Emirates Airlines - Luggage Lost

Posted on Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 at 1:52pm CST by c4cb2fec

Company: Emirates Airlines

Location: IStanbul, Is, 34000, TR

Category: Other

Dear Responsible

My wife took a flight from Istanbul to Mauritius with Emirates. We were estimating that this airline company was one the best. Correspondance period in Dubai was only 25 minutes and of course luggages didn't loaded to Mauritius plane. Then they found themselves without any luggage.

She will be there for 4 days and for a very clear reason, she has no luggage at her first day(for the moment). Nobody can load in 25 min from one plane to second in any airport. And then her luggage cannot be tracked and no one knows where it is.

This is incredible to leave people without luggage in tropical island and i'm shure they knew it

I blame Emirates airlines on that


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