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Posted on Thursday, August 9th, 2007 at 9:29pm CDT by d01601ce

Company: Paypall and ebay

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Of course everyone knows that ebay created papal as a means of collecting money for transactions. What everyone doesn't do is read the end user agreement from papal to know that they have a disclaimer for every possible situation that doesn't favor the seller or the buyer but themselves. Believe me, if papal has a dispute they will do everything to resolve it unless they are at fault. They do not offer ANY of the protection that they advertise. They simply instruct you on what to do so that you MIGHT win a dispute.

I found this out after learning that papal doesn't confirm credit cards so if you accept a payment from papal and the person disputes the charges, then you will be responsible for the chargeback and fees. Simply put, they don't verify anything and they don't protect anyone but themselves.

I will never use ebay or papal ever again and you should only do so at your own risk. With all the advertisements stating safe this and protection that i was misled into feeling safe with their online transactions. Learn from my mistake, it cost me $202.26 and harassment from a collection agency as well as degradation to my credit report.


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