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Posted on Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 2:13am CDT by 6f8a434d

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I have recently ordered few compasses from USA to be shipped to Pakistan an=

d in my ignorance believing that Fedex is the best courier I shipped them t=

hrough Fedex. A note arrived from Fedex Pakistan (Peshawar) office in three=

days time that my items have arrived and that I have to file paper work fo=

r custom etc. I did all that, and then Fedex vanished for almost three week=

s. After my consistent poking they told me that my item will be released to=

day (after three weeks) and shipped out of Lahore (Pakistan) office the sam=

e day. The items arrived, the box was open, even the plastic container of t=

he items itself was open and two compasses were missing. After a week long =

battle with local and international Fedex I was told that these items were =

short in quantity at the origin. I contacted the vendor and they told me th=

at they had shipped the exact quantity. I filed an online compaint to FedEx=

but then they said that since it more than three weeks now so claims canno=

t be entertained. Here I am still waiting for any response or solution. I s=

trongly believe that the FedEx lahore (Pakistan) ofiice has big thieves sit=

ting in there as they were ones who consistently gave me contradicting info=

rmation. I have given up on the fight but trying your channel to warn peopl=

e to be extra careful when you consider Fedex as your courier.



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Anonymous, 2008-11-04, 01:36AM CST

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