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Posted on Monday, December 31st, 2007 at 8:41am CST by bc229efd

Product: Satellite Dish TV

Company: Directv Inc.

Location: Jacksonville, Fl, 32257, US


Category: Other

We installed Directv and immediately had nothing but a series of problems resulting in our canceling the service 24 hours later. At that time Directv told us we would receive a refund of $97.38 of the $105.93 paid ... and actually received several statements from the company showing this refund amount.

Ellen Filipiak

Senior Vice President, Customer Service

As a follow-up to my e-mail of 11-29-07 I wanted to first of all thank you for the prompt response from Shauna (sp?) from your office via a phone call from her that same day.

After a good deal of deliberation, however, I still believe we have a valid complaint with DirecTV Inc.

The call from Shauna is the first time anyone from DirecTV has mentioned an equipment charge. This includes my first call twenty four hours after the initial installation last July and all the subsequent calls to the company since then. In fact it was during my first and each subsequent conversation that I was told we would be receiving a full refund (minus a few dollars of handling) due to the Consumer Three Day Recession laws; the conversation regarding the law and a refund was by the way raised and offered by your company???s representative. Now suddenly after all these months there is an equipment charge that is exempt from this law???

Additionally Shauna said that DirecTV had waived the agreement and all fees as part of our cancellation. If there is a three day right of rescission than what agreement and fees would/could apply??

If during my first complaint someone from the company had indicated that the law allowed our forfeiture of the entire down payment, instead of their making the comment that we would receive our money back I would have possibly explored other options instead of simply canceling the agreement immediately


I subsuquebtly received a call from "Gerry" on 12-06-07 indicating that regardless of what we had been told throughout the 5 month process that there was nothing the company "could" do for us. My response was to ask him if he was in my situation if he would be unhappy....which he indicated he would be. To which I commented that in my opinion as long as something is legal and ethical the company could/should make the situation right and that as far as I was concerned all jis call did was reiterate the previous conversations.


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