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To date, there are 202 complaints registered against Tracfone on this website. Tracfone's CEO, F.J. Pollak, claims that because received only six complaints about Tracfone out of 8,000 complaint letters, "this is a testament to our strong focus on providing exemplarily (sic) customer service." My ongoing nightmare with Tracfone has cost me many hours of lost time, loss of business, and loss of my professional reputation. I am interested in suing for damages due to the company's negligence.

I invite any attorneys who wish to take this case or consumers who have suffered damage as a result of Tracfone to respond. Details will be provided to respondents.



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adc788e6, 2007-12-11, 03:45PM CST

Yes, I want to be a part of this lawsuit. Tracfone is a rip-off. Units are a waste of money. Units are not minutes.


a2849138, 2007-11-27, 08:35PM CST

I to have a tracfone and it cost me alot to keep minutes on the thing. I think they take extra minutes when you make a call from a diffrent area then where the phone was purchased.

dbbf3d02, 2007-11-27, 08:37PM CST

i just got a phone and i already had to add alot of minutes. this phone robs you of minutes.

94bbb49e, 2008-09-01, 09:30PM CDT

Tracfone took 50 minutes from me after I was in receivership of a phone call! I never made the call. I took the call! Big difference. When I emailed Tracfone requesting they return the stolen 50 minutes back to me and explained to them in detail why I was upset and why they were wrong in taking the minutes from me, Tracfone Wireless, Inc wrote me an email back stating they were perfectly in their right for the removal of the 50 minutes from my phone account when I make phone calls. Even though, I already told them I was in receivership and I never made the phone call.

Yes, I would like more information regarding your lawsuit and if it is applicable to me, I would be interested in signing my name to it.

220b6f9b, 2008-09-30, 11:17PM CDT

Jeffry Houser's Blog

Tracfone Problems

Posted At : January 23, 2006 10:12 AM | Posted By : Jeffry Houser

Related Categories: Customer Service,Personal,Business

December 13th, I ordered a Tracfone based on a recommendation of a friend.

I got sent an e-mail receipt and waited. And waited. I called roughly two weeks ago (a month after I placed the order) and was told the order hadn't shipped yet. I asked why, they said they would escalate it and get back to me. They never did.

I called back today and was told the order was cancelled because the phone was on back order for more than a month. Why wasn't I notified? That's a serious customer service snafu.

I was told I wasn't notified because they don't do that. It's in their terms and conditions. Well, I checked the terms and conditions listed on the site and it is not actually listed in them.

I'm a bit miffed because the deal I ordered under no longer exists, so now I have to buy the service and the phone (instead of just the phone).

Is it worth it to save an estimated $400 a year. I'll probably give it another attempt...

Update 2/5/08:

Some people had posted the the personal number of Fredrick Pollak, the CEO of tracfone to this blog. Tracfone's in-house legal counsel contacted me to ask if I would remove the number. After discussions with my own legal counsel, we decided to comply. All comments with said number have been deleted. Tracfone representatives also asked me to say this on their behalf:

If you have an issue with TracFone that you cannot get resolved quickly and efficiently, call the Corporate Headquarters, Executive Resolutions Dept at 1-800-876-5753 and these specially trained agents will gladly assist you until your matter is resolved.

I invited them to post this information themselves as a comment, but in case they decide not to, there it is.

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Steve's Gravatar Once you get over the initial hurdle of "getting yourself set up", the service is excellent, and you should only have to deal with them once a year from then on. As long as they don't go out of business or anything, I'm a happy customer.

This is the phone that I got at Wal-Mart for $20. I can't see how anyone could ever need a more expensive phone. (

Anyway... I hope it works out eventually. :)

# Posted By Steve | 1/23/06 9:53 AM

Ian's Gravatar I just got rid of my Tracfone. I had decent service out of them on my phone, but my wife's phone was a completely different story. I had to spend more hours than I care to count dealing with them just to get her phone number transfered from her old Tracfone to her new one. Then we found out a year later that they didn't really fix the problem, they only delayed it a year and she was going to lose her phone number that she'd had for 7 years!

This is a very 'abridged' version of the story, but needless to say they lost 2 customers that day. I will never go back. Especially now that I found out that they are dealing with lawsuits and still treating customers like crap.

This is the second prepaid fiasco I've dealt with, so I'm even done with that deal. We got a regular service set up in less than 3 hours and have had no problems at all. Even when I decided I didn't like the phone I ended up with, they exchanged it with no questions and a smile!

# Posted By Ian | 3/19/07 4:37 PM

rep's Gravatar hey if you want good service treat reps nicely, i work for tracfone, the company is a ripoff yes, no going around that, but if you are nice to a rep most of the times they will ignore the rules to fix the issue, and LEARN TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS

# Posted By rep | 6/19/07 2:10 PM

Al Gavenas's Gravatar Earlier this year, I purchased a cell phone from "Tracfone Inc.". This cell phone was purchased on a special promotional offer that included the cell phone and 600 minutes of pre-paid air time. After using approximately 75 minutes of air time over a period of time, the cell phone became defective..

I called their "1-800-867-7183" number and they took down the info and sent me another "reconditioned" cell phone which I got within about 3 days. Enclosed with the new "reconditioned" phone was a pre-addressed bag that I used to send in the old defective phone.

When I tried to activate the new "reconditioned" cell phone they "Mickey Moused" around and tried to get me to accept lesser air time. First it was 250 minutes, then it was 300 then 400 then back to 200. I kept telling them that I would not settle for any less than 500 air time minutes.

They then told me that I would have to wait 2 weeks as they would have to check with another department and that I would have to call their "1-800-867-7183" at that time,

I waited the time and finally got back to them after 2 and a half weeks. Now they will only offer me 350 air time minutes. I told them that this was NOT ACCEPTABLE and we went round and round about this with me being put on hold numerous times over about a 2 hour period of time

Now they want me to wait another 2 weeks again before I fear they are going to use the same routine to try to get me to accept lesser air time than the 500 minutes that I feel I paid for and am entitled to.

# Posted By Al Gavenas | 7/19/07 4:10 AM

rick's Gravatar My opinion of Tracfone; the coverage is good in the USA, I have been able to use my Tracfone in the middle of nowhere and make a connection. That's all the good I have to say about it, the customer service is lousy, beyond lousy actually and you will be lucky if you get a rep who can actually speak English cleary. Before I bought a new Tracfone to upgrade from my old one I called customer service to make sure I could port my current number to a certain model phone and was told yes. So I went and bought the phone and called the next day and was told no I could not. And besides lousy customer service, Tracfone's rates are higher per minute than other carrier's.

# Posted By rick | 8/25/07 10:18 AM

Rep's Gravatar Hello. I'm a Tracfone and Net10 Rep and I really would like to adviced to all these angry customers: DO NOT BUY TRACFONE AND NOT EVEN NET10. They're bullshit. The phones have no solveable problems. We, Reps are obliged to follow RIDICULOUS scripts and also APOLOGIZE and even say THERE'S NOTHING THAT I CAN DO.

# Posted By Rep | 9/3/07 10:59 PM

RepBUENOS AIRES's Gravatar For example in the call center in Bolivia, the Reps work 12 hrs with a 20 minutes BREAK the wholE day. Do you think that a person can solve problems working like that?? That is what a couple of Americans do in South America. In Buenos Aires, we work 6 hours a day with a 30 minutes BREAK. They impose hundreds of RIDICULOUS rules. have you ever asked before why a Rep always says ACTUALLY, NO every two seconds or to every questions???

# Posted By RepBUENOS AIRES | 9/3/07 11:05 PM

RepBUENOS AIRES's Gravatar Have you ever requested a SUPERVISOR?? They are not really sups. They're other REPS chosen to answer calls like Tech Support. They have not even a training to deal with customers. They have no scripts, no american accent, nothing. IT'S ALL A LIE IN THE 10 CALL CENTERS. We are localed in ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA, GUATEMALA, THE PHILLIPINES, BELIZA, GUYANA AND COLOMBIA

# Posted By RepBUENOS AIRES | 9/3/07 11:34 PM

jack rushoe's Gravatar I bought a tracfone about 3 yrs ago and I had no problem with it untill

lately. I used to be able to get service any where,but this year my phone

just seems to loose service. I am a civil war reenactor and I bought a

phone so I could in contact with people. This year my phone just goes

to no service so I can not use it and I was not more than 100 yds from a

tower two weeks ago.I was so mad I darn near smashed the thing. I have

248 units left on the phone (which is now only good for local calls) then

I am going to get rid of it,I do not know what happened but it sure

sucks.There are other members in my unit that bought a phone on my

recommendation and their phone does the same thing. I hope they get

tired of all the bitching and get it straightend out before I use my units up

# Posted By jack rushoe | 9/9/07 1:46 PM

Al Gavenas's Gravatar What you need to do when you have trouble with Tracfone is file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Florida.

I know most of you don't think much BBB and neither did I but it was a last resort thing with me. I could not believe how fast I got a responce from them. My problem was that I had a phone that went bad with over 500 minutes of air time left on it. When Trackfone gave me a rebuilt phone to replace the bad phone they Micky Moused around and tried to get me to accept first 200 then 300 minutes of air time. After more than two weeks of trying to get them to give me the more than 500 minutes of air I felt I had coming I contacted BBB and within 3 days Trackfone called and restored 610 minutes of air time to my reconditioned phone that works fine now. I know you people don't have much faith in BBB but it worked for me. Try it it just might work for you also. All it cost is your time to file the E-mail complaint.

# Posted By Al Gavenas | 9/10/07 3:03 AM

R simet's Gravatar I was told that my both V60i phones (Old Tech.) HAD to be upgraded with new Tech. phones AND because they were flip phone THEY WOULD BE REPLACED with flip phones by two different tracfone reps.

What they sent was 1and the other was not. When I called and tried to correct the ERROR (THEIRS) I was told that!

1. They cannot replace it because one was already shipped? Even if it was wrong and not what they were supposed to ship?

2. The two reps I spoke to were wrong?

3. I was on hold on and off for (mostly on several times each time for a longer period) for 55 minutes while he tried? To find a supervisor?

4. I asked where he was said North America, "me" Where in North America?, "him" Belesse?, "me" where is that?, "him" Central America????

5. When I asked where the corp. Head Quarters was located he said Florida, I requested a phone number he said he didn't know it?

6. After going around and around and around many times I gave up.

After recommending an getting over 10 or 15 people to go with "them" It WILL BE A COLD DAY IN ?? you know where before I ever recommend them to any more friends and family!

I Hope this gets back to them

I spent most of my life servicing the public in two or three jobs (60 years) and know and practiced CUSTOMER SERVICE. The above is not the way it was.

Or is the way they operate

# Posted By R simet | 10/1/07 2:12 PM

REP's Gravatar Dear R simet: You really suck. The way you write. There are more than 100 countries in America. We, Tracfone people are also Americans.

From Argentina to Canada. You American people get what you deserve.

You cannot even speak two languages.

Your service provider is an American company.

If you change tour mind you can get something better...

# Posted By REP | 10/2/07 12:46 AM

REP's Gravatar Learn to listen and you will get the best service... that is the key...

So esasy, so easy, tan facil, tan facil jajajajaja

# Posted By REP | 10/2/07 12:48 AM

REP's Gravatar Remember that when you are calling and shouting and asking for a

supervisor or shouting or crying WE ARE LAUGHING...

# Posted By REP | 10/2/07 12:51 AM

CHUCK RIPPLINGER's Gravatar I just completed the process of "adding minutes" to my Tracfone. There had been a previous promotion for their Insider Club whereby I was to receive a twenty minute BONUS for subscribing. The confirming e-mail never arrived, and my time was expiring at MIDNIGHT. Called Customer Service and was transferred to the "Value Plan" Department. I received a courteous, satisfactory resolution including the ADDING OF MINUTES, ADDING A BONUS CODE, & ADDING OF A FURTHER 20 MINUTE COURTESY BONUS in recognition of theproblem they had created.

KUDOS to Sergio!

# Posted By CHUCK RIPPLINGER | 10/6/07 6:15 PM

Madeline Steeley's Gravatar Well since I see here the reps think they are invincable perhaps it is time to make sure thier boss see's how they feel with print outs of thier comments to the BBB, Florida State Attorney General, Montana State Auditor, the congressional commision currently reviewing cell phone companies and how the cunsumer can better be protected. In addition, have taken the liberty of mainstreaming your comments on the web. Just figure the more people that read them, the more likely some blood sucking greedy attorney will take this up and show Tracfone that it might be less expensive afterall to move thier operations back to the USA. Since several companies are already reviewing these options - why not Tracfone - would be a great way to boost thier immage and would relieve you poor, overstressed, people of the burden of dealing with the people of the USA. Thanks for listing the countries as well, plan to put a bug in a couple congressional ears about our "charitable" contributions both our house and the UN. He who laughs last laughs best!

# Posted By Madeline Steeley | 10/16/07 2:06 AM

Friz's Gravatar I got a phone from Tracfone, activated it, got the 20 minutes ok. Later got an E-mail with an offer of 60 additional minutes when I purchased a 60 minute airtime card.

Went throught the activation, everything went through, but no display on the phone of minutes or expiration date.

Have spent hours on phone to t/s, no results. Several E-mails, still no resolution.

You may save money on the purchase of the crappy little $15 phone, but you will waste it later.

I have had a T-mobile prepaid for 2 years, and have had no problems and their tech support always solved the problem

# Posted By Friz | 10/18/07 12:14 AM

david's Gravatar Unfortunately, I purchased a Tracfone June, 2007 as a way to save money on my monthly cell phone bill. The first phone they sent me stopped working after only 3 weeks. Since that was the only phone that I owned, I purchased another Tracfone from WalMart so that they could transfer over the minutes. When I contacted customer service, they told me that they could transfer the minutes but could not refund the money I paid for it because I didnt send it to them prior to buying a replacement phone at the store. I had also purchased 600 minutes of airtime with a bonus that automatically DOUBLED any minutes that I would buy in the future. When I added 400 minutes yesterday, it did not double. I contacted their customer service department which made me think its located somewhere in India, they said that I had NEVER bought a double minutes card and that they could not do anything because I had trasferred the service to another phone. I was put on hold so many times I lost count. Then I spoke to a supervisor who stated he would provide a refund for the 400 minutes I had purchased. When he placed me on hold, I was hung up on. What is going on with this company???

# Posted By david | 10/18/07 1:23 AM

Rep.'s Gravatar I work for tracfone, and its a good service, its just that there are things that are out from our hands, I was reading about the customer that purchased the phone and got defective and we sent another one and is not getting units at all, its just that we need to get in touch with another department thats called LOSS PREVENTION, to find out about the minutes, its not that we donot want to add the airtime is just that we need to call them for authorization, im really sorry about you getting all this trouble with the company, but as the other rep. wrote, if you are nice to us, we will do our best to solve the problem, trust us!!!

# Posted By Rep. | 10/24/07 10:22 AM

polyglot's Gravatar My comment is for "Rep"...if you indeed are a TracFone representative, which is questionable. First, the call centers that I have read are clients of TracFone all provide call monitoring and state their goal as one-call resolution. While I do not doubt that many "employees" such as yourself abuse customers and violate call center paradigms, the likelihood that you will (a) be caught and (b) be fired is very high. Second, I find it laughable that you would comment on the writing abilities of those who posted other comments--particularly considering I have yet to see you type anything more than a run-on sentence punctuated with numerous commas. Finally, if you indeed are from a country other than the United States of America, you would be familiar with the fact that the term "American" is widely accepted as meaning "from the United States." Or, in Spanish (since you claim fluency), the term would be Estadounidense. But, then, you made a generalization that "Americans" don't speak more than one language. However, what you describe is a fallacy as this country has opened its borders to counteless immigrants since it's founding. I, for example, am fluent in 9 languages other than English. Going back to the original point of this forum, which is TracFone Problems, you have little to brag about when commenting that you knowingly participate in call-center abuses. And, I sincerely doubt you will glean much pity from those who post comments in this forum regarding your alleged poor work conditions (the 10 call centers you mentioned, though did not state names for, are actually required by international law to provide quality work environments and conditions. If what you are typing has any merit whatsoever, and you are really only permitted one 20- or 30-minute break per 12-hour shift and are still working at that call-center, then I find it highly ironic that you question the intelligence of TracFone customers calling in with legitimate concerns yet you are remaining at a slip-shod place of employment. Que mala suerte...but the ignorance is actually on your part. Ciao.

# Posted By polyglot | 10/24/07 3:37 PM

Dissatisfied Customer's Gravatar DON"T SIGN ON TO TRACFONE!

Lesson learned the hard way. They get your money, give you mediocre cell service and lousy customer service. But they sure are nice as they are being lousy. They act like they are working to settle your issue, but just give you the runaround and put you on hold to talk to their "supervisor" and after a half hour, tell you they can't do anything. Wow, couldn't you have just said that during the first minute and saved everyone wasted time? Hello consumer complaints forms on the web. Hello BBB in Florida. Goodbye Tracfone.


# Posted By Dissatisfied Customer | 11/16/07 9:30 PM

V's Gravatar I am a long time user of Tracfone prepaid - 4 years no problem until now. PLEASE READ.....

I recently went to buy more airtime minutes on-line. A message came on the screen stating my current NOIKA phone would soon be obsolete. They would provide me

with a new digital phone at no charge and my minutes would then be transferred over to new phone upon receipt.

Within 3 days I received my new phone from Tracfone in Ohio. I called the 1-800-867-7183 and was told that they were having technical difficulties and I would have

to call back in 3 days. WOW, some serious technical problems! Well I tried back the next day and they could not get my minutes transferred over due to "technical

problems"! OK, I'm starting to get ticked-off now~ Well, while I am on with the 3rd Tracfone rep, I ask where they are located, she tells me Belize. She then tells me

that I need to hold for 3 minutes while she talks to a supervisor. Okay, next she tells me that she needs my name, home phone and birthdate. NOW, I am concerned.

I refused to give her my birthdate and she disconnected me! I call back and the guy tells me they cannot activate my new phone for some reason - remember this is my

free one they sent via DHL express mail to my home. What the heck is going on with Tracfone? Now I have 2 tracfones that don't work! Minutes due to expire today!!!

# Posted By V | 11/21/07 1:27 PM

Julie timmons's Gravatar I am going through the same "upgrade" which is actually a DOWNGRADE in service. After approx 3 hours on the phone with various staff I thought th phone was good to go but just found I cannot retrieve VM's and although I followed the instructions for setting up the VM there is absolutely NO info on HOW to retrieve messages and when I go through their website ("Contact us") nothing happens, their email doesn't even work. I don't feel like calling them again. TMobile, hre I come.

# Posted By Julie timmons | 11/24/07 1:25 PM

Troy's Gravatar My Verizon account will be up soon so I thought I may try Tracfone. But, after reading everyones complaints I am going to use US Cellular....Nominated by JD Powers Assoc.

# Posted By Troy | 11/25/07 9:02 PM

Todd Womack's Gravatar When adding minutes to your Tracfone or just wishing to talk to a customer service represenitive it would be wise to have someone that speaks whatever language that is used in India. Tracfone has ripped me off on numerous minutes, as I signed up 2 buddies in which i was to receive 400 minutes, I had the double minute plan that I rareley received & the list goes on & on.

# Posted By Todd Womack | 12/2/07 3:49 PM

qualfon's Gravatar I work as a Tracfone rep in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I totally understand

your frustration towards the company, the service they provide is

extremely bad... However, i think youre also very unfair when you

say our english is bad... Most of the customers just dont even want to

listen what we have to say. Millions of times i would just say: "THANK YOU


YOU TODAY?" And the cust would reply: "I WANT TO SPEAK WITH

SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS IN ENGLISH" And when i rephrased what cust had

just said(yes, we have to rephrase EVERYTHING you say) and asked cust

a few questions in order to transfer the call, cust understood EVERYTHING

PERFECTLY!!! So, come on!

And "polyglot", America is a whole continent, not just your country...

and it is true that we only have 20 minutes of break, and yes, we work

under awful conditions... just in case you havent noticed... we need

the money.

# Posted By qualfon | 12/9/07 9:10 PM

NK's Gravatar This is for the tracfone reps that are writing. Although you may speak English it is very clear that it is not a first language for you. So you may think that you are fluent you do not fully comprehend issues when they are explained to you. It is also very irritating to have you repeat everything we say!!!!!! I have been a tracfone customer for over 2 years and decided to order a new phone when there was a special offered. The phone did not come. It took 2 months!!!! of constant phone calls and repeatingmyself again and again and again to finally recieve the phone. They offered me 20 units as a consolation and if I call and beg I might get up to 50 units. That is not goodcustomer service. I was forced to spend hours on the phone because of tracfone's incompetence and all I could get was people reading scripts to me. The reps apologizednumerous times but no one took responsibility for two months

to make sure that the mistake was corrected. Maybe if you apologized less and actually tried to solve the customers problem,(free minutes for the aggravation would not hurt) you would have happy customers and no one would care where the reps are from. I start out talking nicely, but by the fourth or fifth phone call my patience is gone! If issues were resolved in one short phone call you probably would have less irate callers.

# Posted By NK | 12/11/07 7:18 AM

Debra Davenport's Gravatar I am in a position of taking care of my father 3 days a week in Mass who is dying of cancer. I live in Maine. I drive 3 and a half hours back and forth by myself. My son gave me his old tracfone. I purchaced a year to have the privlige of having the same phone number for $99.99. I had to get the ISN # from inside the phone. I called the # on the reciept and did what the macanical vioce told me to do. I had thought that my phone would receive the units and phone # with in a short time over the tracfone. This did not happen. When I got out of work I called the same # and spoke with a foreign humon voice. I rechecked the ISN# and found that I had programed the last digit wrong. The voice on the other end told me there was nothing he could do< Oh I sorry anything else I can do? . I do know that if I had accidently put my $ in another bank account the bank would rectify the mistake. I have contacted the Better Bussiness Bureau of Maine. I was given phone # for Office of Consumer Affairs and Florida Attorney General Office. The girl I spoke with from B B of M said the company is out of Florida. I am definatly following though on this! Debbi D.

# Posted By Debra Davenport | 12/12/07 11:52 AM

Tracman's Gravatar For all those reading the posts here keep this in mind; for every ten disgruntled tracfone users there is likely 1000 very happy tracfone users. I have been using tracfone for many years now. I have seen the cost per minute drop drastically in that time. I now have 6 tracfones activated for myself and my family. I also activate at least 3-4 phones a week using the tracfone website and haven't had an issue in doing so in the last 6 months. In the very few instances that I have had to contact customer service I have always accoplished what I was after. And with little to no hassle. Many people here need to accept the fact that we are now living in a much bigger world now than 10 years ago. If you can't accept having to talk to a csr in a different country, then maybe you need to also rethink your cell phone choice? The owner of Tracfone is in Mexico.

I keep my cost on tracfone down to 5-7 cents per minute. I do this by taking advantage of the bundled deals they offer on their website and promo codes. Compare that to what many people pay for contract plans and it's a sweet deal! Many people use way less minutes than what their contract plan allows, which then bring the REAL cost per minuter much higher than my 5-7 cents! Not all people, but many.

Tracfone uses the same towers as many major cell carriers. There is NO roaming charges on tracfone. It is a fact that tracfone offers the best coverage overall in the USA.

BTW. I am a born and raised USA citizen with no connection to tracfone. I am just doing my part to help people who happen to look in here make a more informed decision.

# Posted By Tracman | 12/12/07 5:18 PM

qualfon Rep's Gravatar when i apologize to a customer, i really mean it... things would also be soo much easier for us

if we could just offer you 500 minutes everytime sth went wrong with your Tracfone.. However, we can not give any free minutes unless a supervisor authorizes it.

Sometimes there is really nothing we can do about the problem you are having, eventhough we want to.

I honestly apologize for all the inconveniences you have with these phones... and i wish i could do more than just apologize in some cases.

# Posted By qualfon Rep | 12/14/07 9:02 PM

Lynn's Gravatar How do I get the current date on my display screen?

I have called 7 times talked to two managers and they all said there is no way

to get the current date on my display screen. They are stating that ONLY the exp

the expiration date and units and current time can be displayed. Somehow

I got the expiration date taken off, now I just want the current date

Can anyone help me?? Thanks!

# Posted By Lynn | 12/15/07 10:21 AM

Lynn's Gravatar I have a V170 Motorola phone from tracfone. Forgot to mention that. from my message above.

# Posted By Lynn | 12/15/07 10:34 AM

Jack Haiken's Gravatar I have, I hope, the cheapest nokia phone and tracfone. I've had no

problems. Coming back from Bermuda this is the only cell phone that

worked. I did misplace it a year ago and bought a new one. I placed the

new one down ontop of the old one! I lost the phone at my daughters

house. She called me that she had it. I went there and she couldn't find

it. Reading these things I do not know what to do. Thanks for all the


# Posted By Jack Haiken | 12/23/07 2:53 PM

David's Gravatar I got 50 minutes free on buying 200+ minutes from <a href="; store through by using coupon code "59673"......!

# Posted By David | 12/24/07 6:30 AM

Van's Gravatar Tracfone has the worst customer service on the planet. I brought a tracfone over 2 years ago and had no problems. Then just last week, I brought a new phone after the old one became inoperable. A very big mistake on my part. It took 3 long, tiring calls to their 800 number just to get activated. The first women I spoke to spoke English but it was a version that I had never heard. She also didn't know what the hell she was doing. Anyway, after I finally got the phone activated, I found that I could not send or receive text messages. Another round of calls and still my problem is unsolved. Tracfone can go to hell as far as i'm concerned. I'll never fool with them again, and I will advice anyone to run, not walk, from Tracfone, the sorry bastards...

# Posted By Van | 12/24/07 8:20 AM

Debra Davenport's Gravatar I would like to say Thank you for the help I recieved. We played phone tag for a couple of weeks and I was becoming frustrated. But Trachone reached me yesturday and I was able to recieve my 1 year service and the units. I still have to travel every weekend, but now I will feel confident that if anything was to happen I will be able to reach family. Alot of winter snowstorms and highway driving is ahead of me. Thank you agian.

# Posted By Debra Davenport | 12/27/07 12:12 PM

Lynn's Gravatar After spending close to 4 hours with tracfone and couldn't get any results,

finally figured out how to just put the date and time on the main screen.

I called Mr. Pollack that someone had listed and he was out but did call me at

9:30 P.M. and was very sorry that I got such rude people. Then another man

called from management and gave my husband 60 units more for all the trouble.

The next day I bought myself a newer tracfone and wanted to transfer my

number and units from old phone to new phone. This time it was so very

easy. I just asked the people to speak up and to "please" speak slower so I

can understand them. BUT the man said it would be 72 hours for the new

tracfone to be activated I said I really want it now. So I had to settle for a

new phone number (which didn't bother me at all) and for the inconvience

they gave me 200 units and 2 more months added to my 1 year service.

I am very pleased that people called back and we got everything resolved.

# Posted By Lynn | 12/27/07 4:03 PM

April Dennis's Gravatar Check out for tips on how to get the cheapest tracfone service, free tracfones and bonus minute codes.

# Posted By April Dennis | 12/28/07 7:15 PM

Fred Baker's Gravatar I have had major problems with Tracfone trying to buy and add minutes to my phone. I called them and was hung up on twice. I switched to Virgin Mobile and have had much better service with them and no more problems.

# Posted By Fred Baker | 12/29/07 7:41 AM

Terry's Gravatar UNREAL--PRAY YOU NEVER HAVE A PROBLEM-----I ordered a phone online with min's. $85.00 They shipped it and i was not here to sign for it. I have called six time so far

each time the tech who can't speak english has asked a question, puts me on hold to talk to a manager, this goes on and on... Each time I'm told the money has been or

will be refunded. As I write I'm on hold..................................I wish I had read this site before I put my credit card numer into their web site,,,,,

# Posted By Terry | 1/6/08 10:16 AM

Terry's Gravatar I JUST COULD NOT LET IT DROP------ I read every post. Its real sad that a company would take advantage of loose labor laws to make money. I wish we could require a company to provide breaks and lunch before they were allowed to sell a product in the US.

I have been told three times now that I will be refunded and given 3 different amounts of time. The last call I was told I would be refunded in 2 days. As I asked more questions and just as nice as I could I explained I have been told this over and over, I was told that the confirmation number I provided they could not find in there system.. This was said after I was told I was going to receive a refund??? I was reading the number right from the email tracfone sent to me. The phone was shipped, and returned because no one was here to sign for it.. I asked, how simple was this? I order a phone, you send fed-ex, I'm not home 8-5 to sign for it and it goes back. They should not even have taken the money from my account until I had the phone.... Seems that should be a law..

I'm going to contact the Florida BBB Monday morning and I'm going to file a complaint with Master Card. I can't understand how a company this large would let itself fail to such an extreme in the area of customer service.

I have done all this reading and writing while on hold so the customer service can talk to his supervisor. Again, and again, and again..


# Posted By Terry | 1/6/08 11:00 AM

Brenda's Gravatar I certainly wish that I had found this website before I tried to reactivate my cell phone with Tracfone! WHAT A POOR EXCUSE FOR A BUSINESS! Originally when I activated my phone about 2 years ago, it was a breeze. Had it up and running in about 30 minutes. This time a totally different story. I encountered many of the same problems that I have read about here ......being put on hold endlessly while "I talk to my supervisor", asking questions of the reps and never getting a straight answer, could not tell me why my cell phone was not working, telling me that they would reinstate my minutes and then not doing it, the phone connection was horrible, and, of course, could not understand what they were saying half the time, etc. etc. etc. Over the last 2 days I have been on the phone with Tracfone for four (4) hours and still nothing has been accomplished. Finally today, after being asked to call back tomorrow, I requested that they just refund my money. Even though I was given a refund confirmation number I will definitely call my credit card company tomorrow to stop payment on their charges. Well, I am off to check out other blogs for other cell phone companies in hopes that I may find one that is located in the good ol USA!

# Posted By Brenda | 1/6/08 6:44 PM

Frustrated Mother's Gravatar Oh, the frustration! We purchased our son a tracfone a couple of years ago and it was starting to deteriate from use, so for Christmas this year we bought him a new one. Now I have spent over a week trying to get his phone number to transfer to the new telephone, just so we can activate the new telephone. I was initially told to call back in 24 hours; (I had called in Sunday evening); I then called back on Tuesday afternoon and was told to call back in 4 hours (I got busy and didn't have time); so then I called back on Wednesday morning and was told to call back in 48 hours. At that point I asked for a "supervisor" and of course there was no satisfactory resolution; I then called back on Thursday afternoon; then on Friday afternoon where I was told something about cell phone or tower was trying to configure itself (?) and of course I was to call back. I called on Staruday afternoon and was told to call back in 24-48 hours; I then called back today (Monday) and guess what I was told to check back in FIVE DAYS! I guess it normally would take a week to transfer a phone number (what? what happened to the 24-48 hours?). NOW their telling me it takes TWO WEEKS. Unfortunately, the rep had to put up we my nicely phrased rant about customer service. This unbelieveable. Now my son is without a phone...he drives to school in the Iowa winter, hmmm, I would feel much better if he had the security of a cell phone. My "as a parent" concerns get me know where and all that I can rely on is the typical "we are working to resolve this issue". I guess we should have just taken the new phone number and ran, especially with the additional 200 minutes they were going to throw in if we activated a new phone number. I'm so glad my daughter decided AGAINST trading her tracfone for a new one. I have to wonder if the problem is even being worked on. I have never encountered such an unfriendly company in terms of providing prompt and good service to their customers with relation to what I am trying to accomplish here. I am quite disappointed and frustrated none the less.

# Posted By Frustrated Mother | 1/7/08 12:28 PM

rob's Gravatar it doesnt help anything when you call tracfones 800 # and get the phillipines or another foriegn country.The phone connection is always terrible even from a

a land line

# Posted By rob | 1/8/08 9:54 PM

rob's Gravatar id like to respond to the rep that said there are 100 countries in america. i realize now what the problem

is at tracfone. the reps are uneducated. first there are 50 states in america . r language is english.

and we"ll be laughing at you when tracfone goes out of business and u r unemployed. it doesnt matter if

u speak two or more languages if u r a moron like yourself . if YOU WANT TO TALK TO AMERICANS WHEN



# Posted By rob | 1/8/08 10:23 PM

wayne's Gravatar I have been a Tracfone customer for over 7 years and until recently, a fairly satisfied customer. However, the upgrade process to a new phone has completely changed

my perception of Tracfone. True customer service does not exist for this company. They cannot get the new phone to work, cannot tell you why it won't work, ask you

a million questions (some I regret answering), don't seem to really understand the problem, obviously read from a script that doesn't even flow with the problem resolution,

and will put you off endless times with directions to wait another 24 to 48 hours and try the phone again. I have been on the phone with customer service four times over

this one issue and have not been helped. I have also tried the email route with "technical support" with the same results. The answers given by "technical support" are

very similar to the customer service anwers (coincidence?).This is by far the most frustrating experience I have encountered with any business, large or small. After

reading this blog, it is obvious that I have a lot of company with people frustrated over Tracfone. If something doesn't change soon, Tracfone will certainly lose a

substantial amount of business in the not too distant future. There are certainly many other services out there who are eager to take on new customers like me.

# Posted By wayne | 1/9/08 1:10 PM

j4fun's Gravatar I too have been a tracfone customer for several years. Recently when I added time to my old phone I was informed I could no

longer add time to that phone and Tracfone would be sending me an upgraded phone. I called them and said DO NOT SEND

me a phone I will purchase one with the features I want. I purchased 2, one for me and one for my wife. She went out of

town for 2 weeks and had no service. It took me 1 month to get her the service compairable to what she had with the

previous phone. I, on the other hand, have not been able to get the correct service I need to use the phone. I have received

several phones from Tracfone and they are all the incorrect model phone. I am done with Tracfone!

# Posted By j4fun | 1/11/08 3:11 PM

Onederer's Gravatar I've gone through the whole gamut with TracFone. Getting hung up on. Their failure to provide proper explanations, Failure to make things happen. Being held on the telephone for more than two hours. Getting BS on bogus promotions seen in emails, and on the Web Site. Not being able to get through on the telephone. Frequently broken Web Site (as I'm writing this). Being given bogus FAX numbers. Not being able to understand their terrible English. Need I go on??

Also, they sold me a Motorola C261. It is a color phone with camera, speakerfone, and vibrator. Now, this phone has a lot more capabilities. But Tracfone has disabled most of them. The browser only allows me to go to THEIR Web Site, for THEIR STORE, OR THEIR NEWS, OR THEIR SPORTS, and THEIR WEATHER, AND ONLY THEIR RING TONES. Chat is disabled, and so is the capbility to get email that's sent by a computer. Basically, the only thing that I can do with this phone is SMS messaging, and Voice communication. Do you call that good service?? It's just as if their computer equipment is too primitive to be able to handle modern services. It's either that, or they are just not smart enough to bring their equipment and services up-to-date.

# Posted By Onederer | 1/13/08 1:26 AM

anon e mouse's Gravatar I've had it with TracFone and the crappy upgrade program they scammed.

I've had two phones sent out but dealing with customer service has been

a hassle to try to get the phones activated. First I was told that my old

number was no longer valid but in order to transfer info I'd have to reactivate

the old number. WTF? No amount of explaining helped. Then I was told I

had the wrong sim card for my area. WTF? I've sent them an e-mail stating

I was packing up the phone to send back to them and that I plan on filing a

complaint with my state's BBB & Atty General's office as well as with the BBB &

Atty Gen'l's office in TracFone's corporate state (FL). I will say that the

first customer service rep was very pleasant even if I had difficulty understanding

her. The second one sounded totally bored.

# Posted By anon e mouse | 1/14/08 7:27 PM

Bonnie Sheppard's Gravatar I have had a tracfone for several years and hadn't had a problem until Christmas. I purchased 200 minutes and never received them and after several calls to someone who did not speak English with an American accent my problem was still unresolved. That was $50.00 I don't have. That is like throwing a fifty dollar bill out the window. I don't know how many people can afford to do that, I can't. I am so PISSED tha I have warned people and told them what happened to me. I bought a Go Phone and love it I can talk to my sisters for FREE!!!!!!

# Posted By Bonnie Sheppard | 1/15/08 8:18 PM

Judi Priest's Gravatar I HAD a Tracfone for a really long time w/o any significant issues until this past week.

I called them to ask if I could transfer my Number from my old broken phone to a new upgraded phone along with my minutes/units?

They said YES. So, I went to Walmart bought a new phone for $49.00 and proceed to call them to begin the process.

They asked my s/n of the old phone and the s/n of the new phone.....I gave it to them - I watched 701.0 units disappear from my old

phone but they never appeared on the new phone?! I asked him why the minutes did not get to the new phone? He said 72 hours (which

is there standard jibe). So I waited, no units. I called the 800 number again and they told me that there was no record of me having any units

to transfer................I told them I have a receipt........they said their computer shows no units to transfer.......and kept repeating that for an hour!

So, now I have a new phone and spent $148.32 for units that they say do not exist!!!

I am done with them!!!!

# Posted By Judi Priest | 1/16/08 11:17 AM

Bamamiss's Gravatar I have had a Tracfone also for several years with no problems of adding minutes until this week. I tried to switch to one of the Value plans over the internet and had an error message to call the 800#. The error was that their program would change my town name and add a different town to my zip code. The town that the program added has not had a post office/zip for over 4 years and is a rural rt of my town. I called the 800# and tried to speak to 3 different reps without them understanding the problem. I finally decided to buy an air time card and tried to do it on line. Still no go. I called one more time (800-876-5753) and got a rep that spoke very well. She tried to place the order and kept getting an refusal for my credit card. I tried to explain to her that their zip code data base has an error. Our county just went to E911 and all the address have been updated. Some how their program is keying in a town that does not have a post office. After trying 3 time with one card we tried another card and still was denied. She then offered to place a conference call to my credit card companies. The first card company had honored all three. We got them to remove all charges. Then we called the other card company and they had approved the charge also. Then we tried the 1st card one more time. Did not go thru. The Tracfone bank had not accepted the okay from either credit card company and I had been charged a total of 5 times. I finally gave up. She was helpful in getting the charges removed , when she had in fact said that my card had never been charged. This morning I went to the drug store and bought a card and added minutes with no problem. I have written a letter to Tracfone. Tracfone Wireless, Inc., 8390 NW 25th St. Miami, FL 33122-1504. They really do need to get their act together and give better customer service.

# Posted By Bamamiss | 1/16/08 3:26 PM

Judi Priest's Gravatar So, Thank you Jeffry Houser for Frederick Pollak's phone number. I was at my wits end as you probably could tell by my last comment.

They called me from Miami this evening, re-activated my new phone and ported my 701.00 units plus 10 to my new upgraded phone. The lady that I spoke to asked me how I found the number for Mr. Pollak. I told her from your blog! She asked me if I had called the customer service number?

I told her several times, however, I did not write down the person's name whom I spoke to because I barely understood what he was saying. She assured me that Mr. Pollak is making some changes. I told her that I had a Tracfone since the beginning of Tracfone and was always very happy until this issue with my minutes/units. So, thanks again, Jeffry!

# Posted By Judi Priest | 1/16/08 7:55 PM

Rae's Gravatar I purchased a Tracfone (Motorola V170) to replace my previous phone that got wet and no longer functions. I have been trying to have my new phone activated and my previous number and minutes transferred to the new phone. I have been told that the phone was not scanned properly when I purchased it, so I have had to fax my receipt and serial number. I've done this 3 times to 3 different numbers and each time I call, I am told a different number. This has been going on since 12/21/07. Today I called again and once again was told they have not received my information. So I have faxed it yet again.

# Posted By Rae | 1/21/08 3:30 PM

Scott's Gravatar I have been a Tracfone customer for three years. Im am satisfied with the service from Tracfone. One time i called Tracfone on Christmas day to activate two new tracfones and transfer minutes over from our old

phones. I was on the phone with the Tracfone representatives for less than 30 minutes. Within a couple of hours both of the phones were succussfully activated with the correct amount of minutes.

# Posted By Scott | 1/24/08 6:01 PM

John's Gravatar I've had a TracFone for several years without too many problems, and what problems I've had were handled well.

Although not native English speakers, I was able to understand the help desk representatives.

Something has gone terribly wrong at TracFone in the last 9 months though. Every time I add airtime now, my

credit card is billed and the time doesn't show up. It takes many calls and many hours to get the time added.

I've had reps answer and hang up before I could even say a word. I've had the old standby putoff - "The time

will show up in 24 hours." The web site is broken, where I get the message to try again later or "Server Error."

The only thing that isn't broken, is the emails and phone messages telling me that my time is about to expire.

The actual phone service has been good, but getting the service has become more trouble than it's worth.

# Posted By John | 1/25/08 4:12 PM

Cindy's Gravatar I JUST WANT TO THANK "ROB" WHO POSTED THE TOLL FREE NUMBER FOR TRACFONE HEADQUARTERS IN MIAMI (1-800-626-4883). DUDE, YOU SAVED MY LIFE! I had been a very satisfied TracFone customer for 6 years. My trouble also started when TracFone notified me there would be a service upgrade in my area and I would have to upgrade my phone. I received a new phone at no charge but chose to buy a promotional phone which offered double minutes for the life of the phone. I made 6 calls on 5 different occasions and spent more than 5 HOURS talking to customer service representatives at 1-800-867-7183 trying to transfer minutes from my old phone and activate the new phone WITH NO RESULTS. The last rep told me someone would call within 24 hours and I waited 3 weeks without hearing from anyone. I was "disconnected" once, one of the reps struggled with her English and a "Floor Supervisor" was rude but I felt the other reps were powerless to do anything other than repeating what others had done before them. There didn't seem to be any way for the reps to refer technical problems they could not solve. However, I had a happy ending. The representative at TracFone Headquarters was able to transfer the minutes from my old phone and activate the new phone in one call that lasted exactly 23 mintues. If you are having problems, definitely try the number above--GOOD LUCK!

# Posted By Cindy | 1/29/08 2:20 PM

Bamamiss's Gravatar I wrote on 1/16/2008 that I had had trouble purchasing minutes and change of plans using the internet. Also had the same problem with customer service. I finally went to drug store and bought a card to add minutes. I received a call today from Tracfone this afternoon in regard to a letter I had sent them. They offered an apology that they were unable to help me with my zip code problem and they gave me 50 minutes of extra air time. I also explained that part of the problem was with the US Postal Service and that the USPS has made a correction in their data base that would not change my town to an alternate town for zip code address.

The customer service person was very nice and spoke fairly good English with a very heavy Spanish accent. I really recommend writing a letter to Tracfone when you have a problem that you can not resolve. They really want to give good service.

# Posted By Bamamiss | 1/29/08 5:48 PM

Bamamiss's Gravatar After thought: If anyone does write Tracfone be sure to include Tracfone number, home phone number & IME number along with you home address. They called me on my home phone as my Tracfone was turned off


TracFone Wireless Inc

8390 NW 25th St.

Miami, FL 33122-1504

# Posted By Bamamiss | 1/29/08 6:01 PM

aerwyn846's Gravatar I, too, have been a Tracfone customer for several years and have not really ever had any problems...until the switch-over this last fall! I received a new phone, which wouldn't work properly, so Tracfoen immediately sent me another one (received in 2 days). Had a little difficulty activating it, but a very helpful rep was able to help me. Fast forward to January 5 when I had to add more time and minutes. Immediately upon trying to add the time and minuters, the phone displayed "Non Registered SIM", so I called the company. 6 hours of calls later, I am due to receive my 3rd SIM card (not counting the original one) and I still have NO SERVICE!! Today was the thrid time I spoke with an agent who told me that my SIM card was the wrong one. I might add that it has been taking a week to receive my new card. (The first time I was supposed to get one, it was not even sent out. I have been patient and polite to the reps as I realize that the equipment is not their fault but I still have not received any actual service! I will no longer be a Tracfone customer, but I can't afford to lose the money I have tied up in minutes. I am very happy to read that the BBB has helped some of you. They are my next stop. And, after reading about the reps who work long hours with little break, I can not support a company that treats its' workers in susch a fashion. I feel for those reps, after all they are only trying to make a living, but the human rights part of me says "Dump Tracfone".

# Posted By aerwyn846 | 2/2/08 3:02 PM

Josh's Gravatar Tracfone is complete garbage. Do they hire the handicapped? If they can't deliver, then they should just say so. "We are incompetent, please so not call us". Done. There is some lousy customer service out there and I guess that they can be happy that they are on top of the pile. It must feel good to know that they are the masters of something, even if that something might be stupidity.

# Posted By Josh | 2/4/08 4:42 PM

Rep BsAs's Gravatar Hey Guys, remember that you are buying a 10 or 15 dollars phones, not computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are fighting to return Tracfone from Argentina to the U.S, but you will get the same service!!!!!!!!!!

The carriers will be the same!!!!

Tracfone Carriers:


Verizon Wireless


US Cellular

Dobson Cellular

Tracfone depends on these carriers. They usually disconnect the lines.

So, if the company goes back to the U.S the carriers won't change.

So sorry so sad! It doesn't happen in my country!!!!!!

# Posted By Rep BsAs | 2/5/08 10:47 PM

Rep BsAs's Gravatar But anyway. Would u like to cheat Tracfone?


1 Press the menu key

2 go to prepaid

3 select Code Entry Mode

4 Enter any number in the code option 3 times and it will show invalid codes

5 The phone will show Prepaid Service Disabled

6 Call cust service, be nice, understand them, thank them

7 Ask for compensation minutes for the inconveniences...maybe 30

8 They will be very useful

# Posted By Rep BsAs | 2/5/08 10:51 PM

Judi Priest's Gravatar This is for Rep BsAs, who states that we are purchasing 10 or

15 dollar phones....Mine cost me $49.00 us! And it is not

the carrier service we are all complaining about....It is the

customer service representatives that are not empowered to

do anything except read off of a scripted page! TracFone needs

to "TRAIN" their representatives and empower them to take care

of all situations that they can handle like moving units, etc.

# Posted By Judi Priest | 2/6/08 8:22 AM

bcgrumpy's Gravatar Thanks to rob.

I called the 1 800 number in miami. Hopefully things will be worked out in a day or so. I had called the customer service number they give you 5 different times. 4 in one day and they could not help. I know they are working off a computer and telling just what they know. But they only can do so much. The guy in Florida seemed to understand better and hopefully will get things worked out. If anything it seemed like he knew what the heck was going on.

# Posted By bcgrumpy | 2/6/08 9:10 PM

Stan's Gravatar Attention Snowbird Canadians!


This is a perfect example of a brain-dead US company. You cannot buy additional airtime over the web or phone because you can only use a US address and US credit card. The "customer service" (laugh here) is in India (need I say more?) therefore you are exempt from any specials that are offered.

I will attempt calling the Corporate Headquarter number posted earlier in this blog but I am not holding my breath.

# Posted By Stan | 2/11/08 1:09 PM

Betty's Gravatar We had a TracFone for 4 years with no problem until they upgraded. Now we cannot charge the battery on the phone they sent us. We have a one year service contract and 500 minutes of airtime we have not been able to use for two months. My phone calls to customer service only result in being sent a new battery - THREE times and none of them work. It is very hard to try to explain something when the person cannot speak good English and all I hear is "we will send out a new battery ma'am" or "I'll talk to my supervisor" and then get put on hold again. They also send things out DHLl which will not deliver to our area for some reason so that results in another two day delay while it goes through the USPS. I have tried to explain this problem but it is being ignored. I willl now try the FL headquarters number that has been posted here. I hope I have bestter luck with them because I am becoming very frustrated.

# Posted By Betty | 2/14/08 7:54 AM

Rep BsAs's Gravatar This is for Judi Priest:

These kind of problems should be for a 3rd world country.

I am very sorry to read all the inconveniences.

We are all prepared to help customers but you are not prepared to receive help from a different accent person. So, you will really get the service that you deserve. As I wrote before we dont get this service in Argentina.

I agree with you when you say that we will have to be better trained because my training was for 5 days and then we were sent to take calls without knowing what a phone was. But after 2 weeks I knew how to resolve problems when somebody wanted to be helped.

Just to give you more information:

There are only 40 afternoon shift workers in BsAs. You wont have the accent or understanding problem anymore...I am sure that it will work better with Estadounidense Reps!!!!! so sorry, so sad...

# Posted By Rep BsAs | 2/14/08 11:54 PM

Grace Miller's Gravatar I recently bought a Tracfone, when I followed the directions for setting up voice mail, pressing 1 until I got a response, which was from ATT, at which point I disconnected. Should I have followed the directions, will I be charged by ATT or will I just be using my Tracfone units? Any help greatly appreciated.

# Posted By Grace Miller | 2/18/08 1:04 PM

aerwyn846's Gravatar Just an update....

I called the Resolutions number posted above. I was on the phone for less than half an hour. The rep checked the numbers of all my SIM cards and had me try one of the older ones. He took my phone number saying it would take a bit to work on the problem and he would call me back. The next day I received his call--he had programed another SIM card which he was sending to me. Well, it arrived today and I called (and got the same person), we put in a few codes and...voila!...I had service, a phone number, and extra minutes and time for my troubles. I may still change to another cell company, but I applaude the Resolutions line for giving very good service!

# Posted By aerwyn846 | 2/18/08 8:23 PM

Nancy's Gravatar When the phone purchase conversation is getting recorded, don't accept it unless all the terms are repeated during the recording. I purchased the double minute for life

when I got my phone and I haven't had problem with getting my double minutes. Today, I reallized the minutes were not doubled after the recording was finished. After

I talked to there representative about it, they came up with different excuse. First was that I had never purchased this program that the program was transferred and

it was only good for one year when it was transferred from another phone. Then when I talked to the another representative, she said that I had never gotten the double minutes because it was not transferrable. So I asked her to check the total minutes I purchased and total minutes I had talked, because it would show her that I have the double minute

on my phone and I have been getting it since I started using this phone. She then changed the story and said that the computer had an error and gave my two years of

doulbe minutes instead of one year and I had been gettting double minute free for one year. However, the double minute program has always been for life time, at least

that was the one that i was interested in. So the floor manager told me that the double minute program for one year was available two years ago and the double minute

for life was not available two years ago. The representatives also said that the card which has the double minute for life plus 800 min only has the double min for life for

one year not for life. So I told them it wouldnt make any sense for one to buy minutes and double minutes together if they are paying the same for a shorter life of double

min program. Double min for life = 49.99, Double min for life (or one year according to some of them ) with 800 min was 139.99. After I was tired of arguing with them

I decided to not to ask them to reverse the purchase but just to transfer the minutes to my other phone so they could be doubled. That was not acceptable to them neither.

It seemed to me, all they care is to keep the money this time like this is the end of world. I was disappointed by their serviced. They were much much nicer when I

started using tracfone. Has anyone purchased doulbe min for one year before? Was it two years ago? As a consumer, we are the victims of these scams. Tracfone

saves money, don't send paper records although they keep them. So if the consumer dont keep print outs of the details, they can change stories whenever they want

and if the consumer dont keep a copy, they will take advantage of the consumer. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this kind of problem with double minutes.

Do anyone know if there are other options for having a cell phone without a contract?


# Posted By Nancy | 2/19/08 4:54 PM

Rep BsAs's Gravatar This is to Grace Miller:

Hello I was a BsAs Tracfone Rep. Your units will not be charged when it says

AT&T VM. That means that your carrier (tower or line) is AT&T.

You can try to set up the VM from the landline.

Just turn the phone off, call from the LLphone and then just follow the


Try to find the VM number to see if it correct. It should be on the phone.

Remember that the +sign and the number 1 should be at the beginning of

the number.

Good Luck!

# Posted By Rep BsAs | 2/20/08 11:46 PM

SamSung's Gravatar PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME!!!! Why would any rational human being buy a tracfone?? Are you stupid or what? For ANYONE to put up with this rinky-dink amatuerish company is beyond belief. Some of these letters are just plain laughable!! I guess the old axiom is very true ...."there is a sucker born every minute"!


# Posted By SamSung | 2/21/08 2:18 AM

laurie's Gravatar I am another dissatisfies TracFone customer. I have had two phones and for the most part they worked well. The first one was lost and I replaced it. The second one was stolen. I have yet to get an answer on the number when I call and, to my knowledge, it has not been used, which probably means it was thrown away. My issue with the company is hteir lack of service or concern. I have called them twice because I had just purchased a double minutes card and I wanted to have that transferred to a new phone. I was told they could not do it and in the next breath the rep told me if it was a service problem with the phone they could transfer it. So, I said what you mean is you COULD transfer it but you choose not to. I told him I would like to have it noted that for this reason I would NEVER deal with tracfone again. His comment was, if that's what you need to do....

Such wonderful customer disservice...they need to be boycotted and run out of busines..

# Posted By laurie | 2/22/08 11:51 AM

naomi's Gravatar I too was a very uphappy tracfone customer. I posted on this site detailing some of my tracfone woes. I tried

calling the number someone had posted as that of the ceo and believe it or not i got through to him on the first try!

He set me up with someone in the Florida corporate headquarters, the number is also listed here and they were great!

The number is also listed here. Do not waste time on the regular customer service number. Call the one posted

in a few of the previous posts, they will be able to help you. They can transfer the double minute card when the

regular reps cannot. Again, try the Florida number, it's really amazing!

# Posted By naomi | 2/22/08 12:00 PM

bcgrumpy's Gravatar I posted on feb 6 that I tried the number in florida for corporate headquaters. It took a couple weeks to get it fixed but they did it. The man I spoke to was very helpful, like I said it took awhile but they did get my problem fixed. The customer service overseas said there was nothing they could do. So I will keep using them. I was very pleased with the customer service in florida.

# Posted By bcgrumpy | 2/22/08 6:23 PM

Juan BsAs's Gravatar Ohhh my God you are really stupid!!!!

Every Corp Office will be able to fix any problem. We have a lot of restrictions to transfer or to resolve problems!

I will always think that tou still believe in Superman!!! HOLLYWOOD HAS JUST BURNT YOUR HEAD!!!!

They are, as you wrote the CORPORATE OFFICE. They are Reps like us. The difference is that they restrict and can

use and abuse the system.

Thanksfully, we will not have to work with poor customers anymore in Buenos Aires!


# Posted By Juan BsAs | 2/23/08 9:11 PM

Betty's Gravatar He is right, this is for POOR PEOPLE!!!!!!

# Posted By Betty | 2/23/08 9:14 PM

pete's Gravatar i like my tracfone-

i spent $100 - for my f

e58de856, 2008-11-27, 06:54PM CST

I have been wrestling with Tracfone for

2 months. I upgrated my tracfone to the LG and first they could not transfer the old no. to the new phone. Then they couldn't transfer the minutes. Then I couldn't access my voice mail. Then I couldn't access the web. They they decided I needed a different phone. Now I have the exact same phone that they sent me the first time and we are going through the exact same process again (still). I'm on the phone every single day of my life 1 - 2 hours a day talking with reps from other countries who I can barely understand. I'm put on hold for 3 minutes 5 ort 6 times in a single conversation, I am transferred from one dept. to another to another, from one 'supervisor' to another to another to another. The result? I now have 2 cell phones and neither one of them have been activated after 2 MONTHS

of unbearable conversations with robots. I need restitution for all the anxiety I've gone through. I have been angry, in tears, frustrated beyond belief.

52468ee1, 2009-12-22, 12:59PM CST

The Tracfone I had quit working and I bought another Tracfone exactly like the one I have been using. I called on Dec.19, 2009 to have my number and minutes transferred to my new phone. This is Tues, Dec. 22 and I'M STILL WAITING!! I called Tracfone last night and they told me it was taking longer because they had to transfer my number from Cingular. I've NEVER been with Cingular. I've used nothing but Tracfone for the last few years. I told the Tracfone representative the complete background of my situation in my original call. I have a sick elderly dad and we keep in touch on my Tracfone. I'm also expecting an important business call on my Tracfone. Tracfone is not working!! I need my number and minutes transferred to my new Tracfone!!!! How long can this possibly take?!! If there is a class action lawsuit against Tracfone please include me in it.

52468ee1, 2009-12-22, 02:51PM CST

I called 800-867-7183 for a week trying to get my number and minutes transferred to a new Tracfone. (My old Tracfone quit working.) I never had any luck. Every time I called they said, "24 more hours." I found the following Miami phone # on this website (800-876-5753) and called it and they had my phone updated and running in about 20 to 25 minutes.

b432a5e9, 2009-12-27, 09:41PM CST

Make that 203 complaints if mine will count. I have paid for three different Tracfone minute cards. It took 5 days and uncountable hours of frustrating calls and e-mails to the script-reading drones in Bangladesh to get the first two sets of minutes into my phone. The usual minutes I pay for automatically each month were paid for on the 22nd of this month but as of the 27th they have not shown up. The 120 (doubled = 240) minutes have been entered by me and by several (Yutola, Iban, Cherille, Dany, and Dwain) of the script-reading drones to no avail. If the 1-800-876-5753 number is good it is only good between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. M-F. All of the answering machines and voicemail boxes are full (so the machine claims)so I cannot leave a message. The e-mail helpers are even more inefficient. They sent me an e-mail with directions to do the Parameter *#0 dance and to send them the number that appears on my fone screen after the Parameter 30 part of the dance. I did as directed. 3 days and 5 e-mails later I get an e-mail telling me that I didn't include the Parameter 00 number so they cannot help me! Sheesh! If there is a lawsuit going on sign me up, please!

dce11d4a, 2010-01-21, 01:38PM CST

Please visit STOPTRAC.COM to learn more about stoptrac scam policies and law suits which they filed against its customers for buying and failing to activate the tracfones.

It seems that when you buy a tracfone you are binded to a uknown policy which restricts you to fully own your phone even though you paid money for it and paid taxes on it. You can buy the phone, but you are not allowed to resell it and especially make money on it.

ba605c0c, 2010-01-21, 01:38PM CST

Please visit STOPTRAC.COM to learn more about stoptrac scam policies and law suits which they filed against its customers for buying and failing to activate the tracfones.

It seems that when you buy a tracfone you are binded to a uknown policy which restricts you to fully own your phone even though you paid money for it and paid taxes on it. You can buy the phone, but you are not allowed to resell it and especially make money on it.

d158dcb6, 2010-04-05, 09:16PM CDT

tracfone killed my net 10 phone for loss prevention reasons, thats all they will tell me that and i need 2 get a new phone i dont want anything to do with these liars i tried 2 add airtime to my phone and wouldnt let me. they waited untill after the 90 day waranty to tell me all of this. i wanted to talk to the loss prevention department. they said that i couldnt talk to them and wouldnt tell me why my phone was deactivated. this made me pretty pissed at this company i had a em326g which i paid 60 dollars for and i tell anyone that wants a net10 or tracfone not to because of all of this bullshit.

a2de2cca, 2010-04-15, 09:20AM CDT

Good morning,

I am very upset with Tracfone's ability to handle my case.

They have lost my number and I have not had service since Friday 4/8/2010.

I have many, approximately 50, ads running my old number and many contacts from industry shows, swap meets, etc.,who only have this number. This has cost me loss of business not to mention the time, over 10 hours in 4 days, I have lost from my business on the phone with their customer "care" department. And there is a lot more I can ad to this but I just wanted to give you a glimpse of my complaint.

Where can I get more info regarding getting repayment for my losses?

Thank you in advance for you help.

James Burt

fa95fe4d, 2010-05-27, 10:12AM CDT

Want a free cell phone and free 68 minutes per month? Go to SafeLink and fill out the app on line. It is a Tracfone cellular but the problem is that they don't sent the minutes to force you to purchase airtime. The best deal is at Walmart, $30.00 for 1,000 (one thousand)minutes per month. It is called Straight Talk. Forget about Tracfone.

6bb95756, 2010-06-08, 09:25AM CDT

I also am a business owner who has lost revenue because of this companys lack of responsive cust. service. I discovered the number that was given to me by tracfone was ??? 408-1426 when low and behold 1 of my employees call me on that #and can't reach me because it turns out that they reassigned my phone # to someone else ,Icall the 1800 # and explain the situation to them they tell me were sorry we can give you 20 bonous min. for your troubles i guess they think i have money to throw away on busines advertizement. alexis lasalle prop. Greenthumbz e-mail add. [email protected]

5cd111ac, 2010-08-02, 03:27PM CDT

I bought 2 phones and both did not work properly and sucked my minutes up with custumer care and they would not replace them any attorny write me [email protected]

c29cd7af, 2010-08-28, 04:41PM CDT

Tracfone just lost my buisiness TODAY after 5 phones later and years of staying "true" to the company. After 14 days of not being able to have my service straightened out they are "COMPENSATING" me with 20 minutes!!!! This does not include the hours I spent at Radio Shack where I bought the phone and the hours THEY spent trying to straighten out the issue. I waited 1 1/2 weeks for a new SIM card. Tracfone said they mailed that to me FREE. Are they for real??? I work nights in a "high risk" area with no phones in the classrooms. Having no cell phone to fall back on was NOT ACCEPTABLE. Oh, but they want to GIVE ME 20 minutes for my inconvenience. StraightTalk will be the direction I go after I use up my 20 minutes!!! It is certainly clear that these people really care about their customers! I am going to make it my personal goal to get people to switch from Tracfone to StraightTalk. Maybe they aren't afraid to handle situations with consideration and good customer service!!!!!

dcf77751, 2010-08-31, 01:31PM CDT

TRACFONE SUCKS! Since yesterday morning

I posted the below as my profile mood on Face Book


I have been trying to activate my Tracfone but your *IDIOT* people on the phone keep telling me it will be activated in an hour. I wait two and still it is NOT activated. I called back and they said the same thing. That went on until they closed. The last call I made the JERK on the phone answered but was talking to someone else about sex. WTF do you guys even want my business?

4406087f, 2010-09-28, 02:32PM CDT

Only one problem with your solution

Straighttalk IS Tracfone, you will suffer the same outrageous bulls&^%T

ff4f4301, 2010-10-21, 07:56AM CDT

I have been trying for almost three weeks to get my phone in action. NOBODY can seem to understand English, let alone tell my why I can't service. I'm very upset at the phone calls that i've lost, and all the time I have spent calling them for nothing.


I just called and not only am I unable to talk to the supervisor, but they supposedly can't find my number in the system. I am about to call corporate headquarters. I'll let you know what happens.

ce6b790a, 2011-02-01, 10:04AM CST

Don't bother to call the Tracfone customer service line posted below. All you get is another robot who can't speak English that tells you the same thing over and over like she is reading it from a script. She refused to connect me to someone higher. That leaves no choice but the FCC or other agencies. My daughter's phone was stolen and I sent the requested information via registered mail to get the call records so I know which classmate took the phone. They want it on their form, exact same information in my notarized letter. So I go through it all again and then wait 30 days for the information. I have grown to hate our global economy. It's no wonder Americans are so angry all the time.

3380c1ec, 2011-03-30, 07:45AM CDT

Yesterday I filed a complaint against TracFone with the FCC, for what it's worth. Like others, a call to the Miami office results in trying to understand Spanish folks. They try, but it's really hard to understand them. After moving 30 miles away,I lost my voicemail, and they had to change my number. After having it for 5 years and being a contractor, I was not happy at all. I asked if they could leave an automated response on my old number, informing callers what my new number was changed to, and they couldn't do it! Now a day later, I still have no voicemail. I called again, and after 20 minutes of dealing with another dude with a heavy Spanish accent who sounded more like a robot, he told me the only way I could get Voicemail would be to delete ALL my contacts!! I said if TracFone pays me $100 for the hour required to input all my contacts again, I guess it would be okay. Well, he couldn't do that, so I said reimburse me for my 330 minutes at 20 cents a minute, and I'll say "F*** you!" to them forever. Nope, can't do that either. I wanna file a billion-dollar class-action lawsuit against the uncaring, stupid bastards that call themselves a communications company!

1c8988bb, 2011-04-26, 06:56PM CDT

I wish to sue Tracfone. I have paid for services I have not received and spent time and minutes trying to resolve numerous problems. Their customer service department is a joke, most of their people are poorly trained and some of them are downright rude. Their supervisors are no better.

33fe723d, 2011-06-15, 05:49AM CDT

I have The Safelink Program and Unfortunitely choice Tracfone with the 250 monthly minutes. For the last two months they say I received my minutes but I dont. They refused to give me the minutes. So basically they get paid from the government and dont give the minutes or service . Then they dont give us the minutes what a nice way to scam me and the government. Email the "PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION" I finally got results. Dont let Tracfone rip us off!

564a71b2, 2011-07-01, 12:11PM CDT

Tracfone just shut off my husband's phone yesterday 6-29-2011 in the middle of the day. His phone is good until 2/20/2013 and he had 286 min. left on the phone. When he called in, Tracfone claims that the phone was not deducting minutes properly so they shut it off. Now after 3 phone calls to them, I can not get the phone min., date transferred to a different phone. Only the number will transfer. They are taking away all of his remaining minutes. This needs to go to court. His phone is a business phone in a rural area where signal drops.

26a54035, 2011-07-15, 02:48PM CDT

I contacted tracfone customer service regarding my inability to receive picture messages.. Error message:"Retrieving not Allowed"... After spending several days troubleshooting the matter with Nina & Isa, both Managers in the Phillipines and then with Sahara-Miami Corporate Office customer services she agreed to send a replacement phone only if I send the defected phone first. She estimated the entire process of sending the replacement phone could take as long as two weeks. I explained I have no other means of communication if I send the defected phone first. I pleaded with her to send the replacement phone and offered to provide her with my credit card information. If she didn't receive the defected phone back in the mail, the company could charge me for it. She replied, it is the company's policy to receive the defected phone first because other subscribers in the past have not returned the defected phones. In addition, I explained I use the phone for my business and could not be without my phone for two weeks... Still the customer service rep repeated that it is company policy to receive the defected phone first...She would not escalate the call to someone of higher authority to offer a logical resolution to the matter... I write this complaint in hopes this company will do what's right toward their customers...

a820541b, 2011-07-25, 07:11PM CDT

I've hade no problems until of late. However, it seems that over the last few months I have noticed minutes left before a call and the call time at the end of it are not matching up to equal the now left over minutes. Example, just made a call and had 59 minutes before dialing. The call was 20 minutes, total minutes left now: 33 ?????? Ok, seems that one of our math skills are wrong. This has been ongoing now for the last few months, and am not going to continue with this. Going back to a big boy service and the crap they bring. But, at least I get what I paid for. Anyone with this problem? If so, there might be something here.

9b9eafea, 2011-08-07, 04:45AM CDT

Most jurisdictions cost about $60 to file in small claims court. When you win you will be able to also collect your filing fee.

07d482dd, 2011-08-23, 08:28PM CDT

I just made the mistake of buying a track phone for a gift for a friend, I had been on the phone from 4:18 to 6:15 trying to get service, only then to speak to someone who COULD'T speak english. AFTER about 15 minutes asked to speak to his manager they left me on hold and never came back. Pleae make TRAC phone accountable for ripping people off. In CA email

California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) number for TRACFONE Wireless, Inc.: U-4231 California Public Utilities Commission

Consumer Affairs Branch

505 Van Ness Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone Number: 1-800-649-7570* or TDD 1-800-229-6846

*Please be advised that the 1-800 number is an intrastate toll-free number and will not work from locations outside Calif

c01662f9, 2011-10-23, 10:29PM CDT

I was enrolled in a Family Value Plan which has been nothing but headaches. My husband was in the extended family value plan, but in September they charged me for the "enhanced" value plan. Nobody seems to know how he got bumped up to that, and I was told that the excess charge could not be refunded even though I called them on it the day

after it happened. I have had to make extra calls to them when they didn't send the minutes or service days as they should have. When I called them today to inquire as to why they had not credited my son's phone with service days and time I spoke to 2 customer care representatives and a floor supervisor. They tell me that my son's phone isn't on my family value plan. Again, nobody seems to know how it just magically did. I had to give my credit card information at least 4 times even though I stated that I wasn't comfortable doing so. They show that I was charged for my husband's extended family value plan on 10/4 and another amount for the family value plan on the same day but that my son't phone wasn't on the plan then so I have to give them my credit card information and allow them to charge me more to provide his phone to be reactivated and add service days. Pretty good when payment was made on 10/4 and his service days ran out 2 weeks after that. I finally cancelled both plans and demanded a refund. I emailed them my complaint and a list of transaction # and serial # I pulled from their site to prove that I paid for all four phones on 10/4 (I printed that page off from their site). They sent me a reply to call one of their cusomer care representatives. ARGHHHHH! I'm threatening to call the Better Business Bureau instead.

9289c928, 2011-12-04, 10:31AM CST

I to am a small consultanting business owner. I purchased a upgraded phone and went to activate and transfer my phone number for the last 8 years. I called Straight Talk customer service to activate, stated will be active within 2 hours. After many hours still not working,I called back to find out that my number had been de-activated and they could not reactivate it. I explained I did not request my number to be de-actived only to be transferred, I kept getting the same response, with no assistance to resolve the issue, a rebot answer, I have spoken with several persons to include 2 managers. Since this is my business number I said I would just transfer the number with another provider, I was informed since the number had been de-activated I would not be able to. So here it is Sunday, offices are close.

I have written Wal-mart and filed a complaint with the FCC. But, I too am interested in filing a suit, this is my livehood. I advertise my now de-activated number.

Walmart should have some responsiblity and liability for products it offers for sell, and since Straight Talk is only offered by Walmart they should have really ensured the quallity of the product. Why would Walmart enter into an agreement with a company with a poor history and then offer such a product to its consumers?

dave, 2013-01-31, 12:30AM CST

I purchased a Galaxy S2 from walmart for 350 dollars and a service card used phone for personal use only for two months and they deactivated with no warning and I called them only to get the run around and they told me straight out my phone is now useless and they will do nothing to rectify this situation and that i should just by another phone. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and await a response.

Carla G., 2013-05-17, 07:19PM CDT

We thought we would save money by using one of our TracFones with the a Xlink. So we had our land line number ported to our TracFone. Well the whole idea didn't work our too well so we decided to go back to a regular land line with Charter communications again. Guess what, Tracfone has denied the porting process now for over 2 months. Their last call, which I made said the they tried to contact us on Wednesday the 15th of May - non of our phones had any call from "their system" so what's up. I heard the Cingular/Att are the providers of the cell service, are they the one's holding up the process. I have spent almost $200.00 in the last two months refilling our phones due to all the time we have spent on the phone to these companies to get this finalized. Calling the Corporate Office is a joke too as I have been on hold for 10 minutes so far - while I am typing this comment. Anyone out there know of any class action suits that we can get going on this crappy customer service they seem to be expert in?

jane d., 2013-07-05, 05:39PM CDT

I am sooo disgusted with Tracfone. There is NO customer service and they blatantly lie to your face! I called them about receiving a used replacement phone. Not only is it unsanitary but it was obviously USED and repaired! Gross! Would you put on someone else's underwear on if you knew the crotch was replaced?! I talked with 4 reps, 2 of which told me they were "Managers". Each time they transferred me to someone else,and each time I had to retell my story, only to be transfered to yet another! Finally after an hour and 20 minutes, I get a very nice "manager" who apologized and approved a new replacement, but, Of course, my home phone and electricity went out due to the storm we were having-- I lost contact with him half-way through the l-o-n-g wait with him processing the order. So I called back. They had no record of the order nor did they have a manager named "Rodney". I had to talk to 2 more "managers", both were rude and both referred me to someone else and I had to do it all over again each time! Finally, I was shaking and my blood pressure was threatening over the top, they referred me to a manger in their warehouse who said no. I asked to speak to his manager and I was told "there is noone above him" and "good luck getting through to Corporate!" I called the number he gave me and have been on hold now for over 15 minutes! I hung up. Now frustrated, I have a broken phone from HSN by the way (they too refused to help me after being a cusomer since they started), and, a reconditioned dirty old phone. What can I do to be heard? Yes, I would love to join your law suit.

13804ce4, 2013-07-30, 09:00AM CDT

Finally somebody decides to sue tracphone who has been ripping people off with their UNLIMITED DATA.. WHICH IS FALSE IN EVERY SENSE I WANT Mr. CARLOS SLIM OWNER of these prepaid companies either to give me truly unlimited data orb refund me my money for all months

dgcg40 d., 2013-07-31, 01:05PM CDT

I am still goin through it.. I didnt know what was goin on with these phones.. I am being cut off with minutes remaining for no reason!!! Then I have to go out and buy anther phone card, this is crazy..

b7e18313, 2013-08-10, 09:42AM CDT

So my old Tracfone screen went bad on 7/5/13. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it would just be an all white screen I couldnt see anything on the display. I got tired of it working and not working, so on 7/25/13, I tried to upgrade phones. I ordered a new phone from the Tracfone website, cost me $32.10/incl tax. Received the phone just fine from Fedex in 5 days as promised. Went back onto website to put in an order to have the phone number and service minutes transfered from my old phone to the newly received upgraded phone. I was told to wait 2 business days which I did. The instructions told me that when my old phone stopped working, then to power cycle my new phone and it should be active with the same number. I watched my old phone say, "unregistered sim". So I power cycled the new phone, and nothing showed up on my new phone. The instructions said to wait up to 1 hour and repeat steps. So I repeated these steps every hour for 9 hours, still nothing. I call customer service, got routed to the PHILLIPINES (WHAT A NIGHTMARE THESE PEOPLE ARE). After 3 hours of being bounced around and enter this code and enter that code on the phone, finally the minutes show up on the phone, was told to wait 1 hour power cycle and I should have full service capability. I wait and wait powercycle and powercycle, nope, not able to make/receive calls/text. I call back, get place on hold and bounced around for another 3 hrs and more and more programming to only be told, "yep, you need a new sim card." ok understandable, not sure why you would send me a phone that wasnt compatible for the area I'm in, even though when I ordered the phone and had to have it shipped to me, I PUT IN THE ZIP CODE THAT THE PHONE WILL BE USED IN!!! So obviously the company should have sent me a phone with a sim card that was compatible for my area.NOPE!!! BUT, the 1st person I talk to says yeah we will send one out, and it will be overnighted to you. OK GREAT OVERNIGHTED, I CAN HANDLE THAT RIGHT??? WRONG!!!!!!!! Wait 2 business days, no new sim card. Called back, entered my ticket number for the automated recording to tell me that it was undeliverable..what do you mean undeliverable??? I received my upgraded phone via Fedex just fine. BUT customer service and of course I get routed to guess where?? LOL, THE PHILLIPINES, where a person tells me yeah the last person who sent the new sim card didnt put your address in the system. OH WOW!!!!! REALLY?!!?!? SO, 2 hours later after their so called "trouble-shooting procedures", and being bounced around, I get a person who claimed to be a manager. This so-called, "MANAGER", apologizes blah blah blah and says yep we will send you out another one and it will be overnighted to you....OK..COOL...wait 2 more business days...NO SIM CARD...Call back, theres no notation of the next sim card that was supposed to be sent to 2 hrs more on the phone to get bounced to another "MANAGER" who says it has to take 3-5 business days...GREAT...thanks to the last 2 people who lied!!! I wait 5 more days to finally receive the sim card after Fedex screwed up but thats another story. But anyway, I get a new sim card, now keep in mind I haven't been able to use my phone service since the 2nd week of July and today is August 10th..I received the new sim card on 8/8/13, I call customer service the morning I received it, to activate the sim card. Rep on the phone says, wait 1 hr and power cycle phone and everything should be working fine. So I ended up power cycling the phone for 3 hrs, still not able to make/receive texts and calls. I called from work thinking, oh this will only take a few minutes, thinking again that this is a simple error in their system they should be able to get my phone working...So I call customer service AGAIN!!! While being told oh yeah the last person, didnt do this and didnt do that and I can get everything fixed for you....2 hours later after entering codes and more codes, still not able to make/receive calls. I get so mad at this point, I say screw my old number, just get me a NEW put on hold some more, rep gets back on the phone and says ok we gave you a NEW NUMBER...PUTS ME ON HOLD, COMES BACK SAYS TRY SENDING A CALL NOW, IT WORKS GREAT YIPPIE RIGHT????? WRONG!!!!!!!! So I ask the rep, "so what's the new number", SHE STARTS OFF WITH 660....WAIT 660???? THESE IDIOTS generated a phone number with an area code of 660, well that area code is for Northwestern MISSOURI, I LIVE IN OMAHA NE. So anybody who calls me from a landline now has to incur long distance charges...GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! So after another 30 minutes of programming code this and code that, still cant generate a 402 area code phone number. At this point, I'm so upset, I'm now asking for compensation of lost usage time and all the time I have been stressed out trying to get this phone working right. Manager starts off with 30 minutes, R U kidding me LADY!!!! I ended up NEGOTIATING FOR 500 MINUTES. She tells me to wait 1 hr and I should see my minutes....I WAIT 6 HRS AND STILL NO ADDITIONAL MINUTES. I get off from work, get home, I call customer service again to find out where my 500 minutes are and to get a 402 phone number, get bounced around for an hour to get a manager, who says, "there is NO NOTATION of these 500 minutes" that were promised to me!!! So I ended up arguing with this so called manager to only receive 30 minutes, well that 30 minutes doesnt even cover the amount of text messages I now have to send to everybody letting them know my old 402 number is now not working and that I have a temporary 660 number til Tracfone can get this sorted out. I ended using almost 100 minutes total, not including my own personal time it took me to send all these text, trying to get everybody updated. Not to mention when they gave me this new 660 phone number, they never shut off my old 402# so everybody who had the 402# still thinks thats my number when in actuality its not. My friends are pissed because they have been calling my old number for two weeks now and since my voicemail on the old number still works they think I have been ignoring them... Yeah try getting that one straightened out with everybody....NOT COOL!!!!!! SO the Manager says "our system shows the 402# not active. Well if it's not active why when you call the number it rings 6 times and goes to voicemail??? BUT NEWAY, So yesterday, 8/9/13, I get home from work, I get this bright idea that maybe somebody will finally get this right. I call customer service, guess where I get routed to...THE PHILLIPINES....SPEND ANOTHER 3 HOURS on the phone being bounced around while being told no you don't need a new sim card. OK so at this point I'm so frustrated I'm in tears, all I want is a 402 phone number, cant get anywhere, nowhere!!!!! Finally I get bounced to Central America, where I get a person who FINALLY IS ABLE TO LOOK AND SEE THAT I NEED AN AT&T SIM CARD NOT T-MOBILE, IT TOOK HIM 10 MINUTES TO FIND THE PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTION 10 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So just as he is taking my info to send me this new correct card, WE GET DISCONNECTED, so as I'm trying to call back in, he's trying to call me, we miss each other. So I get another person in Central America, who took her 10 minutes to find the problem and find the solution. As she is taking my info we get disconnected again. I try calling back, and now she's trying to call me, WE MISS EACH OTHER AGAIN!!! I call back, well guess where I ended up...yep....THE PHILLIPINES!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT!!!! the idiots in the phillipines transfer me from manager to manager, so after I spent 45 minutes trying to explain to her that I need a AT&T sim card and not a T-mobile sim card. Get put on hold over and over again now we are approaching 2 hours of being on the the phone again cuz she is trying to go through trouble shooting when I told her that this has been done 100 times now and the problem has already been identified, I just need her to take my info and send me the correct sim card...NOPE!!!!! WHAT DOES SHE DO???? CHANGES MY PHONE NUMBER TO ANOTHER 660 AREA CODE!!!! NO DONT DO THAT, CUZ NOW I HAVE TO RE-TEXT EVERYBODY AGAIN THAT I NOW HAVE YET ANOTHER WRONG 660 PHONE NUMBER. OMG!!!!!! SO I GET SO PISSED OFF AT THIS POINT I JUST HANG UP. I'M LIKE 2 PEOPLE IN CENTRAL AMERICA TOOK 20 MINS TO ACTUALLY HELP AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM AND THESE IDIOTS IN THE PHILLIPINES CANT GET IT CORRECT FOR NOTHING. So I get up this morning 8/10/13, call at 7AM to call customer service again...ROUTED TO THE PHILLIPINES *SIGHS*, ONLY TO SPEND ANOTHER 20 MINS FOR ANOTHER IDIOT THAT CANT FIGURE OUT THAT I CANT USE A T-MOBILE SIM CARD, I GET SO PISSED IM DEMANDING THAT HE TRANSFERS ME TO SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING...GUESS WHERE I GET TRANSFERED TO?? CENTRAL AMERICA WHERE IT TOOK A MANAGER 10 MINS TO DISCOVER WHAT THE OTHER 2 PEOPLE IN CENTRAL AMERICA YESTERDAY DISCOVERD...THAT IN ORDER FOR ME TO GET A 402 PHONE NUMBE I NEED AN AT&T SIM CARD, SHE TAKES MY INFO AND ONE IS ON THE WAY AND THAT TOOK HER ALL OF ABOUT 10 MINS OF MY TIME...THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE IN CENTRAL AMERICA.......TO THE PEOPLE IN THE PHILLIPINES...MAY YOU ROTT IN HELL FOR THE STRESS YOU HAVE PUT ME THROUGH!!!!!!!!! I'M CALLING MY STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE. Tracfone located in Florida, doing business in the UNITED STATES but yet using customer service from the PHILLIPINES????? REALLY???? President Obama is correct, BRING OUR JOBS BACK TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grace H., 2013-08-13, 04:32PM CDT

Tracfone cut off my service with 1245 minutes left that I had paid for. I got some female moron who said I had to buy 30 minutes so my phone would be on and I could be signed up again for monthly service. She refused to allow me to speak to anyone else. I did it because I use the phone for emergency only. I am 73 and crippled, so I carry it with me when I leave home. This is a horrible rip-off. I am paying for more minutes than I will ever use and she says I will have to buy more by Sept. even if I have monthly service. HELP!!!!!

ede19922, 2014-05-08, 11:50AM CDT

I would love to be a part of this I have been fighting with tracfone since july of last year and have got NO WHERE and I know for a fact that there are THOUSANDS of people out there who are having the same nightmares. I think we should go after Mr. F.J. Pollak himself because he knows what he is doing and he has his nasty little hands in a lot of pies, but doesn't give a care at all about his customers other than the money they put in his fat pockets.I have been blocked from the tracfone facebook page, but all you have to do is go on their page and read the endless complaints

karen p., 2014-07-19, 06:47AM CDT

yes i been having proplems with tracfone got a new phone all i wanted to do is transfer my number and mins to my new phone whata night mare first time i call to get it fix the lady said she got it straighten out the next day i use the phone not even a hour later i try using it it said my phone no longer in service and i had no mins they were wipe had to call them again the guy try to tell me i had no mins i told him yes i do they were wipe off then he try to tell me there nothing he can do about it well i told him i better get my mins back on cause it was still reading on my account what i had then after yelling at him he finally said oh yes i can what are they told him well he said it will take 15 min to put back on so hung up waited 20 mins then try again same thing call back again go some snobby lady which finally got it straighten out ya right im back to square one again .well some how im gonna fight this i have alot of money put into tis phone and im not done this is freakin redicious once all my mins are used up im done with tracfone. ill pay a monthly bill before i go though this shit again.well thats if i get my mins bad

John P., 2015-02-02, 02:21PM CST

As I read all the comments form all the people about Tracfone I now know that I can top all of them with my story. But it would take about 3 to five business days to tell or write it. Then you have to come back about four times to see it.maybe more. For very bad customer service on a scale from one to ten they get 900000000000. Unlivable. So very disappointed. hour after hour, day after day, week after week month after month. The most horrible nightmare would be a pleasant dream compared to dealing with Tracfones so called customer service. John L. Pellegrino

7cb683fd, 2015-02-01, 04:17PM CST

Tracphone isca ripoff. it shuts my internet down. iwant to be a part of this lawsuit.

Peggy R., 2015-02-05, 02:54PM CST

I'd like to be part of lawsuit. Been customer for over two years n Internet is always getting shut off. When I

Contact them they threaten to cancel my service for over Internet use. Ha unlimited yea right

Deborah U., 2015-02-07, 02:16PM CST

Yesterdeay I got a message from Tracphone that if I purchased a 60 unit card that I would recieve 200 units free. So I purchased the 60 unit card. When I added the units ,I got a message from Trac phone saying that I had to call them to finish my transaction. So when I called them last night,they told me that the code has expired.This all happened within a 4 hour period.So yes I would like to be a part of this lawsuit against Tracphone.I was told if I added the 60 unit card that I would recieve something.That did not happen

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