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The purpose of this e-mail is to ask all owners of Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge products that experienced problems with purchasing or having their vehicles serviced at Car City Chrysler to write the Daimler Chrysler Customer Assistance Center and lodge a “Five Star” related complaint for poor service and/or sales issues.

There is a letter describing the various problems that I have experienced with our 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Limited Mini-Van below that documents extremely poor service and response from Chrysler Corporation.

Please forward this e-mail to everyone in your e-mail address book. It is only thru the power of individual consumers, like you, that Chrysler will take proper action.

I have not received any response from Chrysler Corporation to date. They have done nothing in attempting to resolve my mini-van’s problems other than telling me to take it to another dealer. How would you like to be told that and then have to drive to another town to have your vehicle serviced even though you have an extended warranty and the place you purchased the vehicle from will not service the vehicle and honor the warranty they sold you?


Even if you have not had any problems yet, how are you going to feel if you do and you are told some of the things that I have been told?


Thanks for your support!

Start of Second Letter Sent to Chrysler Corporation:

Daimler Chrysler

Customer Assistance Center

P.O. Box 21-8004

Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing this letter in follow up to my experiences at Car City Chrysler here in St. Joseph. This letter is a follow up letter to a previous letter that was mailed to Chrysler and given to Cary City Chrysler in addition to a formal complaint that I lodged with your Customer Assistance Center by telephone on January 12, 2007.

First, our family (my wife and I) has owned five Chrysler/Dodge products since we have been married back in 1992. In my opinion we have been fairly good loyal customers to your company. We purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee (Used, in MI), we purchased a Dodge Grand Caravan (New, in MI), we purchased a Chrysler LHS (New, in TX), we purchased a Chrysler 300M (New, in MO from Cary City) and we purchased a Certified Pre-Owned 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Limited AWD Minivan (Used, in MO from Car City). This certainly sounds like the kind of repeat business I would want from a customer if I owned a car company.

Second, our family has generally been pleased with most of the vehicles we have purchased that were Chrysler/Dodge products. We have had some problems with them but nothing to the point that I would have written off ever buying another Chrysler/Dodge product again until we purchased the 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Limited AWD Minivan. We have had numerous problems with this vehicle from day one. A summary of the problems we have had with this vehicle since purchase is provided below (I may not be completely accurate as far as the exact sequence of all of these repairs. I may not have all repairs down as well.).

* The heater did not work when the vehicle was purchased. Please recall, the minivan was sold to us as a pre-owned certified vehicle that was supposed to have had an inspection to ensure all systems were in good working order. I recall the night I made the appointment to have this repaired. I sat in the waiting room for several hours while they tried to find someone in town that had the part since they did not have it in stock. That was my first sub par service visit concerning this minivan. I did complain a little about this when Car City called me about a customer satisfaction survey. I told them I did not think they did a thorough job of inspecting the minivan.

* The next repair I had to make to this vehicle was installing new brake pads this was within weeks of purchasing the minivan. The brake pads on the vehicle were worn down within a mm or so of the wear indicators (the part that would make a noise indicating the pads need to be replaced). I found this out when I had the tires rotated at a tire shop. I personally saw the pads and they were very then. I did not have the pads replaced at Car City Chrysler since I was somewhat upset that there was no mention that the pads were nearing the point they needed to be replaced in the inspection they were supposed to have done on the minivan. Please recall, the minivan was sold to us as a pre-owned certified vehicle that was supposed to have had an inspection to ensure all systems were in good working order.

The above two repairs are the only two repairs that were made right after I purchased this pre-owned certified minivan.

* The heated seats quit working a couple of weeks before I got the recall notice on them and these were replaced under the recall notice. Please note that they did fail prior to me ever being made aware of any recall concerning the seats.

* The alternator had to be replaced.

* The driver’s side electric window motor assembly had to be replaced.

* The passenger’s side electric window motor assembly had to be replaced.

* The driver’s side rear sliding door’s motor assembly had to be replaced.

* The passenger’s side rear sliding door motor assembly had to be replaced.

* Several components in the front in were replaced around December of 2005. Sway bushings, etc…

* The oil pan gasket had to be replaced.

* The air conditioning blower motor system failed and the resistor had to be replaced. This was another one of my poor service encounters with Car City Chrysler. I dropped the minivan off for a nighttime repair. Their shop has nighttime service hours in addition to their regular daytime service hours. I was informed the vehicle would be ready for pickup the next morning since it was a very minor repair. Upon arrival to their dealership the next morning they could not find the ticket on the minivan. The determined that nothing had been done to my vehicle the night before. They fully admitted this. I had a conference call at the plant that I had to attend and I told them I would just bring it back. They said if I could just give them a few minutes they could get it replaced and I would be on my way. Since it was summer time and I had been without A/C for several days already I waited and in no time at all they brought the van out and it was all ready to go and the A/C was operational.

* I had to have one or two of the electronic modules replaced in the vehicle. One was for the air bag system if I recall correctly.

* I have reported on at least two occasions that the transmission slips intermittently. This is when you are driving not when you drop it in gear at idling. Car City has not been able to repair this. It will not act up when it is in their repair shop. Their service manager said, “If it does not make a noise or act up when we have it I cannot fix it”. He said he could check some history codes but other than that there would be nothing he could do if it would not act up while they had it.

* I reported a problem with the minivan idling very rough at startup when it was cold. This usually occurs when the minivan has been sitting outside when it is cold. This again is an intermittent problem. Car City Chrysler was again unable to determine the cause of this. Their statement on this was even though Chrysler says the vehicles have a long tune-up interval the spark plugs may need to be replaced. The statements made about this were to the effect “Chrysler’s statements about getting 80,000 - 100,000 between tune ups was not realistic”.

* The driver’s side electric window still has an intermittent problem with it and will not function at certain times. Car City has been unable/unwilling to repair this. The will not / did not do anything since it would not act up while the vehicle was in their possession.

* The following parts were replaced on the front end during the week of January 8, 2007. Car City had scheduled me in for an appointment on January 8, 2007 to complete these repairs. Their service manager personally scheduled this appointment. I was told that the vehicle would be ready that evening. I was called by one of their service representatives late Monday afternoon and informed that my vehicle would not be ready and they had reserved me a rental car since that was covered by the extended warranty that I had purchased. So I had someone from work drop me off that evening and I obtained the rental car from Car City’s rental car facility that was located across the street. When I got there that evening I was given a slip and told “take this across the street and they will get you set up”. I kind of gave the service representative a dumb stare because he then asked me if I needed a ride across the street. I quipped it is not like I have a car? I was a little upset that my vehicle was not ready and he did not immediately offer to have their driver run me across the street. They have a driver that takes customers home or to work when cars are being worked on. They have taken me home several times. I was again called the next day, Tuesday, late in the afternoon and told my vehicle would still not be ready. The only explanation I was given that it was an AWD minivan and the repairs take longer on them. They told me to just keep the rental. I was again called on the next day, Wednesday, late in the afternoon and informed again that the minivan would not be ready; they said they did not have some parts they needed to complete the work. Please note that all of the parts had to be ordered before I was even scheduled in for the repair appointment and if I was told correctly the parts they said they needed were camber bolts for the alignment. They knew they would need these since I was told that since the struts were being replaced they would have to do an alignment on the minivan and install a kit that would allow it to be aligned. Finally, I was called on January 11, 2007 and informed the minivan would be ready to pickup that afternoon. This was Thursday; it had been 3.5 days since I dropped the minivan off for repairs. I find it absolutely amazing it took them that long to make the repairs since I was told they had ordered all of the parts they needed to perform the repairs and I was told that they should get it done in one day (Monday). Not once during this entire time did their service manager contact me to discuss the situation even though he was and had been previously personally involved with this situation.

























Upon driving the vehicle home the evening of January 11th it was very obvious that the front-end repairs had taken care of the noises I had been hearing. It was like driving a new vehicle as far as the front-end goes. I was pleased at least that their work seems to have taken care of the front-end problems. I was upset that it took Car City so long to get it repaired but at least it seemed to be fixed.

The next morning, Friday, January 12, 2007, I woke up and took my son to school. After I dropped him off, on my way in to work, I rolled down the driver’s side window to wipe off the side mirror and it would not roll back up. I could feel looseness in the switch on the door that was not present in the switch for the passenger side window. Please note it was about 18 degrees outside when this happened. I waited a second or two and tried it again and it started working. I then tried the window several times and it would work sometimes and then it would quit working. I was pretty upset that the day I got the minivan back that the window messed up. I decided I would go by Car City and see if it would mess up in their lot. When I pulled in the lot I rolled the window down and it would not go back up so I went inside and asked to speak to Frank Leone (spelling may be off, he is one of Car City’s managers according to what they had told me before). He came out and we went outside so I could show him the window. Sure enough as soon as I pressed the switch the window came up. He made a remark about it being an intermittent problem and that he did believe me that it was messing up. I was already upset and in hindsight should have never gone to the dealer that morning and I smarted off that I was about ready to get a lawyer since they would not fix the minivan. He did not like that comment and I could tell because he took one or two steps backward. I did not yell at him but I did raise my voice and tell him what am I suppose d to do. He said “don’t take that tone with me”. I repeated that his dealer had given me very poor service and that they were not fixing the window. Things degraded from their and he told me to “ get off of his property”, “ I was not welcome any more”, “Don’t come back”. He told me he was going to call the police. I told him that we could go inside and we would call them together. He could lodge a complaint against me and I would lodge one against him (his dealership). He just kept telling me to leave. I told him several times that his firm had given me very poor service. I also told him that not once during the entire time they had my minivan for the latest repairs had their service manager called me even though he was personally involved in setting up the repairs. Please note that the service manager personally road tested the minivan after they completed the repairs (see attached service paperwork, I marked this with a star on the paper work attached to this letter). At no time did I use any profane or abusive language with him. I did raise my voice but I was not screaming at him at the top of my lungs.

Upon getting to work I called the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center and lodged a complaint against Car City. This letter serves as a written follow up to my telephone complaint.

I am now going to back up and describe what happened the evening I dropped my minivan off to have several things investigated/repaired. This is the evening I gave them a copy of the letter I sent to Chrysler Customer Service earlier. I wanted to have the front end, the driver’s side window, the rough idling, a whining noise and the transmission slippage looked at. All of these issues have been intermittent type issues with the exception of the front end.

I had set up an appointment and was dropping the minivan off that night. Their service manager (Al) happened to be the one covering the desk that night. I told him what I was there for and I gave him a copy of the letter. I could tell by the tone of his voice he was not pleased with me bringing the letter in. He even made a statement to the effect that he was concerned that I was planning/setting something up. I told him from my perspective I had several issues with this vehicle that I had not been able to get repaired and that my extended warranty was starting to run out and I had to do something to protect myself. He asked me to let him drive me home and road test the vehicle again. I told him I did not want to do that. I wanted them to put it on the rack and inspect the front end. He said, “I don’t have to do anything”. That is a quote. He 100% without any doubt said that exact thing. I got upset and told him I would just come back in the morning and talk to a manager about this. We talked some more and I finally agreed to let him drive me home that night and he was able to hear the noise that night. We talked and he said he did not mean to come across the wrong way with the statement that he said, “ I don’t have to do anything”. I told him that I should have the right to have the minivan put on the rack and inspected and if nothing were found bad then I would simply pay the $100 deductible. He essentially was refusing to do that. He insisted upon me letting him drive me home, since I had to be taken home anyway, and test driving the vehicle.

He called me the following day after they looked at the minivan that night and informed me they found several things wrong with the front end and they would have to order the parts for it. We briefly discussed this and I told him that from my viewpoint I was correct that the van did not need to be test driven, it simply needed to be put on the rack and inspected. I also told him that I found it disturbing that parts that they had replaced approximately 14,000 miles okay were already in need of being replaced again (some of the parts were replaced earlier when the front end was making similar noises). He said, “ I don’t make the parts, we just install them”. My response was that it was still very poor. He then stated, “ I can’t really disagree with that”.

My complaints are that there have been far too many problems occurring with this “certified” pre-owned 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Limited AWD minivan. Car City Chrysler maintains that they do not / will not fix intermittent issues unless they mess up when the vehicle is in their possession. They can and will check for history codes or failure codes but otherwise they will not do anything else unless it messes up while in their possession. For some things I can see their side, but on other things I don’t. The driver’s side window should have been repaired. It is easy to see at times that the switch has more play in it than the passenger side switch. I explained this to them but their service manager did not take action on it.

Another complaint I have is that when I bought the minivan from Car City Chrysler there were several spots on the leading edge of the hood that appeared to be under surface rusting. I was not overly concerned about them at the time and I knew they were there and I was satisfied at the time with the overall condition of the minivan. Prior to bringing my 2001 minivan in to have it looked at this last time I dropped by Car City to look into trading it in towards a newer used 2005/2006 Chrysler Town & Country Limited Minivan they had on their lot. They told me what they would give me for trade in and it was less than what I owed on it. I found that somewhat surprising since I had traded in my old Dodge Grand Caravan and had bought the 2001 minivan when they had it “on sale”. They asked me about the spots on the hood during this visit. They asked, “How did the hood get like that”. I told them it was like that when they sold it to me. I explained to the salesman that sold me the 2001 minivan that it had not been very reliable and he told me that I should consider buying a Hyundia minivan. Car City Chrysler also sells Hyundia. He said it was a better value and had a better warranty. I found that somewhat surprising.

When I dropped the 2001 minivan off for repairs that night I asked the service manager to look at the spots on the hood and tell me if they would have been covered under the factory warranty at the time they sold me the minivan. The service manager (Al) informed me later that the rust spots would have indeed been covered by the factory warranty at the time I purchased the minivan. He said that they were no longer under warranty. This was very disturbing to me that Car City would sell me a “certified” pre-owned minivan with defects that were covered under the vehicles original manufacture’s warranty. I was and remain absolutely flabbergasted that a car dealer would do this to one of their loyal customers. It is not like this was the first time we had bought vehicle from them.

I cannot believe this is the type of representation that Chrysler Corporation expects from one of their “Five Star” dealers. I am respectfully asking that Car City Chrysler be stripped of its Five Star status. Does Chrysler allow a Five Star dealer to steer its customers to their competitor’s vehicles? Does Chrysler allow their Five Star dealers to treat loyal and repetitive Chrysler/Dodge owners in this manner?

At this point in time I am strongly leaning towards never purchasing another Chrysler/Dodge product again. I will withhold final judgment until I receive a response from Chrysler Corporation. Depending upon the response I receive from Chrysler, if warranted, I will do everything in my power to tell everyone I come across of my experiences with this minivan and Car City and the way Chrysler responded to my concerns.

One final additional comment in regards to Car City’s service department, the person that took me over to the dealer to get the rental car on Monday night owns a Jeep. She told me on the way over she has had her Jeep into their service shop three times about her driver’s side window and they had not been able to properly repair it as well. I can supply this customers name if desired (I will have to ask her for permission to give her name out first.). We also know of another customer here in town that ended up having to take their Chrysler 300M to another repair shop to have an intermittent problem with their lights fixed. Car City Chrysler was unable to repair their car even though the other repair shop was easily able to locate a bad relay and replace it and the problem never came back.

I am attaching copies of the recent service paperwork to this letter as well as a copy of the original “certified” inspection that they said they did prior to me purchasing this minivan.

I anxiously await your response to these very disturbing problems with this minivan and Car City Chrysler.

End of Letter


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The parts system is broken in the Chrysler corp I have seen the problems that hard working Chrysler corp people suffer because of this please fix this for your people

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There is a terrible problem with the parts system for the Chrysler corp the hardworking employees are suffering due to the lack of quality in the shipping and receiving parts this causes a lot of problems with all dealerships

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