complaint about business practices by thru

Posted on Thursday, February 1st, 2007 at 10:58pm CST by 52f48ffe

Company: complaint about business practices by thru

Category: Other is the business and this is my complaint and my experience with them:

These people at are running a scam through by advertising and selling movies, and possibly other items as well, that are not functional. In my case I bought a movie from them-'Xanadu'- that when I tried to play it failed to play due to the fact that the copy sent was made to play in Japan or Asia only and not for the USA even though it was obvious the order was for the USA. Merchant now refuses to make this right even though he sent an incompatible version which is useless to me as sent and with me having no way of knowing the copy sent was incompatible unless I tried to play it so that I could know the copy sent would not play. BEWARE!!! doing any business with these people as they are shameless in playing this scam.


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