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Posted on Thursday, February 1st, 2007 at 10:28am CST by 51685072

Company: Virgin Mobile

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I got a Virgin Mobile prepay phone about 2 years ago. Last year (January 2006) I decided to go with Sprint because I was using a lot of minutes and a monthly plan with free nights & weekends made more sense. I contacted Virgin Mobile by phone to transfer my account to another

person. I told them that I no longer wanted the service, but that my mother would take it over. My mother also spoke to them to give them her information. All seemed fine until I received my credit card statement this month. I had 3 charges from Virgin Mobile. I called customer service, and they told me that the current phone owner had gone over her

minutes & I was being charged for it. I was informed that even though I had switched the phone over to someone I did not specify to take my credit card off of the account. 1-I don't have never heard of someone having to say "take my credit card off of the account" when they cancel

& 2-I had only ever used my card for one-time top ups, so my card should not have been saved on file. The customer service rep told me that she could not refund my card, but that she would forward my info to her home office. They would either refund my money or contact me in 48 hours. 5

days later I contacted them again to ask why I had no refund showing on my account. This time I was told that there was nothing showing that any refund was requested. The woman helping me then told me that her computer had frozen so she would transfer me to the sales department

because they would be able to issue my card a refund. The girl that I then spoke to was rude and incompetent. She stated that she would not

issue me a refund because the minutes had been used & it was my fault that I never specified to take my credit card off of the account when I switched it to someone else. Her exact words were "there's nothing I can do for you honey, looks like you'll have to suck it up!" She was extremely unprofessional & condescending (I can't believe that she

called me honey). When I asked to speak to her supervisor she LAUGHED and said "fine, but he ain't gonna do anything for you." Her supervisor was very nice, but still refused to issue me a refund. He said that he agreed that my credit card should not have been charged, but since the minutes were used he could not do anything. He then suggested that I contact my bank, which I did. My credit card company immediately issued me a refund, saying that they were not even going to make me wait for the dispute to settle because Virgin Mobile is without a doubt at fault.

So after spending about 1 hour on the phone with 4 different people at VM I got no result, but after 5 minutes with my credit card company I got my refund. It seems like doing a charge back from you credit card is the only way to get anything resolved.


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