Posted on Sunday, December 9th, 2007 at 11:42am CST by 2610f017

Product: 50 inch Panasonic Plasma TV model TH50PX75U

Company: Circuit City

Location: 1812 Randall Rd
Algonquin, IL, 60102-5925, US


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My husband Neil and I purchased a 50 inch Panasonic Plasma TV on December 1, 2007 from Circuit City in Algonquin Illinois. We had been in the store a week earlier looking at all the options. We finally decided on the Panasonic. They asked if we were going to take it home. We were so excited with the prospect of the new TV we said yes. In hindsight we should have had it delivered. But that was never offered as an option. We also did not ask. The TV was too big to stand upright in our Jeep. So the two guys that helped load it said it could lie on its side since we were going a short distance. They said just stand it upright and do not use it for about 20 mins once it is upright. I told them no problem because we were not going to install it until later in the week because we needed to get a stand and the new HD receiver from Dish Network. We did not look at the TV before we left the store. We bought it in good faith and figured they would stand by their products. That was an error in judgment on our part.

We got the TV home and I pulled my car out of the driveway so Neil could back the jeep into the garage. We put up one of those sturdy rectangle folding tables that you see in schools or churches. We pulled the TV out of the Jeep on its side onto the table and then put it upright on the table. We then moved it into the house into the family room. That is when I noticed on the box it says to not lay it on its side. We should have opened it then but we did not want the TV exposed until it was when it should be. The TV stayed in the family room until we could purchase a stand and schedule Dish Network to come out and change our receivers. We kept the TV in the box and did not want to open it because we figured until we were ready to set it up it was safe in the box. On Sunday we purchased a stand and put it together on Tuesday. Dish Network was scheduled to come on Friday the 7th. Finally we were going to pull the TV out Thursday night. My husband opened the top of the box. He pulled out the Styrofoam packaging from the top. He then pulled out the pedestal box and the box with the remote. He put together the pedestal and we were getting ready to pick up the TV when we took down the protective wrapping. That is when I noticed that the interior panel was broken. It was upsetting. It was too late to call the store. So we were able to reschedule Dish Network and Fire Dog. They were then coming a week later on December 15, 2007. So I figured that I would call Circuit City and they would replace the TV.

I was very wrong. I contacted Circuit City at 10 am on December 7, 2007. I was told I would have to wait until the manager got in. He was in around 1pm on Friday. They would have him call me. Well he did not. It was another person at Circuit City that called. He said they could not take back the TV and that Panasonic would have to come and evaluate the TV to see if it was a factory error. At this point I was so upset I said a few expletives and was told that swearing was unnecessary. I did apologize and said I am just so upset that you are not replacing the TV. I said I wanted to talk to the manager. The manager said they can not take back the TV because they have to have it evaluated first. I told him that we did not do anything to the TV and that we should have looked at it in the store to make sure it was not broken. I asked why they did not show us the TV after we bought it to make sure it was not broken from their end. He said we can not open everything before you buy it. So I asked him how do we know if it was broken before it was loaded into our car. It was then implied that he does not know if it was broken after it left the store. So now we are at a stalemate. He is contacting Panasonic to come and evaluate our TV. At this point we are at their mercy. I have a $1700.00 TV that is broken and basically I am being told that because I brought it home that I am at fault. Otherwise my TV would be replaced and I would be watching it today, with the surround sound we had purchased also. So we are now waiting to hear from the Panasonic field rep. So they can come out.

I am not satisfied at all. So I contacted the Circuit City 800 number. I spoke to several people because I was disconnected from the first call. They told me that I had 30 days to return it. I told them that the store manager would not allow me to return it. They could not believe that. They told me to take the TV back to the store and return it. They have to honor the return policy. I told them that they need to tell that to the store. Because now I do not want to transport a broken TV and have them say that I did not repackage it correctly unless I am sure the store would take it back. So they called the store that was where I got disconnected. I called back and they got through to the store. After talking to them they went back on the return policy and said it was the discretion of the store. Now I have to wait for the evaluation. At this point the manager is not retuning my call. Since we do not have a working TV and Circuit City does not believe in customer service on a store level, we returned the cables and surround sound Friday evening after talking to the manager. We also canceled the installation of the surround sound. Because we are already going to be out $1700.00 we did not need to be out an additional $850.00. Since there is a time limit and they can pick and choose what is returned. We did not want to be taken advantage of any more than we already have been.

I am not giving up. I called back on Saturday December 8, 2007. I spoke to the manager of the TV area. He was apologetic that I felt that they were blaming us for the broken TV but they have to gather all the information before they can make any decisions. But he would call me back after talking to the manager I had talked to the day before. I never received a call back.

After talking to Circuit City I decided to try Panasonic back. Now I am very upset because I thought that we were scheduled for a Panasonic rep to come out. But nothing was scheduled. So now we have to wait 3 business days to even have anyone call us from Panasonic to set up an appointment. Now it is Christmas and I have a 50 inch TV in its box in my family room along with the TV stand and our old consol TV. I am unable to decorate for the holidays because my house is upside down waiting for some one to tell us what is going to happen. I do not know what else I can do. We were given defective merchandise and we are paying the price.


Maude Oehlerking

Huntley, IL


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2610f017, 2007-12-12, 08:38AM CST

Since having this posted I have finally talked to the store manager. He we very understanding. He is having a new TV sent to my house. They will pick up the old one and they are paying for the delivery. I do not know if this site helped or not. But if I have any other problems like this I will post them. Thankyou for having a site that makes us feel like we have some control.

67205450, 2008-02-28, 09:01PM CST

This is so typical of Circuit City practices. All I can tell you is never give up. They try to wear you down so you will just stop trying. I am in the middle of this process right now and intend never ever to give up until I get my refund.

597ead58, 2008-05-31, 10:20AM CDT

I was very surprised to read this complaint about Circuit City. It must be related strictly to the store where this consumer bought the television. My local Circuit City store (Winchester, VA) is absolutely, unquestionably, outstanding in both customer service and price. In fact, if it's electronic and the item can be purchased at Circuit City, Winchester, I would not even think about going elsewhere. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences, but mine have been completely different.

01ebb2fa, 2008-07-17, 07:13PM CDT

i bought the panasonic th50px75u at a circuit city in new orleans, LA. It was a floor model that i was told was taken down after two months. it is missing the stand but i got it for 850 dollars so i said okay...i figure even if i have to buy a stand it is still a good deal. so i get the tv home and its broken. i didnt want to return it bc it was a good deal so i contact panasonic for the one year warranty. they send out a local company who did a great job and now it works and is brand new basically. i am satisfied and feel like i got a good deal on the tv...i have a feeling that circuit city was trying to screw me but who cares, it worked out.

83f7627f, 2008-07-23, 07:56PM CDT

That's quite unlike most of the Circuit City stores, at least in the Southeastern Region. If we have defective televisions, they are return and swapped out in-store, as long as it is within the return time period. The only exception is if the customer is responsible for the damage and didn't purchase the accidental warranty. The fact that the warehouse personnel actually allowed it to be laid flat as a plasma is horrible though.

82096c16, 2009-01-18, 02:54PM CST

me and my grandma went to the same Circutcity and Bought a brand new Toshiba 42 and we got home, and we where going to open the Tv next day because we had to go to some other place that day and next day when we opend the box and set up everything and when we pluged it in whole bottom screen looked like it was abused.

60d35ab3, 2009-02-07, 11:57PM CST

We have the same problem. We bought a TV today, got it home, opened it up and the screen is cracked and we can't even turn it on.

Circuit City said we bought the TV as is and should have tried it out in the store (even though their guys loaded it into our truck in a new box).

American Express won't help us either because they said that we didn't break it. Had we tripped coming into the house or something, it would have been fully covered and refunded.

They suggest I dispute the charge on my credit card, so that is my only recourse.

I am so angry. I am spitting nails right now!

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