Paid Warranties from Sears & Roebucks Not Honored

Posted on Thursday, August 30th, 2007 at 8:39pm CDT by 6e7b44f2

Company: Paid Warranties from Sears & Roebucks Not Honored

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08-26-07 Smelled smoke found 4 inches of hot water in my basement, same =

level as electronic igniter for water heater, emitting sparks, temp 94 =

degrees, like sauna. Purchased water heater 01-04-03 w/a 5 year =

warranty. Called Sears Service Georgia #1-800-469-4663 must here 10 =

minutes of automation, the next available representative, Got a person =

explained problem, said service will be out following day 08-27-07, =

Sears Service came by 08-27-07 at 5:30pm, agreed, said defective water =

heater applied pink sticker. Told me someone else from Sears will get =

back to me. No one called,on 08-28-07 called 800# again, kept promising =

service will call and come 4 Hours of combined time on phone with more =

promises. No water, or toilets. 08-29-07 called 800# asked for =

supervisor, or manager they tell me none available. Then they begin =

passing me to Arizona for service I fax my receipts & Warranty to them, =

now they tell me 24 to 48 hours before they can read my receipts. =

08-30-07 call 800# again Promise to have Service man by 1:00 pm 1:30 pm =

I call back, they tell me they are running behind. Call at 5:30 pm Talk =

to Ms. Zoua at Department 82008, she tells me I am not in the System and =

they are not going to honor anything, No Water or Toilets. I Will Never =

Give One Penny To Sears & Roebucks Again After This Treatment. R.P.G..


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