Chase Oaks Apartments - Poor Apartment Management

Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2007 at 5:41pm CST by 9b648b39

Product: rentals

Company: Chase Oaks Apartments

Location: 7816 Southside Blvd
Jacksonville, Fl, 32256, US

Category: Other

It seems that management by threat tactics takes presidence over good management. Chase Oaks Apartments may have a revolving door when it comes to management. The manager that is whith this apartment complex is the worst yet. As time goes by it seems that all they want is short term and destructive residents. It is known that there are what some call halfway houses for released convicts or people with some kind of criminal background. There are families with small children living here and to have to live under these circumstances is not right. AMY,(the Manager) must believe there is no other way to manage but by THREAT. These Apartments are managed by Stonemark Management. They look o.k. from the outside but the inside is patched together so they can charge high rent. I would not recommend these to anyone because they are NOT worth what you have to pay to live here.


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