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Posted on Sunday, February 11th, 2007 at 8:42pm CST by 0b9b6d07

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Re: Hewlett Packard Pavilion

I received in the mail 12/2/06 a form from HP that my

son's warranty on his HP Pavilion Notebook was going

to expire on 1/4/07. I immediately phoned 12/19/06 to

extend. Because I was dealing with India, I used a

lower limit VISA card to charge the $119.00 pickup and

return 1 year post warranty and gave the info over the

phone. Today 2/8/07 my son is experiencing problems.

He phoned and is told that the warranty has expired,

he goes through the diagnostics - he can buy a $30.

recovery system that might not work or send it in for

a $400. repair he held off until I could resolve the

warranty issue. I called (2/8/07)when I got

home....and was on the phone with India from 2:30

until 5:19. I never once received notification of a

cancellation via phone, letter, or email (HP had my

correct email). HP has record of my calling on 12/19

and making payment but told me it did not post to my

credit card. I do not check my statements to make

sure each item posted. I have now spoken to Chris,

Jan, then a Susie who took my other VISA (I stayed on

the phone with Susie to make sure my card went

through)to have me pay the $119. as she said the other

credit card never ran...Susie said the warranty was

now in effect from 1/18/07-1/18/08 for pickup and

repair and covered hardware repair and Susie was

suppose to send me a confirmation email....she also

transferred me to Jatin in Technical Services to make

arrangements to send in the laptop....Jatin said he

couldn't do anything for me until I received the email

confirming the warranty....I tried to phone Susie back

and got Jerri...Jerri said he couldn't help me but let

me speak to Michael...Michael then told me that my

recent call to Susie that the warranty had also been

cancelled - I asked how could that happen within a

half-hour and that I had stayed on the phone to make

sure the transaction went through...I asked to speak

to Susie and he said there are too many

Susies...(remember I am speaking to India) Susie never

phoned me back, never sent me an email that there was

any problem with the payment of $119.00 I just paid

which is still posted to my VISA, nothing but I still

have a bum laptop and no resolution. I am beginning

to wonder if this extended warranty stuff is a scam

with HP. Michael assured me that his supervisor would

contact me on 2/9/06 -I made sure to give him my home

number and work that if I couldn't be reached at one

line to call the other...so far no resolution on this

problem....I would like to warn others of the warranty

problems with Hewlett Packard and if I my son has to

buy another lap top you can be it won't be from

HEWLETT PACKARD. If you have a HP already DOCUMENT,




We will now buy and Apple MAC.

Sincerely, Ruth Earnshaw, 517 Longspur Loop,

Fairbanks,Alaska 99709



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