Virgin Mobile - Virgin Mobile Horrendous Customer Service - Won't Accept Live Calls

Posted on Friday, December 14th, 2007 at 5:08pm CST by 567456f7

Product: Virgin Mobile Phone Service

Company: Virgin Mobile

Location: Virgin Moble will not post an address.
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Absolutely terrible customer service - actually insultingly horrendous. Here's why:

1) After purchasing a mobile phone today and trying to activate that phone from the phone - customer service kept me on hold for the longest time and then kept disconnecting me. 2) Having been now forced to call from land line - as the free minutes (for setting up the phone) were now used up, Virgin Mobile again hung up repeated after numerous calls trying to activate the phone. 3) After going online and following the instructions - and paying another $20 for minutes - Virgin Mobile wil now activate the phone online but ignores the request to transfer a number - requiring me to call them directly again. 4) More attempts to speak to a live operate rather than the nuisance of the annoying 'Simone' operater who insists that all callers listen to a) unsolicited advertising, b) her bad/rude/inappropriate/unamusing dialect, c) any pre-recorded message she wants you listen to - regardless of your response. 5) Simone, the supposedly 'intelligent' automated phone system is extremely annoying and pretends to understand your questions - when in fact she doesn't respond appropriately to anything other than what your answer is expected to be. 6) After finally getting through to a live operator (trick is to hit 0# and yell abusively at Simone) a live operator researched the problem and told me I needed to call back in 4 hours - but refused to provide a direct number or simply call me back! 7) I do call back in 4 hours as requested and repeat the same process - taking nearly another hour, with repeated disconnects. When finally reaching a live person (process cannot be done automatically despite Simone's insistance) - I receive assistance and the Virgin Mobile staff finally starts the transfer process - but now tells me I have to wait up to 5 days to transfer a number - and then - get this - call back again after the transfer is complete and repeat the same process. I am also told that both my old and new number will now be 'inoperative' during that 5 days! So now I'm without any cell phone. 8) When I complain about having to speak to Simone again (they refuse to call a customer back, and won't give out any direct phone numbers) - I am told to 'Just Relax!' by the staff. At this point I am well past 'relaxing and again share my discust on this outragous treatment with a manager - who promises to share my sentiments with other managers if given the opportunity. Virgin Mobile - you have no business in the communications business!

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6ef63e17, 2009-02-14, 03:22AM CST

if you want to have a good service you better read first the terms and conditions of the product that you want to avail... I think its commonsense to read first the manual before you call the customer service... if you don't wanted to suspend your account don't used a credit card that doesn't belong to you we all know that its FRAUD right... read first and understand what you are purchasing... so you won't have problems in the future.. SIMPLE AS THAT!!! ITS SELF EXPLANATORY!!! OR MAYBE THE PROBLEM ITS NOT THE PRODUCT BUT THE DUMB PEOPLE WHO USES IT....

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