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Posted on Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 at 11:21pm CDT by aab8aecd

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We bought our Maytag washing machine in December 2003. It was my parent's Christmas present to us as our family had just grown in size and a larger capacity washer was becoming a must. My husband and I decided to pay a little more to upgrade to what the Lowe's appliance salesman told us was a better quality machine. WRONG!!!!! In the first year we owned we had to replace the plastic pully that allowed the machine's tub to spin out - the teeth had shaved off. Yes, the machine's warranty covered this but it should have been a red flag for what was to really come. In 2006, the machine's transmission went out and we found out that this was not covered under any sort of warranty. Great, a machine that was almost 3 years old now needs a major repair. We called both the Lowe's and Maytag Customer Service departments and neither one wanted to do anything to answer why a basically new machine would need such a major repair already and neither company offered to make attempts

to say we are sorry and let us help to make this problem right. We got a basic response of - nothing we can do and since you didn't buy the extended warranty there's nothing we can do. We bit the bullet and bought a new transmission and hoped that this would be the end of the problems. WRONG!!!!! In August of this year we had the water pump start to go out on the machine and tonight the whole machine quit working. I have owned a machine that cost $500 for less than 4 years and tonight I had to buy a brand new machine. Upon calling both Maytag and Lowe's customer service deparments earlier this week when the problem started the same run around happend again. Maytag says call Lowe's and Lowe's says it's not our problem.

My thoughts are this....the commercials that Maytag puts out about the Maytag repairman having nothing to do because their product works so well and never needs to be reparied is a bunch of bull!!!!! In reality, one of two things are happening....people just aren't buying Maytag anymore OR he is bored because their customer service department doesn't pass along repair complaints and they don't stand behind their product enough to give him anything to do.

In the past 2 years we have talked to a couple of appliance salemen - the first one worked for a Maytag store and he told me that if I get 5 to 10 years out of a Maytag machine that I should feel fortunate because a Maytag machine bought today is not the same machine that my mother would have bought in the 70's. He also told me that Maytag, like many other major appliance companies, make a lesser quality product to be sold in discount stores - like Lowe's - but still market them under their same brand name and basically duping consumers into buying the name and not the quality. The other salesman, who I just spoke to tonight as I was buying a new washing machine (not a MAYTAG!!!) told us that Whirlpool has started to make the Maytag washers in the last 6 months because Maytag themself could no longer figure how to make a quality product by themself.

I bought a Maytag because my mother had her washing machine for over 30 years and when she got rid of it she simply upgraded to a newer machine. The machine still worked fine after all of those years. I bought a brand that I thought was dependable and quality. In the end, I got poor customer service satisfaction and a new opinion on what is supposed to be a good product. I will never own another Maytag and will never recommend them to anyone ever again.





0ab83ba1, 2007-10-01, 08:41AM CDT

I had similar problems with my Maytag Performa washing Machine. I also wonder why they show the Maytag repairment never doing anything. It is because they never stand behind their products. The three "Maytag" repairmen that came out to look at my machine (since day one even though the load is balanced it rocks and rumbles and walks across the floor) they said nothing is wrong and really tried to push the extended warranty on me as they said "you will need it". I too will never own another Maytag/Whirlpool (since they now own Maytag) again. I have contacted Maytag/Whirlpool several times but get nowhere. I guess the Maytags that I purchased in the past are not the Maytags that they now produce! I also tell all of my friends not to purchase any Maytag or Whirlpool appliance!

66a2919a, 2009-07-31, 02:10PM CDT

Ooops...My wife and I just found out that after paying Maytag for labor on a Maytag made refrigerator (parts covered under warrantee), the part was never replaced. This was discovered under a new service order made because the machine was subject to a recall due to a fire hazard. Guess who will never buy another Whirlpool/Maytag/Amana again?

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