Rockaway Bedding Queen Mattress Set Poor Customer Service

Posted on Thursday, February 1st, 2007 at 6:15am CST by bf710536

Company: Rockaway Bedding Queen Mattress Set Poor Customer Service

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Item Originally Purchased: Stearns & Foster Queen Chateau Tivoli Set

Date: 11-2-06

My wife and I went to Rockaway Bedding in New Windsor NY in Oct 2006 to look at mattress sets. We purchased a Stearns & Foster Queen Tivoli set on 11-2-06. It was delivered on 11-5-06 without incident except one of the men who delivered it smelled so bad of liquor that my bedroom smelled like a bar for about 2 hours afterwards.

Long story short, the bed that I purchased felt nothing like the bed I sampled in the store. Once the mattress protector and sheets were put on at home, the bed felt very hard. I was looking for a soft bed and the S&F that I was delivered felt hard and uncomfortable. I clearly understood the "satisfaction exchange" and the "adjustment period" as I did carefully read the back of my order papers. I waited a few weeks to allow my body to "adjust" to it and then I called Customer Service. They were polite and told me they had to issue a credit to a Rockaway Bedding store in my name where I could go pick out a different set, minus the $179 removal and redelivery fee which I knew about and did not have a problem with. I told them I would rather go to the store closer to my work so I could run there at lunchtime with my wife (we both work in the same mall in retail and only had one day off a week since it was now Dec) and pick out a new set. They issued the credit to the Central Valley NY store, which might also be known as Harriman NY.

I picked up my wife on her dinner break on 12-4-06 and we went to the Central Valley store at 3PM. It was closed tighter than a drum and the lights were out. There was no note on the door. We called Customer Service and told them we were standing outside their store on our dinner break in broad daylight with posted hours and that they were CLOSED. We were told they probably ran to get something to eat. I told them I didn't think so since all the lights were out and there was no note. We sat there until 3:45 when we had to go back to work. Never got anywhere with Customer Service other than the District Managers voice mail. We left 2 messages on his voice mail over the next 2 days asking for a call back and never received one. We also emailed Rockaway Bedding through their site and never heard from them. This is VERY POOR customer service. I paid $1404 to this company and can't get a return phone call explaining or at least apologizing as to why their store was closed at 3PM in December? A few days later I again called Customer Service. They were polite and told me "I WILL have him call you back" and we gave our name and #, but again heard nothing. I told them there should be some kind of compensation for driving to their closed store and wasting my entire dinner hour. She said there was no way she could waive the $179 redelivery fee or refund any of the $129 that I lost. (The new set that I picked out was on sale and I wound up losing $129 in the deal).

All in all, this was about as stressful as buying a new car. I thought the situation was handled poorly. Actually, it was not handled at all since I still have not heard from the District Manager and I never will. If my store didn't open because I didn't show up, my head would roll straight out the door. Here it seemed like no one even knew (at 3PM!) and no one cared.

We wound up going back to New Windsor where they were able to process my order there. What I now find interesting was that our original salesperson in New Windsor had a book that he showed us with a bunch of "complaints" from consumers from all his competitors and none from Rockaway Bedding but when I found this site there are no less than 20 complaints against Rockaway Bedding. As someone who has been in retail for many years, I felt insulted that the Customer Service dept did nothing but try to pacify me as I got passed around and handed voice mails of District Managers who didn't return my calls to even offer an explanation or an apology. Next time, I will take my $1400 somewhere else. Very rude.

Don Harkowsky


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