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Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2007 at 7:46am CST by 75be8826

Product: Tubal Reversal

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I had a tubal reversal surgery done on 10-13-2005 in Clearwater by Dr Sanchez and Dr Zbella. To my findings from my gyn on 8-27-2007 my tubes were ruined after this surgery. The Drs gave me a consult the day of my surgery describing what method of tubal reversal they would perform on me (even drawing me a diagram showing how they would reconnect my tubes ); however, they performed a total different surgery without me or my husbands consent. Dr. Sanchez states when he went in I had a totally different tubaligation done from what my previous DR. described in his op notes. However, Dr. Sanchez failed to order my pathology report which would have given him the true diagnosis of what tubal ligation was performed on me. This particular information he needed was included in the pathology report. By not finding this out caused my surgery to fail and the Dr performed a total different surgery on me. I did not get a surgery reconnecting my tubes, instead I got a total different surgey. I would not have opted for this type of surgery considering the success rate. I would have selected another option, being I was a self pay. This cost me $6500 plus room and board, a lot of pain, anxiety, false hope, and 4 weeks off from work because I did not heal to where I could go back to work in 10 days. I am devastated because my fallopian tubes have been ruined from this surgery. I have scar tissue from the type of surgery he performed and my tubes are now completely blocked, both of them beyond repair.

I have tried to work this out with the Dr. asking for a refund of some sort so that I can visit another infertility doctor for an IVF procedure or to see if this procedure somehow can be corrected by another doctor; however, after a second opinion by a reputable Dr. in Kentucky (which even took his personal time to call me) states it is almost impossible to correct because Dr. Sanchez did not perform the procedure correctly from his findings. Dr. Sanchez will not give me a refund just a $3000 credit to use his services again for IVF. I was quite uncomfortable because this DR. did not give me any followup care or not even a phone call at the hotel or when I arrived home after my first surgery. Oh....and not to mention he didn't even talk to me after the surgery...I would think this is very important being I received a total different surgery. I had to decipher it all from my husband. I had a empty feeling inside as if I had been robbed. Anyway, I did not know where to turn because I am still desparate for his services which will cost me and additional $8100 for IVF with the $3000 credit they are giving me, totalling $11,100 for IVF. Oh....I sighed at the cost of $8,100 and the Dr. told me back in 9/07 during a phone conversation...It's not like this additional money was going to pay his house note or anything...VERY SYMPATHETIC OF HIM!

After a lot of praying my partner encouraged me to go ahead with this doctor since I have a credit with them. I was scheduled for injections to start my IVF procedure on 12.17.2007 and had completed all my labs requested by them costing me additional fees. Being this Dr. never gave me and my partner a consult. My partner had a few questions wanting to know what is expected of him as far as what labs/test will be needed from him because I did not really know being I had no consult. So, I gave the nurse Tracy his number to call him and answer his questions ABOUT THESE SPECIFIC TESTS. As she spoke to him, he said she was very nonchalant and cold to him with no type of compassion. He described feeling as if he was being hustled by a used car salesman. He says he has never felt so uncomfortable before by someone he was going to be paying some of his money to. He also stated that she told him that I was married, and that my file states I am married to XXX XXXXXXX. He advised her that, that is my file and this is something she should have questioned me about. Anyway after this he definitely does not want to use their services and I now have to seek another IVF Doctor which I am sure is the best decision. Because now, he is not comfortable with them either. Also, for the record I am not married my husband is deceased!! Which is in a letter I sent to them on 8/27/07 when I found out the devasting news from my HSG.

My questions:

Am I entitled to a full refund from my surgery?

Are they liable for destroying my tubes by not ordering my pathology report (which includes the information they needed) being they were performing a surgery?

Is this breech of confidential information in my file about my marital status?

Mind you I wrote a letter to them stating my husband was killed in a car accident, I am widowed. If I was her main concern, she would have known that because all this information is in my file from a letter I sent then on 8.27.07. Please advise me of these issues. I don't know what to do. I still desparate seek the services of an infertility Dr. but I have money tied up with this doctor who will not give me a refund to move forward. I am 38 years old and I need to do these services as soon possible if I plan to have another child. What do I do from here? My next step is to report them to Agency For Healthcare Administration if this is not resolved immediately!!

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fc5269e8, 2011-11-01, 03:33AM CDT

finally saved the money for a reversal and this is very helpful...Thank you for putting your story out there so we are not blind to this kind of behavior.

I will make note if this doctor and advise my friends who are looking for a good fertility doc, to be aware of this company...Thank you and I am sorry you had to go thru all this.

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