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Posted on Saturday, February 10th, 2007 at 7:58pm CST by 85b327a0

Company: Emerge Credit Card

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Wow! I just went on-line to google the Emerge site, and stumbled upon these

complaints from

people like myself who have been mis-treated by this company "Emerge". I

too, have spent an

unbelieveable amount of my time on hold, forced to talk to customer service

people who barely

speak our language, endured the worst possible customer service EVER, all

from a company I

didn't even choose!! My account was sold, like others from First North

American National Bank,

then Fleet Services and then to this den of thieves, Emerge. My experience

was the same as yours

when they first acquired our accounts, no notice, card declined etc. The

worst was yet to come...

Sometime around August of 2005 I mailed my payment like always, but it never

made it (thanks USPS!!)

I discovered this by chance really, but called Emerge an explained I had

mailed my check as ususal,

(I've also never made a late payment to anyone, including Emerge) and

requested they take a payment

over the phone, which they did. My error was I paid the same amount as the

amount of my lost check.

I also told them I was going to put a stop payment on my original check and

to please note my account.

She said she would. The following month the original check finally showed

up and they put it through,

and of course it came back to them as a stop payment. Here's where it gets

ugly. They said it was an

NSF and charged me a "late fee" a "NSF fee" and reversed the payment they

entered for the check. Not

only did they reverse the credit they entered for the check, they reversed

the payment I made over the

phone as well. So, for NINE months, I sent NINE certified letters, with

copies of my bank statement

showing the debit to them from my account and I got NINE response letters

from Emerge stating "we do

not fully understand your request". I finally gave up!! I was hung up on,

spoken to rudely, and was

forced to endure the worst possible customer service I've ever experienced.

And we pay their salaries!!

I vowed to pay off the card, which I did, and am now looking forward to

cancelling my account. The

last thing I wrote to them was "I will pay off my balance so Emerge will

never make another cent off me"!

And I did. Screw them. If all of us do that, they won't be in business any

more. I went to American Express,

they know what customer service is.....PS. to avoid another incident like

the above, I started paying my

Emerge on-line - then they started CHARGING me 4.95 to do that!!! It's like

they do everything in their

power to make it difficult for the customer to pay on time. AND the only

time I've ever used that

card on-line was to make a payment and the following month I had FRAUDULENT

charges on my

card. I suggested to them that the fraud was perpetrated within their own

company...I am soooo happy to be rid

of EMERGE!!!!


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39dac2cc, 2008-01-27, 08:24PM CST

We had canceled our account over a year and a half ago. It had taken several phone calls to foreigners who didn't understand or could not speak english, but we got it canceled during the week with an english speaking person who confirmed it was canceled. Prior to that, customer service was absolutely horrible - one of the reasons we canceled the card.

...Then on Christmas Eve '07 we received a statement from them - the first in a year and a half, for a $25 annual fee. We called to tell them the card had been canceled over a year and a half earlier, and they tried to sell us on the features of the card. On Jan 20th we received a bill for the $25, PLUS a $35 LATE FEE, PLUS interest.

...Then the phone calls from foreigners started pouring in - over two dozen calls in the first three days. We've told them to stop calling us, but they're telling us that they will continue to call until we pay all of the charges on the card. They are also asking for private information that we refuse to give out. I think this is a fraudulent way to get FREE money from people who are afraid to have their credit destroyed. They are calling our cell phones to try to collect the money.

20ed4da1, 2009-11-30, 10:33PM CST

Emerge is now making it so you do not receive your bill on time. Then they close your account and tell you to pay off the bill and have your account closed. This is a a illegal tactic. I have been a customer for years never missed a payment. This is the kind of company they are. Even when you pay off the bill your account is closed forever. We should all join in a lawsuit against them. This is a scam they created to shut down accounts to everyone. Beware. Craig Wing.

48deeb83, 2010-01-30, 05:43PM CST

I would like to file a complaint! Emerge has the worst customer service . I would like to speak to someone who can speak more than two words. My ex husband and I had an account with this awful company. I called the company once the divorce was settled to tell them its against the law to have any account with your EX. I was told by the court to remove both of our names from any accounts and close bank accounts. My ex husband is the primary holder but my name appears on the account. He has not changed his address from our former home which we were divorced in 2007. I did a change but the statements are not coming to me due to the fact his name appears first and he wont do a change of address. I called customer service and told them to remove my name or his but we could not have an account together and I can by law do a change of address for him . The person kept saying you may not remove your name , you may change the address okay......I said you are asking me to break the law. I would love for America to take back our jobs, give them to people out of work, older workers and disable people who love the USA . I will now have a negative on my credit because I dont have statements and they wont remove my name and they want me to keep my ex on my account. Could someone help me. I am honest and I want to pay the bill or take my name off the account not break the law.

0e2de1c6, 2010-04-20, 04:42PM CDT

I had a debt management company help pay off my account, but there was a credit balance of $2.29. Every company accept for Emerge refunded my money. I have been calling since Sept. 2009 to no avail. They claim they sent the check. No they did not. They will not give you a name of their CEO or the address of the corp. offices. But if I owned them they would bug me forever for a payment. What can we do about this company??? Thanks,


e8dbfec2, 2010-11-09, 08:45AM CST


I just recieved a letter in the mail stating that my account was being closed. They didn't tell me why just continue my payments. When I called them to no advail they could'nt tell me anythig. They said they recieved the payment but that I could never use the card again. I was so puzzled by this I went on line to check out any futher informatoin about this company and I came across the comments that was posted on line. I am very upset and yes I think we should do something about this matter. Harry Steven

e3c51beb, 2012-03-27, 10:46AM CDT

The same thing happened to me. Never got the bill and they closed the account, which caused a negative report on my credit. Maybe we should all sue.

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