Maybank - Maybank's poor customer service

Posted on Saturday, December 22nd, 2007 at 10:47am CST by 7481fc82

Product: Maybank

Company: Maybank

Location: MY


Category: Other

Out of sudden, my Maybank ATM card got deactivated for no reasons at all, and without prior notice. Thus, I am not able to make any withdrawal at the ATM. This has been happening for 2 days already.

And since I work on weekdays and Maybank does not open on weeekends, so I can't make a direct complaint at any of their branches. Therefore, I called their customer service to find out what is happening.

Unfortunately, nobody answered my call. Maybank mentioned that their customer service is 24 hours a day, including of public holidays. But I had called up 4 times. I waited for 5 minutes each for the first two calls, and 10 minutes each for the last two calls before hanging up. That's a total of 30 minutes wasted!!

So, tell me now, what is their customer service doing??


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