UPS and The UPS Store a/k/a Mail Boxes Etc - UPS and The UPS Store a/k/a Mail Boxes Etc slow refund policy for company errors

Posted on Monday, December 10th, 2007 at 2:07pm CST by 798cf1da

Product: UPS next day air

Company: UPS and The UPS Store a/k/a Mail Boxes Etc

Location: 6060 Cornerstone Court West
San Diego, CA, 92121-3795, US

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On October 24, 2007, while I was working out of town, my husband brought my computer to The UPS Store and paid to have it shipped to me via next day air ($161.88). When the computer did not arrive at my hotel in Atlanta GA on October 25, I called my husband and then UPS. UPS had no record of picking up the package and suggested I call The UPS Store. The UPS Store initiated a lost package trace. For about a week we feared that all of my translation work and business records were gone for good. The following week, my husband came home and found a notice of attempted delivery. The next day, he picked up our computer at the local UPS distribution center. Apparently the local store employee had painstakingly covered up all the air mail stickers from the previous shipment with white tape and affixed all new new air mail stickers. The employee apparently also covered up the new "ship to" address with white tape and left the old "ship to" address intact, which resulted in the computer returning to my husband in Detroit instead of reaching me in Atlanta. After repeated visits and phone calls to the store, repeated phone calls to UPS, and repeated phone calls to The UPS Store corporate office, I was told that UPS had issued a refund to the local store on November 12, 2007. On November 29, I filed a formal complaint with The UPS Store corporate office since I had still not received a refund from the local store. On December 10, after hearing nothing from The UPS Store, I called the corporate office again and was told that the local store would be issuing a refund sometime this week. Both the corporate office and the local store were unwilling to offer any type of compensation for the hours I had spent trying to obtain my rightful refund, not to mention the days of anxiety I spent thinking I would have to rebuild my records from scratch. I learned my lesson about shipping anything irreplaceable, but I will never do business with UPS, The UPS Store, or Mail Boxes Etc again! When other companies ship to me, I will choose any option other than UPS.


c6f59b06, 2009-08-27, 07:54PM CDT

My experience with UPS is also a tale that bears telling. Suffice it to say that I shipped a peice of glass sculpture from NY to Baltimore and it arrived broken.

It was insured. I did not receive any satisfaction and I was told that I could only deal with the store. Finally, when there was no action taken I sued the store in small claims...and lost. I was told that my case was good but that I had to sue UPS. I cannot reach them to sue them. There is no one to accept a summons and I am out $5,000.

59567800, 2011-03-14, 06:10PM CDT

what i dont understand is why would anyone not insure an item valued at 5000.00 ? especially when it is available , in addition you made no comment on how you packaged the item there are guideline for packaging regardless if it is ups, usps, fedex or any other carrier and if not packaged properly a claim will not be paid . the same thing with car insurance if you have an accident , and all you have is liability insurance , you wont get paid for your totaled car.

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