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Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2007 at 7:01pm CDT by 11a89f1d

Company: Camera Express

Location: ORLANDO, FL, US

Category: Consumer Electronics

Camera Express, Florida, Orlando 192

Like many other people on this site I wish that I had read and knew about how appalling this place really was before I visited! I also warn everyone, never even go close to this place (or places, as they have two stores) for any reason what so ever! They are con men. I was looking for a decent prosumer video camera such as a Sony FX1. At first they did seem very interested in my interest in buying an expensive camera. They said they had one and became very pushy for me to have a look at one. They insisted I pay a fully refundable deposit of $50 to get a driver to bring the camera from the "warehouse" to the shop. I was ensured that if i still didn't wish to buy the camera after looking i could get my money back and leave no problem. So still non too willingly I gave my $50 over so i could view the camera. My reason for looking in shops instead of the net was solely to be able to handle the camera first hand. While waiting on the delivery I looked on my cell phone web browser to see how competitive their price was. I discovered that I would be able to buy the same camera for around $800 cheaper off the Internet back home in the UK. After ten minutes a car parked up outside the store with the camera. I still used this as an opportunity to view the camera but knowing I could now get the camera cheaper elsewhere told the guy in the store who very suddenly turned and became aggressive and rude. He lowered the price but was still more than what it was worth. After deciding I was not going to purchase the camera he became more loud and aggressive towards me and my partner threatening that I had waisted their time and wasn't serious about buying in the first place. They made us feel very uneasy and threatened. On asking for my deposit back I was told to come back the following day as "the cashier who took my money had gone home". This was total rubbish and things became even more heated and uneasy. So much for "if i still didn't wish to buy the camera after looking i could get my money back and leave no problem"; his exact words! After more threats and more workers at the store coming out in gangster style to surround and intimidate us we refused to leave or would take further legal action. After much bull about not been able to get the money back out of the till and all the old tricks they finally refunded me the money, threw the $4,000 camera to the floor in front of me and continued to shout and swear at us as we exited the store. Thankfully the cowboys didn't manage to get any money from us but the experience did leave both myself and my partner quite upset and distressed. I was quite close to calling the sheriff out but felt too upset and angry at the time we just wanted to get out of there, we also didn't know where we legally stood with the American law system (being British tourists). I am glad I checked on the price when I did and didn't try to purchase anything from them. I would like to warn others to never go to Camera Express on the 192 or IDrive! Thank you




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2c2e6018, 2009-02-17, 11:17PM CST

well well, i had a very similar experience with the same shop. a russian/eastern european body guard who knew nothing about gps systems bullying me into buying something i didn't want. eventually they all became aggressive and after a slanging match i left, intimidated and upset. i am still upset now a year after and wish i could send them an email telling them what a bunch of t055ers they all are. after the stories i have read, i am glad i didnt buy anything as they would have given it me at a bargain price and then sorted my credit card out big style.

c010ed18, 2011-06-24, 08:56PM CDT

Ive had a similar problem with the exact same store, i went in wanting a wide zoom and macro lens, after much looking round etc. he brought up a lens that was around $630 he said, which he discounted it to $330 then after haggling a bit more he brought it down to $200 with his so called "personal discount" i was very impressed with the cameras etc. and was wanting to buy it however decided to look up online back in the villa at the price of the same lens and similar, upon researching i found the same lens to be around $150 cheaper!!

I agree with all the comments and advise not to go to the store UNLESS! you know the prices of certain lenses etc. and they will offer it cheaper :/

8f1c38bc, 2012-03-26, 03:43AM CDT

I just want to file this comment to document that this picture of Camera Express Inc. still is valid. DON'T GO THERE!! The store looks nice and processional. They have all they known brands and appear to care about the customers. But don't get fooled (like me). All their prices are way too high and even after significant "discounts" the prices are too high. These guys are lying, manipulating and taking advantage of tourists not knowing the local law. Especially note, that they don't specify their receipts properly. This means that you can't document what you actually bought hence you can't complain if you don't get it. Furthermore you have to "agree" on deduction of 30% of sales price if you need to return goods.

I was ripped off by $250 or so. Sure, I'll get over it. But I hope this comment can prevent others from going there and do the same.

Martin G., 2013-01-05, 09:19AM CST

I would like to keeps this post updated, just got "robbed" on a Sigma super zoom lens, they told me it was the newest lens from sigma - and it looks more like it is the discontinued lens, rather than the newest lens :(

I also paid about 175 dollars to much for the discontinued lens, so I really feel cheated. Obviously I only found out after we left the area, so I can't even go back and complain :(.


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