Lufthansa - bad serv ice and treatment

Posted on Sunday, December 30th, 2007 at 9:30am CST by 64eb204d

Company: Lufthansa

Location: DE

Category: Other

I want to share my worst flight experience ever with you.for more then 10 years I travel world because of my job .On 19 th december we take Lufthansa 13.55 pm flight from Istanbul to Frankfurtthen connecting flight to New York at 17.00 pm.From beginning I was concerned about 1 hour transfer time (the flight schedule was arranged by local Lufthansa office)so I talked at least 2-3 times with local Lufthansa people about this but they were so convincing that there won`t be any problems.First shock was by learning on 19 th while waiting in istanbul that flight will be delayed for 40 min.Lufthansa flight was the only delayed flight on schedule table since morning.I called Lufthansa office in Turkey there was about half an hour to boarding time, they were not aware of any delay with the flight!Then we rushed to lounge to talk but nobody Lufthansa was there. Then booarding time announced Lufthansa attendants ll tell same story; we`ll compansate loss on air,Lufthansa people will help when we`ll arrive,if necessary plane to plane transport will be made to reach us etc.We departured with more then 1 hour delay.Arrival time was announced as 16.50 but still I was hopefull that Lufthansa will transfer us or find a solution which we were continiously advised by your staff.Just before landing they begin to announce door numbers etc. but despite fact that there were more than 25-30 people to New York nothing announced.After landing only Amsterdam passengers were transferred to their plane directly.I had great diffuculty in understanding why while they can wait us in Istanbul for more then 1 hour as we came on time why we`re not transferred to plane and wait plane for half an hour latest.but I found answer next morning before our flight,we were being offered extra 600-700 euros to wait for next plane because there were 4 people overbooked,so it was not logical to wait plane while they were people on wait list ready to pay 3-4 times of our fees and to keep people by paying only 100 euros per nightwho cares ,sweet money!We were shocked and depressed and furious,when we get on bus we quickly learned we were not alone there were many others effected.we get off bus and was at least waiting some ground people to take care(there are at least 25-30 people effected in different flights)but no one was there and we were left to own destiny.then we go to ticketing desk by asking leat we were waiting some understandindg and good treatment to ease our pain.But Lufthansa people were acting like this was very normal and as we made a mistake and being punished for that.there was no flight till next morning 10.00 am and big shock came as we don`t have German visa(normally you don`t need for flying to US )we had to spend 16 hours at airport!!!!we were granted 35 eur per person with great generousity!!!I asked at least to ease our pain can`t they let us to use Lufthansa lounge answer was no.I can`t explain how terrible to spend 16 long and never ending hours at an airport like a prisoner and even without a bed to slip and sleeping at hard chairs of airport.Ticketing people at Lufthansa first told us to come later to take pillows and blankets but then told they run out. It was most terrible night and experience we lived ever and will never forget.The point dissapointing and frustrating me is not the delay or not catching the plane but attitude of Lufthansa against us and not treating us well.Firstly I strongly believe there was still chance for plane transfer as we arrived before departure of plane.But biggest dissapointment is why it was so diffucult to attain a ground personnel to take care of this people and showing you care.we`ll form a group at facebook with all people effected,then we`ll prepare a declaration and share with internet paltforms and newspapers,also we`ll check our rights legally because you have no right to treat us in such bad way,make us spent 16 terrible hours at airport without an excuse and ruin our holiday.


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