Sprint PCS - SPrint PCS steals from it's customers

Posted on Thursday, December 27th, 2007 at 5:29pm CST by e910907a

Product: Sprint PCS- The entire company

Company: Sprint PCS

Location: 6200 Sprint Pkwy World Headquarters Campus

URL: http://www.sprintpcs.com/

Category: Telecommunications

On Dec 9 I post dated a check for Dec. 14 in the amount of $136.47 over the phone w/a service rep.On Dec 12 I called and told a rep I wanted to cancel that check and I would pay the amount and then some w/a credit card. rep said ok, took payent and said he noted the check was cancelled and that I had to cancel it w/my bank. I did so on the 13th. On the 19 sprint used a false check number to withdraw the funds w/o authirazation and I encurred a $25 NSA fee.They are giving me the run around about returning this money to me. I have spent 2 days on the phone and in stores trying to resolve this and they say that a case is open, but over the phone they say it's closed.I have all the documentation to prove that this was a falsafied check number. They took money out of my account w/o permission and will not return it.


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