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Posted on Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 at 2:14am CST by ff9f52bb

Product: Garmin NUVI 760

Company: Best Buy (Burbank)

Location: 1501 N Victory Pl
Burbank, CA, 91504, US


Category: Other

I was interested in a portable GPS for my car. I am familiar with GPSs and know that sometimes it takes a while for a GPS to catch its satelite signals. After asking advice to one of the employees he showed me the Garmin NUVI 760. Which was priced at $699.99 He said this is a "quick responsive GPS". I also asked him "if I do not like this GPS can I return it?" he stated "if within 14 days, then yes". I did not like how this GPS performed. I went online and asked advice and people stated that all GPSs take a while to locate a signal. I felt I hade been (for the lack of the word) RIPPED OFF. Knowing that if I purchased a GPS that is priced at 299 or even 199 will performe the same the only difference would have been the MP3 player etc. I went to return the GPS and Best Buy wanted to keep a 15% restocking fee. Stating that it says so on the back of the reciept. I told them that the Sales Associate told me I could bring it back if I was dissatisfied. They told me "NO! our employees know better they would not say that" (basically calling me a liar). Now they charged me $105.00 dollars for a restocking fee. Now I feel I have been scammed.


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f3b701e0, 2007-12-15, 02:03PM CST

Yesterday I purchased a digital camera, it was defective. Today I returned the camera and was charged a 15% restocking fee. This seems to be the common practice. I have two opinions about restocking fees: One, if you do have confidence in a product's quality, then don't sell it and Two, if you are not making enough money, then raise your prices.

d9e58076, 2008-03-27, 01:41PM CDT

I've dealt with these clowns before, many times. One major question I always raise when this happens is this: How can you be subject to a restocking policy which you are not introduced to until AFTER the receipt prints out...AFTER the sale is ALREADY COMPLETE. That's like sending someone a letter certified mail and saying that your signature for receipt of the letter constitutes an agreement to the terms contained in the sealed letter that you haven't even read. I'm pretty sure neither one are legal. I'd get an attorney, and file an affadavit of fraud.

1e82fbac, 2008-11-17, 10:00AM CST

Same experience. I bought a Sony Camcorder. Based on their recommendation. I was unhappy with it. Went back the next day and they do not stand behind their sales person. While it did not meet the 2 requirements i had for resolution or ease of burning dvd, they asked for 15% re-stocking fee.

i wonder if we can call for a global boycott of best buy to force them to change this policy

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