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Posted on Thursday, August 9th, 2007 at 5:22pm CDT by e63e4ad7

Company: Ashley Furniture Store

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Ashley Furniture Store/Murfreesboro, TN

To Whom It May Concern:

I purchased a bedroom suite and 2 recliners from Ashley Furniture on

June 17, 2007. At purchase time, it was promised to me that I would

have my furniture delivered by July 28, 2007. I thought this was an

extremely long timeline to receive my furniture, but agreed with it due

to the history that I have with Ashley Furniture. It is now August 9th,

and I still have not received my furniture. After calling the warehouse

several times, my husband has had the phone slammed in his face, a very

rude customer service representative (Nicole), and an arrogant "manager"

(Brock?) that was unwilling to help the situation any, just to name a

few incidents. =20

After no resolution and frustration from the warehouse, my husband and I

went to the Ashley Furniture store that we purchased our furniture from

and talked with the manager on Saturday night, August 4. He was unable

to help us that night and promised to call us with some resolution. We

have been playing cat and mouse over the phone with Amanda and Rick

Doyle and still (August 9) no resolution or help from Ashley.

I have purchased at least $25,000 worth of furniture from Ashley

Furniture over the last 5 years. Since this incident, I have made the

decision to never purchase from Ashley again. On Monday, I plan to seek

legal counsel and contact the Better Business Bureau for advice, and

hopefully, then, I can get this issue resolved.

Timeka Mister


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