Wachovia Bank N. A. - Wachovia Bank N.A. Delays return of Monies

Posted on Friday, December 21st, 2007 at 2:38pm CST by 35acf744

Product: Certificate of Deposit

Company: Wachovia Bank N. A.

Location: PO Box 563966
Charlotte, NC, 28256-3966, US

Category: Other

6/11/07 - Purchased Certificate of Deposit in amount of 97,000.00 from World Savings.

9/7/07 Received notice Wachovia Bank is new owner of Certificate of Deposit

Early 12/07 Called Wachovia Bank to notify them I would be redeeming the Certificate of Deposit. They said they were unable to accept the notice until the date of maturity.

12/11/07 Called Wachovia Bank to notify them I wished to redeem my Certificate of Deposit. Was told notice had to be sent in writing. They suggested mailing address, I requested fax number. Faxed notice to Wachovia.

12/12/07 Called Wachovia to confirm they received fax (they had not responded as requested in the fax I sent them). Was told fax was received and check was mailed on 12/11/07

12/14-12/19 Called several times, told repeatedly check had been mailed 12/11/07. Was told several times a supervisor would return my call. No return call was received.

12/20/07 Called and was told check was mailed 12/18/07. Complained they lied to me several times when they told me the check was mailed and they delayed sending me my money. They kept my money for over a week without paying interest. Lorraine Norman indicated she would have her superior, Tanya Perry return our call. No return call was received.

12/21/07 Called Wachovia regarding phone call from supervisor I was waiting for. During this phone conversation Barry Merkel said I could have just gone to a local branch on 12/11/07 and they would have given me a check for the Certificate of Deposit. I was ever informed of this in any of the prior conversations. Check for CD was received, envelope was postmarked 12/19/07.

Requested Outcome Wachovia Bank N.A. should pay me interest for the 10 days I was unable to have use of my funds due to their delaying tactics. Wachovia Bank N.A. should be fined by the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, and/or other appropriate regulatory agencies for purposely delaying the return of my monies.


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