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Posted on Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 at 4:36pm CST by 5f459caa

Product: Sears Electric Range

Company: Sears Roebuck, Co., Sears Holding Corporation

Location: 3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL, 60179, US


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Two questions I asked of the Sears customer service people today 1) If a service tech comes to your house, works on an appliance, and then declares that it is repaired, is it reasonable to expect that it will work the first time you try to use if after he leaves? 2) In case it does not work, is it reasonable to expect that they will send someone back to finish fixing it that same day? They said yes to both questions, and then proceeded do just the opposite.

We got a tech guy from Sears to come and fix the oven. We have an extended service agreement. He told us that he had finished the work and then he left. An hour later we tried to turn on the stove top and after ten seconds, it shut down, with an error code flashing on the digital display. Multiple tries yielded the same result. A quick call to the service center resulted in guarantees that they would contact the tech and have him right back out. No one called us back, and there was no sign of help. We called again only to receive the same false assurances.

Next day, after multiple phone calls to various customer service people, the bottom line is they can't send anyone out because they don't service our area today. Seems to us like we had to go to the back of the line to get another appointment, even though the guy never finished the job on the previous trip out. Rather than them being inconvenienced by sending someone out immediately, as they should (maybe to work overtime), they are making us, the customer, suffer the inconvenience for their mistake. And the inconvenience is compounded by the fact that we have an elderly man living here, who is physically disabled, and this creates a hardship for us in preparing his meals. Not that this made any difference to Sears when we told them about it. They still did not respond by getting someone to get out here and take care of this. Not yesterday, like they said they would, and not today either. All we could get is lots of excuses as to why they could not get anyone here. Seems to us a long way from the philosophy that the customer is always right.


UPDATE -- It turns out that the part, a computer board apparently, requires that another part be upgraded in order to make the stove top burner controls compatible with it. This part, however, was not included. The repair tech never bothered to check this out before leaving and he acted completely mystified when he discovered this on his return visit yesterday afternoon.

Nevertheless, I heard him call his office and request the emergency overnight shipment of the necessary part. He told me that it should arrive the next day (that's today) by UPS and that he would be back in the afternoon to install it.

Well, this morning we got a call from Sears customer service informing us that the part was NOT shipped yesterday, but they did not tell us when it would come. A call back to them yielded the information that the part is on back order, and there is NO prevision for when it will be available. And no offer was made to compensate or resolve the problem in the meantime (namely, that we cannot cook on the stove).

We are well into the second week of not having a working range here and Sears' efforts to help us have been totally unsatisfactory. At this point we may just go to Wal-mart and buy a hot plate so that at least we can fry something to eat.


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