YIH SHUN SHIUAN - Molded Ma-Su sold to consumer without expiration date printed on the package

Posted on Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 at 11:56pm CST by b2711eda

Product: Mu-Su


Location: Number 160, Min-Chuan Road,
Ro-Dong, TW

URL: http://www.pon.com.tw/

Category: Other

I received a package of molded Ma-Su from my friend who bought it on 12/4/2007 in Ro-Dong city. No expiration date was printed on the package. My daughter ate half of the molded Ma-Su and started to feel throw-up. I filed in the complaint to the company and received arrogant response insisting that the expiration date was printed on the package. I carefully examined the package twice and did not see any expiration date printed. Without any satisfactory response, I decided to complain from your website.


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