West Coast Extreme Cheerleading - unfair treatment, paid for items not received, being given run around, no resolution, being ignored

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 at 9:53pm CST by 84377144

Product: Cheerleading group

Company: West Coast Extreme Cheerleading

Location: 2200 Three Lakes Road
Albany, OR, 97322, US

URL: http://www.westcoastextremecheer.com/

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Paid for items, dropped out of program, and they will not give items that were paid for, which were bought prior to cancellation.

All other parents have receive their items, but since cancellation, I have been in contact and there has not been a straight answer on where my items are. They keep giving excuses or coming up with an arbitrary excuse of why they don't have the items I purchased. Contacted them over 10 times, totally rediculous on how they treat their customers.

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3716bf9c, 2007-12-12, 02:24PM CST

Per our Rules & Guidelines, and the contract the the client signed, you forfeit your items when you leave mid-season. You made a commitment to your team, and broke your commitment!


1. Tuition is due on the 1st of every month and late after the 5th. A $25.00 late fee will be charged after the 5th. Regardless on which day the 1st-5th fall on, you are required to have your payment in, on time, or you will be charged a late fee. If mailing in a payment; payment still must be received at WCE by the 5th, this does not mean it should be postmarked by the 5th, this means it MUST BE at WCE prior to the 5th.

2. All team member parents MUST have a current credit/debit card on file with WCE in order for their child to participate on a WCE team. Should tuition or associated costs not be received by the 5th of the month at 5:00pm, your credit/debit card will be billed and will prevent further late fees and suspension of your childs participation.

3. A $25.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks, NSF checks (non-sufficient funds), declined credit/debit cards, and expired credit/debit cards regardless of reason.

4. Tuition is based on 12 calendar months. Some months have 4 weeks, and some have 5 weeks; thus we do not prorate tuition for holidays or vacations. Time-off/Vacation time is already factored into tuition and will not be refunded or prorated for. Tuition does not fluctuate based on the number or duration of practices in any month.

5. Tuition will not be pro-rated for injury, vacation, sickness, or required family visitation.

6. As a Parent/Participant, you understand that you are fully responsible for paying tuition for the 12 month season in which you/child enroll.

7. West Coast Extreme All-Star Cheerleading, LLC., charges a Separation Fee if a team member chooses to stop participating on a team. If you wish to drop your team/class at any point mid-season, regardless of any and all reasons, a 30 day written notice on the 1st of the month is required, and no refund will be given for any tuition paid. The purpose of paying last months tuition is to pay for the last month of the year/season. If you quit or are removed at any point mid-season, for any reason, you forfeit all tuition payments, installment payments, nationals payments, and any other associated costs made and will be required to pay a mid-season separation fee equal to three months tuition. (example Tiny Tuition is $65.00 per month X 3 = $195.00 separation fee) The last months tuition is separate and not included in this fee

8. Uniforms items will be purchased by student/parent and will remain their property. Uniform orders of any kind cannot be cancelled and refunds cannot be given.

9. Accounts must be current in order to receive any uniform items.

10. In general WCE has a NO REFUND policy for all items purchased, tuitions paid, nationals payments, travel expenses, and deposits, etc.

11. As a Parent/Participant, you understand that you are fully responsible for paying all expenses incurred by your child/self.

12. As a Parent/Participant you understand that financial obligations will include uniforms, warm-ups & bag, summer camp, competition fees, choreography fees, and travel/accommodations to local and National competitions. Should any travel arrangements be made, deposits paid, uniform items ordered, etc, you will be fully responsible for paying for them in full regardless of any and all reasons if you or your child quit or are removed from the program.

13. Any cheerleader who makes a West Coast Extreme competitive team, has a financial obligation to West Coast Extreme All-Star Cheerleading, LLC. You are obligated to pay tuition during the 12 month season in which you enroll. Tuition is non-negotiable. Please understand that that we will not make exceptions for injured participants or for absences. You must fully commit to the West Coast Extreme All-Star Cheerleading, LLC. program, being injured or absent you are still a part of the team. By signing the Parent Permission, Release, and Enrollment Policy Form, you are giving your full commitment to West Coast Extreme All-Star Cheerleading, LLC., and the financial obligation that comes with participating in our competitive program for the full season.

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