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Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to submit the following complaint on service I received on

March 7, 2006. I had contacted Mini-Tune Small Engine Repair located at

1801 Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to have a look at my snow

blower. I described to the service desk that the engine was idling up and

down continuously. I instructed them that a new plug was just put in and

new gas was in the tank. I had the carb off to ensure no fuel was gelling

the needle or ports. They take it as needing a tune-up. Okay. The snow

blower was 2 years old and had maybe 30 hours on it (not an old worn out


I go to pick it up pay a $90.00 bill and take it home. I start it up and it

runs exactly as it had when I dropped it off to be fixed. I call the

service desk and talk to the owner of Mini-Tune. He says to bring it back

and he will listen to it. The work performed on the service order states:

New plug, changed oil & drained fuel, greased shift shaft, all drive

components good, belts good, new shear bolt, adjusted shoes & RPM. Runs &

works good.

I returned with the blower on the back of the truck. The mechanic that

worked on it met me outside. He revved the engine a couple of times and

explained to me that is the way these Tecumseh engines run. They will idle

up and down continuous. He also said when I first start it when the engine

is cold it should be idled fairly high until it warms up to ensure the oil

is pumped throughout the engine to prevent the block or piston to blow.

(this advice sounded a little senseless to me). Not satisfied by this, I

had the owner come out and observe the engine running. He said also that

they have had lots of experience with this Tecumseh engine and that they

just idle that way. I said if I would go buy this unit new and start it and

it sounded like this I would be returning the blower to the retailer. He

set a little on the idle screw and revved the engine up and down and said

that is the best they could do. I decided there was not much more they were

going to do except his advice that they could put a whole new carb system on


I got a second opinion at another small engine tune-up shop. They had

stated that no the engine should run smoothly and by starting the engine and

idling at a high rpm when it is cold could result in severe engine damaged.

It is like starting any engine when it is cold - let it idle to warm up not

rev it out. I have not taken the blower into this dealer yet, but they

assure me that they will have it running smoothly.

I wanted to write this complaint as to help others avoid making the same

mistake I did and spending money in return for poor service.

Stay cautious,

Brad (Saskatoon, Sask.)


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