American Furniture Galleries - Inferiorly constructed furniture

Posted on Saturday, December 22nd, 2007 at 3:49pm CST by 979b88cc

Product: Love Seat

Company: American Furniture Galleries

Location: 3212 E. Plate
Colorado Springs, Co, 80909, US

Category: Other

In August 2007, we ordered a love seat from American Furniture Galleries. In October 2007 a love seat was delivered to our home but it was not the right love seat. The love seat was reordered and on December 13, 2007, another sofa was delivered to our home. This love seat had the right material but was inferior in construction. American Furniture Galleries refused to pick up the love seat, refused to return our money and is attempting to force us to allow them to rebuild the love seat. The price of this love seat was $1619.59. Why should we settle for a rebuilt love seat? We paid big bucks to get quality furniture. How can they refuse to pick up their product when it does not meet the customer's satisfaction? Is there no protection for the consumer.....especially elderly consumers?


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