1sthostweb - 1sthostweb.com has zero customer service

Posted on Friday, December 7th, 2007 at 4:21pm CST by mark

Product: webhosting

Company: 1sthostweb

Location: 11210 Steeplecrest Dr. Houston
HOUSTON, TX, 77065, US

URL: http://www.1sthostweb.com/

Category: Internet Services

I have tried in vain to get decent communication from them.

They cannot get web hosting administrator names correct, billing correct, and when they do bill: it always comes with a threat to turn off the website unless payment is made within 48 hours. Of course they notify you at the 48 hour mark.

You can call their 'phone' number all day long and it's nothing more than an answering machine diverting you back to their website, where emails go unanswered.

When you do get an email they are clueless as to your issue,

regardless of how detailed you were in your email to them.

They are not accommodating whatsoever, have little attention to detail, and do not pay attention to information given to them in the simplest terms.

They fit the adage: 'I'll type slowly becuase I know you read slowly.

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54d96f42, 2008-02-08, 12:15PM CST

I don't think you are responding correctly using their support link on thier site. They have techs available 24 hours a day that have always been helpful to me.

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