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Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2007 at 2:07pm CST by 7f65f725

Product: Microwave JVM1653SH05

Company: General Electric Company

Location: P.O. Box 100
Rapid City, SD, 57709, US

Category: Other

Nov.28th a service tech (#659) came to the house to fix the microwave. The part that he had was broken (fan), so he took the fan off the old component and put it on the new one. Using the Microwave, approximately ten minutes after he left, the fan started hitting something within the microwave. Upon calling the tech, he wanted me to take the microwave apart and fix it by pulling the fan out a little. I told him I would rather have him do it because he knows what he is doing. You would think that he would come back or reschedule when he received the replacement part. NOPE!

Then having to reschedule with GE (because I hadn't heard from the tech)for Dec.06 between 0800 and 1200 hours. Last night I receive GE's automated confirmation request for this date (12/06/2007). At about 1330 hrs. I call GE to find out why the tech had not shown up only to find out that I had been rescheduled for Dec.11th (without my knowledge)and that I could change it for tomorrow, which I did. So, after talking to GE's Customer Service (Raymond), he said that he did not show that I was scheduled for today (why would I receive the auto confirmation and it being written on the calendar as to the scheduled appointment?)and that he would check into this and gave me the telephone number to Customer Relations. Calling Customer relations and talking with Jackie, explaining that I have lost a days pay due to waiting for the tech to show up (which he didn't) and having to reschedule for tomorrow, which I didn't appreciate. I was told that I was RE-rescheduled back to the 11th because the PART HAD TO BE ORDERED??? Give me a break! The tech KNEW IT WAS BAD NOVEMBER 28th!!! Jackie's attitude was it is my tough luck and that the blame is because the part wasn't ordered in time because the tech didn't have the part when it was for service TODAY. WOULDN'T THE TECH KNOW THAT THIS PART MIGHT BE NEEDED IF IT WAS BAD NOVEMBER 28th WHEN HE WAS CALLED ABOUT IT TEN MINUTES AFTER HE LEFT THE RESIDENCE???


7130d3ab, 2008-08-29, 04:11PM CDT

All you would have to do is to change the names and that it was a refrigerator instead of a microvave and it would fit my situation EXACTLY! The funny(sad) part about all of this is that it has been about a month and still no refridgerator! I actually had two different techs because the first one was a total liar and an idiot! The second one seems to be turning out the same. They must have come from the same school!!! I'm actually expecting them to either make me the LAST repair or to reschedule. The worst part of all of this is the time spent waiting for nothing. I wonder if I was charging them for all of my time, the outcome would be different. I'm telling everyone I know NOT TO BUY GE (or the warranty) because it means NOTHING! And their little cliche, "We are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week" and "GE. We care" is a bunch of *!#*!#! Are they serious?

As for me, SEARS here I come...I just waisted $7,000 in kitchen appliances with GE and being treated like a second-class citizen. Sears would have it taken care of in less than a week. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy anything GE now just because of this--but they are probably not listening anyway.

559e813c, 2009-11-13, 01:04PM CST

Personally I can't say as I blame you one bit. We had written a check for a HD TV and it was a GE, we latter found a better HDTV from a competitor which we then bought. We went back to the store (Best Buy) and told them what we had found, they told us they couldn't do anything about it we had to wait till the check cleared and in a month or two we'd get our money back. We did one better and while were still at the counter I called the bank put a hold on the check and contued on our day. Still to this day they are trying (GE) to get us to pay for their service warranty. The ignorant idiots, they still think we have their product. I don't blame you one bit for your dis-sadisfaction, GE is a total cluster f--- as far as I'm concerned too.

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