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Posted on Friday, December 7th, 2007 at 5:40pm CST by 405575f8

Company: FedEx

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Back on November the 23rd I ordered a copy of Office 2004 and an iMac online from the Apple Store. The whole process was fairly painless and order was placed without a hitch. I placed the order through FedEx Ground and Apple shipped the stuff (in two separate packages) on the 24th of November. That's where this nightmare began.

Both boxes shipped from Apple and arrived in the FedEx shipping facility in Bell California on the 24th of November. The smaller box (carrying Office 2004) shipped and was in my hands by Nov 27th. Checking the tracking for the box containing the iMac, however, showed "At local FedEx facility". I waited 5 days and on Nov 28th decided to send FedEx an email asking them the status of my package. They initiated a package trace and didn't hear from them for 24-hours. Emailed them again on Nov 29 telling them that I had now been waiting for 6 days for the package to arrive but instead of an update I received the same canned response, "Please be assured that as soon as information becomes available, FedEx will contact you." Again, they never got back to me. Finally I called FedEx customer support on Nov 29th, and the support rep said, "Your package cannot be found at this time." He suggested I call Apple to initiate a claims process.

Luckily though, Apple was extremely helpful and had a replacement shipped to me overnight. If anything Apple kept this from being the worst online shopping experience I've ever had.

FedEx unfortunately gets a big fat "Fail" for their ineptitude in this whole fiasco. With the ease with which one can track packages through FedEx's website one would think that they would be able to keep track of stuff in their own facilities. As of this posting date the tracking info (005794532707647) still shows the box stuck in Bell, CA. My guess is that the iMac was either lost or stolen.

This will probably be the last time I'll ever use FedEx as a parcel service. It is utterly ridiculous for a company to lose packages while in their own warehouses. In all the 10 years that I've been shopping online this has to be the absolute worst experience I've ever had with a parcel service, thanks to FedEx.

FedEx is, in my opinion, an untrustworthy, irresponsible and unreliable company when it comes to the shipping of packages.


2d78ae7a, 2009-11-01, 10:23AM CST

I am now having a similar problem...

I was promised a delivery by Fedex Ground, but the vendor decided to use "Home Delivery" (aka "Home Service") to punt my products to me. The package is 'stuck" at Bell, California. Fedex has told me that the package was out for delivery and would be at my door, but I can't find anyone to figure out where my package is. One rep. says, "your package is out on a truck..."; another says, "your package is at the station; and finally, another one says, I can't contact anyone there, but I'll leave a message for them." When I ask if I can contact the station, I'm told, "we have no direct line to them."

Last time I ever use Fedex "Home Service/Delivery."

BTW, I've had excellent luck with UPS 3day, 2day, and overnight.

So, just say know to Fedex Home Service -- it sucks!

895f2abc, 2010-04-29, 02:14PM CDT

Federal Express states they delivered my package to the right address, it was not. The recipient claims it was delivered to his address. My package was dropped off and opened by the recipient, and after 5 days failed to properly return the product to Fed X, but left it on my porch opened. It is an invasion of my privacy by opening the product and keeping the package for 5 days. The box is clearly marked with my name, address and phone number. This is mail tampering and should be governed by federal and state laws as with USPS. Federal Laws view this as a felony crime punishable by a 5 year prison sentence.

However THERE ARE NO LAWS PROTECTING THE CONSUMER FROM FED X or UPS from tampering, opening, or misdelivering packages.

This is a felony crime that equals theft of my personal property. The box was clearly labeled as mine; there is no excuse for opening it, and not returning it to Fed X as recommended by the company. In fact opening the box is an intentional act when marked clearly, and retaining the product for 5 days is theft. This should be prosecuted by the Dearborn Heights PD, or the federal government.

Federal Express is responsible for the safe delivery of my product and the driver is responsible to confirm where it was delivered. (THE DRIVER DOES NOT REMEMBER)If in fact it was delivered to a wrong address, then the recipient is bound and obligated to return it to Fed X. There should be an explanation as to how it got to the other address. If you receive a package not addressed to you, who decides to keep it or return it? It is not finders keepers.

Someone is responsible for this, and needs to take responsibility and pay for their mistake. Theft of a package from the porch of another resident is just that, theft and punishable. The recipient states, "they received the package from Fed X, opened it, and kept it for 5 days".

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