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Product: Airtel postpaid

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Location: Ghazianbad, UP, 201001, IN

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Dear Sir/Madam

my name is Lokesh Sharma. I am working with EXL Services, Noida.

I have a complaint earlier with customer care as well as nodal officer's email id, but i am still waiting for a reply.

Actually I have bought 4 connections of Airtel from an agent (Name-Rajiv, 9871690656) at

EXL in mid november 2007. Three of my connections (9971400860, 9971400854 and (9971400853) have already working properly but one number 9971400861 is not activate still.

I had talk with the customer care and they said that there would be address verification in 48

hours and then that number 9971400861 would work. But there is no address verification and

when i called to the customer care AFTER 48 HOURS, they again told that they are

forwarding my complain and there would be address verification in 48 hours and the number

would activate only after successfully address verification.

I had sent a mail on 17th of December to the customer care's email id as well as nodal office delhi's email id regarding this problem, but nothing happened. So i am sending this mail to you.

I had a call with customer care on 22nd December 2007 and He told me that i have to register

a complain at nearest Airtel shop. Today I went to the nearest shop ( Airtel Showroom, 290 A,

GT Road, Ghantaghar, Ghaziabad) for submitting my bill of Rs.84.00 (Receipt No.-102-09203667) which is the tax & VAT of previously paid Rs. 700.00 for that number.

There i requested the staff to register my complain. But the airtel staff has made very rude

behave with me. He told that he has no time to take the complain. He said "AAP KAL AANA .

HAMARE PASS AUR BHI BAHUT KAAM HAI. ABHI HAM COMPLAIN NAHIN LE SAKTE." I requested a lot but he didnt get any attention to me. It was surprisingly very rude & unethical behaviour from an airtel staff. I again asked to the customer care and they told (surprising answer again) that any agent would not right to issue four SIM to a single person, and the number 9971400860 would not activate anyhow. Also he suggest that i have to talk with EXL's relationship manager. I am asking you that if your agent Mr. Rajiv (9871690656) was collecting cheque for that number and gave me that SIM, was he unaware of Airtel policies?? We staff havn't any communication with our employee relationship manager, so why we go there?

Also the address verification of my all three mobile numbers was just on a phone call. After

that all the numbers are still running, then how my fourth number 9971400861 has got the

negative address verification?

It is very surprising that how can a negative address verification for a number where three

numbers are already working on that same address. Does it any sense?

I am very upset with the misguide and misbehave of all the related members of Airtel and

requesting to you that please fix this problem as soon as possible. I am giving my address as

well as my alternate mobile number below.

Please check the reason behind this and i am requesting that please start my number as soon as possible. I have already submitted the amount of Rs 700.00 as well as the tax of that amount Rs. 85.00. The amount has already been credited from my bank account and my SIM is still not working.

I am humbly requesting you to please check this incident and start my number as

soon as possible. You can call me anyday between 8am - 8pm for any details.


Lokesh Sharma

96 1/2 (opp. House 75)

Sarai Nazar Ali, Ghaziabad-201001

Alternate mobile number - 9910244733, 9891914991, 9899972639

if any of these number is swithed off, then please try other number. Because we have to switched off our mobiles in office oftenly.So please must try all these number, if any number is swithed off.


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