gave me and the phone said I had to have it unlocked by Sprint . So after arguing with Sprint and then Straight talk for 5 hours I found out my money was non-refundable and I had to argue for another hour to get them to put my time back on my old phone . I have used Straight talk for almost 4 years and never had the problems I have had today . So after hours of being on the phone I gave Straight talk $15.65 and went back to my old phone that now I have to wait up to 24 hours for them to reactivate . All they could say for hours was I am sorry mam but that's our policy . I am very upset and am going to switch company's . I believe I should have been told before I purchased the $15.65 card that it was non-refundable but the non- speaking English manager told me it was not their policy to tell people that but rather it was my fault for not asking all the right questions . I told him I wanted to complain and he said do what you want but we follow our policy so you will not get a refund . GRRRRRR !! So unbelievable !!

f885b8d1, 2014-03-24, 08:27AM CDT

My problems were October, November and December 2013 but finally resolved because I was determined to get service. I listed my struggle on my blog: and several messages before that titled Tracfone Nightmare. Why isn't Tracfone / Straight Talk held accountable for their product and customer service????????/

bdb74b6f, 2014-09-29, 02:26PM CDT

I have had many issues with these non English speaking people. I asked for a name of a supervisor or anyone higher the them and thec actually said they didn't know. clueless!!!!

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