Wave Tec Pools - Potentially fatal flaw with hydraulic system

Posted on Sunday, December 9th, 2007 at 5:56pm CST by fe2b86e3

Product: Infinite Pool

Company: Wave Tec Pools

Location: Georgetown, TX, US

Category: Other

This is to address anyone who has purchased, is mid construction, or is in a legal dispute with WaveTec pools...

My first phone call on Monday morning will be to a "Lemon Law" attorney in Texas.

If you think your problems getting the stupid thing constructed have been a nightmare... just wait.

The hydraulic system leaks hydraulic fluid into the water as well.

We purchased our pool in May 2006. It was June 1, 2007 before the pool was fully constructed and we were ready to swim! By August 2007, I started noticing a black "grease mark" along the edges and near the skimmer. I removed the screen from the current machine to find that the metal couplings had orange and yellow goop all over them, and that the underside of the screen was coated in oil.

This is more than an inconvenience... My children swim in that pool, a petrochemical like the hydraulic fluid can cause deadly chemical pneumonia (if you haven't heard of it, it is why there are now safety caps sold on baby oil products.) All children will take a nose-full of pool water from time to time. This is a very serious threat to anyone who swims in these pools where the hydraulic fluid has leaked.

Wave Tec people have tried to tell me that it's a problem with Flagstaff water, and that our hard water is causing excellerated rusting of the couplings and that's why it's leaking.

I'm a graduate student at NAU, and the Chair of my department is the foremost Hydrochemist in the region, and he has assured me that's the most rediculous thing he's ever heard.

So, like you, I'm venting on this site, I'm out many thousands of dollars too, I'm disgusted by their business practices, and I will go to any length to get my money back and do what ever it takes to put these people out of business.

Luckily, Texas' "Don't mess with..." reputation bodes well for all of us in that their Lemon Laws are among the most consumer-protecting in the nation...

Welcoming any input... Jenno.


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