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Product: ACER ASPIRE 5102 WLMi


Location: Acer America Repair 1394 Eberhardt Rd
TEMPLE, TX, 76504, US


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I sent my in-warranty Acer aspire 5102 laptop for repair as i noticed the following problems,

1. Can hear loud noise when laptop is running ( switched on).

2. Gets very hot after using for few minutes and shuts-down automatically.

I called Acer customer support made an online repair request as per their instructions and mailed my unit for repair.

I received a call from acer representative and i was told that they(Acer) found some liquid inside the laptop and they cannot repair it and insisted on sending back my unit with out repairing it. I tried to find out what kind of liquid was it and they( Acer) refused to answer any of my questions regarding the type of liquid found. The representative was rude( i have details of the representative) and asked me if i want them(Acer) to taste and smell the liquid found to provide details.

After requesting for about 30 minutes the representative finally agreed to e-mail me pictures of my laptop interior so that i can see the liquid. In the e-mail i was told that the plastics inside melted, which is not covered under warranty and acer can't repair it as its considered physical damage to the unit and i will have to pay US $ 199.00 so that acer can repair my laptop.

I replied to that e-mail requesting Acer to repair it, as i did not spill any liquid while i was using it (I used it normally as anyone would) and that the liquid found could be because of acer equipment failure( i suspect cooling fan was not functioning properly which caused loud noise and was main reason for unit to get hot and shutdown). I did not receive any reply to my e-mail.

I called acer repair center the following day , inquired about the issue and insisted to talk to the manager.Finally i was connected to another representative(supposed to have authority to decide) who has authority to handle my issue. I explained my problem and the representative had no technical expertise( representative told me that she is not technical expert/ technician, i have details and badge number.) and could hardly answer my questions and wouldn't listen to my views on the issue. The only thing the representative could possibly do is ship my laptop back to me without repairing it or i pay for the repair charges inorder to get it repaired. The reason for not repairing, "Liquid found inside the laptop" which is considered physical damage and warranty doesn't cover it. No details given about type of liquid or reasons why or what could have caused it.

I called the Same customer service number the following day and strangely the same representative answered my phone call and i was told i will have to wait until next business day to talk to some other representative as that particular representative cannot handle my issue anymore (as the representative did all possible things to settle my issue), will make a note that someone will call me back the following business day and no reasons mentioned as to why some other representative cannot talk to me at that time. I was also told to write a written letter explaining my issue.

I tried calling the main hot-line customer service and the answer was same that due to liquid found inside the laptop, acer cannot repair it and that i will have to pay US $ 499.00 (Initially 199.00 dollar's) in-order for them to proceed to do the repair(at least this time, the representatives were bit polite in answering my concerns and issues). No details given regarding the liquid found or the possible reasons or causes of the problem. But i was told that the liquid was not due to their equipment failure for sure. when i questioned the representative : How is it possible to find liquid when ,I did not spill any liquid and if its not liquid due to melting of plastics (Acer equipment failure) what could be the reason? no answer from the representative.

I am tired of calling the Acer customer service to find a solution for this. The representatives not cooperative , doesn't connect me to the managers or any technical expert who i can talk to.

I just received my unit un-repaired as i refused to pay for the repair.

Kindly advise me on what i can do to get justice and at-least know what went wrong with the laptop... what is the root cause... Is it equipment failure? (which i am sure it is.

Doesn't Acer has responsibility to answer my questions? why don't the customer service representatives let me talk to a technical expert who has enough knowledge to address the issue?

what if the liquid is toxic and I developed some health issues ? who would be responsible?

Acer refused even to give a written letter as to why they cannot repair my unit.



who ever it may concern: I wrote this complaint as i want someone to address the issue in a proper way...bring awareness among consumers...manufacturer should address the issues/ concerns which consumers have as they are the technical experts and know their product/products better than anyone else. This is not to defame any one, any company or anything like that, in any way.

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My English may not be perfect.... i apologize for any mistakes or incorrect grammar usage.


cae44d6c, 2008-09-12, 12:58AM CDT

I totally accept cause i submitted my acer to an authorized service centre here in Vancouver , Canada.Then i called the representatives regarding the work and they said that they dont have any info about my laptop blindly and i am extremely unhappy that Inspite of me going in person and handing over the laptop i get this answer .I feel acer must do something about it

02d6033d, 2009-12-29, 07:32PM CST

At least you've had the opportunity to talk to someone. After being a long term Acer customer, I can't even get a representative on the phone to help me through the process of getting my computer ready to ship. It's stupid, considering I'm willing to pay the $199USD to get it fixed.

My next computer will NOT be an Acer, and it's not because the computers are bad, but because their customer support is horrible.

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