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Posted on Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 at 12:19am CDT by 29784149

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Dear Sir

Tesco"s Car Insurance

Policy Number 86228852

Vehicle Reg R443 DUY

From August last year to August this year my car was insured by Tesco's. In April I telephone to ask what my excess was as I had a small amount of damge to my vehicle but as the excess was high I cancelled the enquiry and paid for it privately. My renewal came through and the price was horrendous so I called Tesco's and was advised it was because of a claim. I advised that there was no claim which they checked into and confirmed there was no claim. I changed insurer's to Elephant, they asked for proof of my no claims which I duly sent with a letter from Tesco advising that it was 2 years but 1 claim was notified. My new insurers are asking for another 40.00 because of the notified claim. I advised Elepehant that it was an enquiry not a claim but they required proof from Tesco's. I called Tesco's and the girl I spoke to was very unhelpful and said that I had only 1 years no claims. I advised her that I have it in writing but I wanted the notified claim removed as

there was no claim. She advised me that the letter had been sent in error which is rubbish as when we came back to the UK last year Tesco's advised me that because we had been out the Country for 3 years we loose our no claims so we have to start again but after 1 year I would get 2 years no claims. My husband has just received his renewal from Tesco's and that states 2 years no claims discount so why won't Tesco confirm 2 years no claims discount with no claims made.

I have tried talking to different people but they do not want to help me so I have to pay the extra 40.00 unless I can prove to Elephant a claim was not made with a letter from Tesco's.

Can you help me.

Debbie McDonnell

07776 173270


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