Fujifilm - Fujifilm Factory Service (UNCLASSIFIED)

Posted on Thursday, August 30th, 2007 at 3:08pm CDT by aada944f

Product: Factory Service Center

Company: Fujifilm

Location: Fuji Photo Film USA, Inc. 1100 King George Post Rd.
EDISON, NJ, 08837, US

Category: Consumer Electronics

Our post owns at least 5 Fuji PG Pictrography photo printers, plus numerous other pieces of Fuji camera equipment, so we thought that we'd get fairly good service when needed.

Everytime I call Fujifilm Factory Service Center, I am run through a maze of people, each of whom I have to repeat my customer number, my FIN (Fuji Identification Number), which they can never find, until I finally reach someone who tells me that he'll have someone call me!! As horrible as this is, everytime without fail, I have been put on hold for over an hour, then transferred, and ... Hung up on!!

Well finally the technician calls and offers a solution, put electrical tape over the broken part. We'll his solution works just long enough for him to hang up. The saga repeats itself until another technician calls and promises to have someone else call and schedule a repair technician to come out.

Two days later, a fella calls, asks all the same questions and says he'll have someone call. The gods strike, I'm sick and the repair tech comes out. Does he fix the problem NO. He changes a fuse, doesn't hook up the machine to a computer and make a few prints. Doesn't fix the latch which holds a door closed, (apparently he thinks my masking tape is factory installed) doesn't fix the broken receiver lying on the floor. And of course doesn't fix the broken water sensor.

I call back the day I return to work and find nothing fixed, just fuses changed. Sorry the tickets closed, you have to start all over. The h*%^& I will. Get me the district manager. We'll transfer you. I get hung up on. Call again, start over, leave a message with the district manamger, who hasn't called back.

At $125.00 you'd think it would be worth their while to try and be helpful. They never are and everyone I've spoken with about Fuji's repair service says the same thing. You can count on being frustrated, angered and finally just giving up.

Perhaps that's why in the 6 years I've worked here, only one printer has ever been kept up and running and why any accessories, like the network adapter at $1000 has never worked.

Go to Fujifilmusa.com website. Look for the contact information. They don't leave an email address because they don't give a damn and have no intention of solving your problems!

Thank you Fuji for helping me find the end of my rope.



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