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Posted on Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 12:46pm CDT by 4e2c0e4a

Product: water smart card

Company: So. NV Water Authority

Category: Government, Police

Twin apt. towers corner of Rampart & Alta, Las Vegas, NV.

I recieved your over sized car in the US mail yesteerday about changing the cocks for irigation of lawns and shrubry etc. Well we have lived here for many years now arriving back in 1961, being a plumber(now retired) I have been a "Drip officer" ever since you started the program. Yesterday while returning from a visit to Sun Coast we passed the twin towers which are very near completion which are directly acrost the street from suncoast; we saw a water falls aproximately 100 feet long passsing over a beautiful set of tiled steps faceing Alta. the water comes down the steps from a pond at the top, I know it is for beautification purposes but we hear every day about the water shortage that we are building our selves into quickly by the day. This really discusts me to be told to conserve water in every other sentence spoken over TV, RJ, the Sun and radio, yet the building continues with water falls, lakes, ponds, and every living quarters has a minimum of one toilet room. There seems to be a difference in opinion as to why we must conserve water and you as the water authority tell us little people who have had water wells that we enjoyed till you placed a water main in front of our property and then you told us we must tie into your service and discontinue useof our wells. BUT now you tell these people who build golf coarses and lakes and ponds they can have them as they use only their well water or reclaimed water. We know the water table gets lowered all the time because of wells in the valley.

I believe it is long past time you stop the growth of this valley's population, and the building of mega resorts as they all require water to flush toilets, urinals, wash basins, showers, and the lavish tubs for the enjoyment of those visitors filling the rooms and casinos. I appears that if you are big money it is OK to do what ever you desire other wise sorry you have to do with out as you do not have the, "large enough Qualifier bank account". Now tell me you did not know about the water falls on the north side of the apt. towers south of the Suncoast. Tell me I'm wrong !!! Cy at the "Promenade".


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