Frank Bee Enterprises - Frank Bee Enterprises Inc. They charge taxes on clothes that is $110.00 and are not returning my refund after phone calls and phones calls requesting my refund.

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Hi my name is Ms. Myrta E. Vila and my granddaughter is going to the 9th grade at the H.S. for Law Enforcement and Public Safety at 116-25 Guy Brewer boulevard Jamaica, NY 11434.

On 8/11/2007 I was at their store in the Bronx and we purchase a total of $99.95 in uniform, my son pay the bill and according to them the total was $107.80. When we left the store and after we had drive thru the Whitestone bridge on our way to Queens, I asked my son for the receipt to recheck it and then I notice that they had add $7.85 tax on the receipt. New York State Law on clothing is that you do not pay any taxes on clothing that is under $110.00 dollars.

I immediately I called the store and told them what they had done and the name of the sales person Jessica B. they put her on the phone and I went on to explained to her the NY State Law on sales tax on clothing, and her explanation to me, was that the cash register was set up to charge tax, after that she said to me that she will mailed me a check for the $7.85 and I gave her my name and address in order for her to mail me the check.

On 8/20/07 I called the store back because I week had pass and I had not received my refund on the overcharge ( tax ) I spoke to the same sales person Jessica B. and she told me that she did not understand why I had not received my refund, and that she will reissue a check for that amount $7.85.

On 8/27/07 I called the store again and the person that answer hang up on me. I called again and the phone was ringing and ringing for a while and no one answered, finally after so many times of calling some one answer and I asked for the same sales person Jessica B. and they told me to hold, and it took her about 20 minutes to come to the phone, I told her that I was Mrs. Vila and that it was the 8/27/07 and I had not received my refund, she went on to me tell me that her boss sign the check and mailed it to me on 8/25/07.

In one of those conversations I told Jessica B. that it does take a whole week for mailed to be delivered from the Bronx to Queens.

Today 8/27/07 I called the New York State Dept of Finance Tax Complaint Dept at 1800 225-5829 and 718 403-4300 to make the complaint against Frank Bee Enterprises Inc.

I was advised by the New York Better Business to file a complaint thru the internet, this is the address<> and filled out form au-11

It is best to go to the web page and print the form, and then make copy of the filled out form and use the hard copy to make another complaint to the school that your child is attending, so they will be aware of the kind of fraudulent services that this company gives to parents of the students that are send there by their schools to buy their uniforms.

This company not only supplies the H.S. for Law Enforcement and Public Safety, is also supplies many other schools, Catholic and Public, Boy's Scout's etc.

In my granddaughter school they are 1700 students, so you can imagine how much money they have scam if only by chance they were overcharge the same amount they overcharge me $7.85 per student, I only purchase $99.95 in uniforms, but I'm pretty sure that other parents spend more than that per child.

As soon as my granddaughter starts her school on 8/29/07 (orientation day,)I will be at the Principal's office with my complaint and request from them that they should write a letter to every student in that school informing them of this incident, so they will recheck their receipts and put a claim for refunds, if any overcharges has been made.

This is a warning to all parents of children's in schools, recheck your receipts and make sure that you are not charge any taxes on any type of clothing that is $110.00 or less. That is the New York State Tax Law on clothing.

Sincerely, Mrs. M

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