Charter Communications - Charter Communications - Refund Issues

Posted on Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 at 4:23pm CDT by 1543688f

Product: Refund Issues

Company: Charter Communications

Category: TV, Music, Video

I switched back in April to Direct TV and I returned my equipment to Charter at the beginning of May. I have since been waiting for my refund. Each time I call, I get a different person telling me that the refund will take 6-8 weeks (each time I call, and I've called more than 5 times!!). It's now AUGUST. This is ridiculous. They should refund your money in a timely fashion.

Each time the story is the same, it needs to be processed; they have "thousands" of refund checks to process and they each have to go through to separate desks for signatures. They even sometimes give you a "status request" confirmation number to make you think that they are doing something, but the when they did that, I followed up the next week and I got the same 6-8 week story. Don't use this company.



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