Reliance Broadband connection (Pune,Pashan-Sush Road)

Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2007 at 7:42am CDT by b51d6f03

Company: Reliance Broadband connection (Pune,Pashan-Sush Road)

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This reliance is really a un-professional (like their owners) company,

totally SETHIYA type and lousy idiots. (just like their owners)

I had applied for broadband on 21-July-2007 and still no connnection.

Their agents are really idiots and fools. They reply like anything - GOL GOL

ghumate hai.

They are real bastards, who work like clerks and workers and don't know what

they are doing.

Ambanis should try to increase their good will. Those village looking

people, should increase their profesiionalism,

not only in themselves, but in their people also. Its all fault of these

wicked ambanis who only

know money money and nothing else. They even can't talk properly in english

to people.


Amit Mittal.

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6b96b585, 2009-10-31, 05:03AM CDT

I agree .. They have sent a wrong Billing (Reliance Broadband A/C# 293219012030):


I placed a disconnection request for Reliance Braodband on 10-Oct-2009 1AM as I moved to a another location within Pune, while the bill received shows the charge for whole billing cycle (23-Sep-2009 to 22-Oct-2009), which is 13 days extra than what I should actually pay.

When I contacted customer service today after sending the email below, I observed three issues (I clearly see a chaeting tendency with them):

1. They have actually logged a disconnection request on 14-Oct-2009 (after 4 days of me actually logging the disconnection request).

2. I was told that Relaince policy allows the disconnections to be done in 15 days after placing the request and hence they have actually disconnected the broadband on 22-Oct-2009.

3. When I got this connection, they have activated the connection within 2 days of connection application. Now for disconnection they say that they can take 15 days.

Can you please get this bill corrected by getting the 13 days (11-Oct-2009 till 22-Oct-2009) reversed so that I can pay the same within time otherwise I know next they'll levy the late payment charges, if I do not pay the bill by 13-Nov-2009.

Will appreciate your quick action on the same.

Thank you!


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