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Posted on Sunday, December 9th, 2007 at 2:44pm CST by 4684e82f

Product: Filter Forge

Company: Filter Forge

Location: 901 North Pitt Street, Suite 325
Alexandria, VA, 22314, US


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When I first encountered Filter Forge, I was in awe! A truly new marvel to play with, and to use it on graphic projects for my clients.

I spent several months after buying it, playing away and trying to make my own filters to share on the massive free online library. When I started sharing my first filters, I decided to join in the forums as well. And that is when all the enchantment I had with Filter Forge DIED!

Pages upon pages of paying customers being bashed, publicly defamed, and authors inciting others to do the same, for using the software! An unbelievable ill-mannered and appalling list of accusations to the unsuspecting customers that coughed up almost $300 for the use of the software!

According to the majority of the free filter authors, I would be considered, and I quote "a parasite", if I used their filters for commercial profit. I find this to be quite offensive, specially since authors gave users permission to unrestricted commercial use, as I did with mine. And what I also found most unreal, is that one of the administrators and spokesman for Filter Forge, Vladimir Golovin, not only allows this public persecution, but enjoys the term "parasite"!

Freedom of speech is one thing, but they even go to the point of posting users business websites and accusing them of all sorts of things. The amount of slander, libel, defamation and interference with business relations that goes on in there is unbelievable! Perhaps what these "good" people are not aware of is that their behavior is totally illegal both civilly and criminally. Not to mention highly unethical! They could very well be sued and the damages would be considerable. Also Filter Forge would most likely be tied in the lawsuit as an offending party, by allowing this blatant defamation and illegal behavior.

If this is the kind of behavior one must expect from buying and using the software as per agreed EULA, I am seriously considering asking for a refund on my purchase. Not to mention add a big sign on this software stating "Approach with Caution."

The fact that this company allows their consumers to be treated in such a manner, is at least unethical! This could very well turn into a business nightmare for unsuspecting designers!


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1e2139df, 2007-12-11, 03:19PM CST

Sounds to me that that company doesnt really care about its customers. I think you should ask for a refund, before they come after you as well.

f6e02f1b, 2007-12-28, 06:29AM CST

Your complaint is quite biased! All the fuzz started because people started selling renderings based on unaltered presets they didn't make. Presets here are not just "presets", its more like independent works - work that the texture selling business thirdparties claimed copyright of.. I can understand why the filter authors/artists don't consent this practice. That Filter Forge now officially is trying to get around this flaw in the license terms, is only a good thing.

However that certain individuals got bashed and defamed like you describe is not right, and it seems that Filter Forge removed all direct references and improper language.

You should not blame Filter Forge - its the community members/users that are behind all this, and what your complaint really end up saying is that free speech is not ok.

fec46227, 2007-12-31, 07:33PM CST

There are hundreds and hundreds of cutomers whom are contributing filters to the Filter Forge library, and very few exploiting those filters in unethical manner, for profit, without contributing anything on their own.

Filter Forge appears to want to protect numerous contributing customers, and weed out a handfull of bad apples whom are exploiting this, and by this exploitation chasing away contributors.

Proposed changes in Filter Forge EULA will not prevent a company using Filter Forge in an ethical and profitable manner.

It will only prevent leechers trying to take advantage of images that were 99% someone else's effort. Original complaintant must have been one of those, considering a distorted manner in which this complaint is presented.

Anyone in doubt whether the complaint is a distortion or not should visit Filter Forge Forums, and see for themselves.

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