Bellsouth - Bellsouth Billing Problems

Posted on Saturday, December 22nd, 2007 at 8:59am CST by 23940597

Company: Bellsouth

Location: Chattanooga, TN, US

Category: Other

I made an online banking payment for my August 07 bellsouth bill. I had changed my telephone number a few months earlier and my bank paid the bill to the previous phone number. I called and emailed Bellsouth several times during September after I saw the payment had not been credited to my phone account. I sent Bellsouth a copy of the cancelled check which my bank paid the bill with several times with no result. Finally in October it was realized during yet another phone call that the money had went to my previous phone number account and I was told it would be fixed but it wasn't. During a later phone call a customer service rep told me the money had went to a dead account and had disappeared (probably into someone's pocket). I spent about five hours on hold, with recordings, and with useless c.s. reps trying to fix this problem, in addition to sending numerous emails and letters with copies of proof the bill had been paid. The final straw was a letter from Bellsouth saying that I needed to pay the Aug bill and associated late fees or my credit rating would be affected. When I received this letter I immediately went online and filed a Better Business Bureau complaint which was approved and forwarded to Bellsouth. Less than two weeks later I received a letter from Bellsouth saying they had "located the payment and had credited my account". There was no apology for my trouble or for their stupidity or negligence. I have been a loyal customer of Bellsouth when I have lived in their service area since 1977, but I am now in the process of switching my phone and internet service over to Comcast and I will never again use Bellsouth for anything.


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