Lifetime Fitness in Woodbury, MN

Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2007 at 11:38am CDT by 2bfa5e2b

Company: Lifetime Fitness in Woodbury, MN

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I applied for a job on-line as a towel desk attendant at the Woodbury =

center. Russ, the manager of Operations, called me and asked for a =

short phone interview. After talking to him a few minutes, he asked me =

to come in and have an in person interview. About three weeks later, he =

called and left a message on voice mail, saying to give him a call back. =

I called three times, he never did return my call. I ran into him at =

the club about four weeks after the interview. I said Hi, and asked him =

if he got my messages. He said "Yes I did, but I'm sorry _____ but I =

just don't feel that you have the WOW factor" He really emphasized the =

wow. Why did he even bother to call me and ask me to call him back? =

It has been hard for me to bring myself back there, due the fear of =

running into him again. He really knows how to bring down a person's =

self esteem. Since when does a person have to be beautiful to fold =

towels and clean the locker room anyway!!! This guy the biggest jerk of =

all jerks! Thanks RUSS for the big =



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