Manchester Subaru - Manchester Subaru corrupt business

Posted on Friday, December 28th, 2007 at 9:32pm CST by 569ed3cb

Product: Subaru

Company: Manchester Subaru

Location: Manchester, Nh, US

Category: Other

Manchester Subaru is begging to go out of business again after yet more investigation into fraud. This is the blight of NEW HAMPSHIRE and a sad story of corrupt business practices. This self-grandeurizing "4TH largest subaru seller in the country" apparently gains its title by stiffing out of staters and Canadians. For example, Jack Berkowitz promises a thousand dollar credit which he steals for a car never driven and never agreed to purchase, asks for a signed 'technical contract to hold" a car for a day, then later decides not to return the money when the potential buyers leave town. Upon research, it is found that this company engages in shady and unethical business practices going way back and has had many complaints leveled against it. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! It takes time to shut down an operation like this and in the meantime many customers may get ripped off.


37964929, 2008-01-23, 10:44AM CST

Unfortunately this customer clearly misrepresented himself upon the purchase of this car. The customer test drove and signed all of the documentation with a deposit given and never accepted delivery. He then attempted to accuse the salesconsultant and the manager for his inability to pick up his car. The dealership's decision was to keep his small deposit and not force him to pay in full. We have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the country and it certainly isn't from taking deposits or false promises. We take pride in the way we do business and have earned awards for treating our customer base fairly. Anyone that would like to view our satisfaction rating can do so by logging on to This customer should be ashamed of how he has treated this dealership and it is people like him that give good dealership's like us a bad name. On a foot note we have a very strong business in Canada and never had any issues or complaints from that customer base. I appreciate anyone that reads this response and hope you can understand both sides. Thank you for your time.

d2a9c303, 2008-04-03, 04:17AM CDT

Do you call ethical keeping the customers money? A lot of dealerships will just "loan" the vehicle for a day in order for the customer to make decision.

And for the whole "log into the BS" they just show you as an "stellar performer" which means little or nothing without checking your dealership's customer satisfaction scores.

Also FYI this "technical contract to hold" is not a real contract so you haven't even ROR the vehicle or process any paperwork so it is indeed very shady to cash a "restocking fee" when the vehicle in question hasn't left your inventory at all.

readers, this people are crooks and please avoid them at all cost.

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