Earthlink - Earthlink Dont waste your time!

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2007 at 3:27pm CST by 6fd55c59

Product: phone service

Company: Earthlink

Location: 7501 N 55th street
Milwaukee, WI, 53223-4812, US


Category: Other

Earthlink services are absolutly horrible. They are rude and barely speak any english. Earthlink is so cheap that they forward their calls to 3rd world companies for cheap slave labor. I did not know this until i actually called and considered their services. I originally did try to get there services but after issues of trying to establish service and talking to tech and customer service i was extremely dissapointed at how they handle problems. I was out of phone service and and could not even establish the service at any point.If you have an issue and call it takes 10 min just to get thru there automated service and then when you finally get someone they will inform you that they have to transfer you to the right dept. At that point if they do not hang up on you someone will answer and again tell you they do not handle your problem. I asked who on earth handles the phone service. So they give me the number and i hang up and try to call it. No such # exists. So now i must call back and wait on hold over 20 min just to get someone to tell me they cant help. I went thru all depts such as tech,customer service, cable, phone etc and no one speaks english properly so you dont get too far. Finally after all the issues they credit me over $40 but that didnt solve the original issue of not even having service so i cancelled service anyway. Now amazingly enough they are charging me on my account for fees(which i did not authroize) and theres nothing i can do about it. I am just shocked they can do this and treat people this way and bill their aCCOUNTS AND CARDS UN-AUTHORIZED BILLS but they are over seas-not even usa. I would NEVER consider earthlink again for any service and after talking and mentioning it to friends they too have mentioned issues with them. They basically want you to buy there services and they dont care whether or not it works...they are still billing you. Even if its not authroized and even if you do not have an account with them anymore. I closed the account over a month ago so how on earth can do do that.......horrible horrible horrible. I hope my raging and complaints stops atleast one person from having the same problem. On a different note i immediatly called vonage and have their phone service for awile and i am impressed with how nice and helping their tech, customer service etc is. Low and be hold i finally have phone service thatnks to vonage. NO THANKS to earthlink. I invested hours into doing all the tests and everything to get the phone to work but no luck. I received my vonage equip, plugged it in, instant service. So the problem is with earthlink and the faulty reburbished eqipment they send to you. Then they bill you for it, yet its garbage.


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