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Posted on Monday, December 31st, 2007 at 3:51pm CST by 0460ecb6

Product: Sweater

Company: Spiegel Catalog

Location: US


Category: Other

This is the worst compnay. I ordered a sweater as a Christmas Present for someone. It was scheduled to ship 12/18 and I was assured Christmas delivery. I even offered to pay for overnight shipping and was told it would not be necessary. We'll it is now 12/31 and still no sweater. The worst part of this is that the customer service department offers no help. they just keep saying I'm sorry. I don't know how this happened, and they can't even tell me if and when the sweater is coming. I got so disgusted that I cancelled the order. I'm sure it will be a real party trying to get my refund. Save yourself and shop anywhere else!


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7a7e6ea9, 2008-02-28, 05:41PM CST

In the past Spiegel sold quality merchandise. In January I odered a hat for 19.99. It was so cheezy. Enclosed with the hat was a shipping label. Most companies that do that pay for return shipping and because they stand behind the merchandise they sell. Instead of refunding me 19.99 they credited me 12.05; I immediately called them and the person (won't mention their name) was os nasty; I had them remove my name from the mailing list and sent a complaint to BBB. What Spiegel doesn't realize is that their popularity is going down; there are thousands of catalog companies that sell better merchandise and have better customer service skills. BOYCOTT SPIEGEL. Search the web; for some reason they've been taken to court.

860ff533, 2009-06-29, 04:48PM CDT

I completely agree. Spiegel has the most ridiculous returns/exchange system. It started with swimsuit shopping in April. I placed the order April 26th, they shipped April 29th and I received it May 6 or 7. I kept one suit, returned 5 and requested smaller sizes in 2. I shipped back on May 19. As May came to an end, I kept checking my order status to see if they received the return and sent the new items. I called the first week of June and they claimed it can take 6 weeks to process a return. All I wanted to know was that they had received the stuff I returned. Shouldn't there be a record of that? Well only if you beg and annoy the person you are talking to. Finally the CS rep admitted that they had received the other swimsuits, but he still couldn't say when the others would be shipped. Finally one is shipped June 12 and the other June 17. Oh but the credit to my charge card, no they couldn't do that. I received a note with one of the new suits saying, "Certificate amount : 184.05 Return this invoice with your next order for credit. Certificate number: (blank)." Knowing they had a 30 day return policy, I took the return to UPS 10 days before my 30 days would be up, based on their ship date. Although most places say 30 days from when you received an item. So I have called and the first rep told me they made a mistake but couldn't credit my charge card until they had a certificate number. She was sure it was in the mail. And I should call back when I received it. Now it's the end of June and I still have not received it. I called today and another rep tells me they can't do anything without a certificate number. She claims they mailed it June 11. How can it not be lost in the mail? ARE THEY USING THE PONY EXPRESS? Why can't they get the certificate number from their computer system? It takes a while to update, she says. 3 WEEKS TO UPDATE. Honestly no help whatsoever. It is their fault that they did not put this magical number on my exchange but I just have to wait until the certificate comes in the mail. I will never shop there again. It's too bad, one swimsuit was pretty nice.

d50189a9, 2010-09-20, 03:08PM CDT!/pages/Spiegels-Horrible-Customer-Service/103475233048992?v=wall

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